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Thread: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: First Release!

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    Enjoy! And thanks for this awesome mod!
    Cheers, Wolf & Kaisa

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    Default Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: First Release!

    well, again on Wolfs and Kaisas bigscreen -----> heebie-jeebies are guaranteed. Awesome Job

    So, Team of this great Mod, welcome to the hall of Legacy!

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    Glorious machinima Wolf !
    French commentaries for TW and RTS:

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    Thanks Zaar & Leviath. Was big fun, making a machinima with these great units

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    Wolfman that video is beyond AMAZING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fa11en View Post
    Wolfman that video is beyond AMAZING!
    Thanks a lot There will be more Medieval Videos soon. But for now we have to focus on episode 1 of our new "Alexander of Macedon"-machinima-series. Cheers, Wolf

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    Hi, downloaded the mod but out of the 14 factions avaliable i can only choose the western powers and the empire of Nicaea, the mongols, cumans and russians are nowhere to be seen. is this a bug?

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    No Arabian kingdoms ?

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    First i would like to say that i'm pretty impressed by the historical research you've made!

    The Byzantine and Mongol army for example are very impressive.
    In fact there's little details you can improve to have something close to the historical reality.
    I came here to offer my help:I'm a french specialist of this exact period in Europe, which is very specific, particularly for French , English and German Army.
    I'm also reenactor of this period. I will not make a just a list of what is good and what is wrong, i prefer show historical an picture source from this period, and maybe reenacting photos.

    Just a little first remark about the arms on the shield. I had saw them on pedestrian, but during all the medieval period only the knights which the arms bellow had the right to wear it on his shied. The richest pedestrian can put decoration on their shield like geometrical drawing or flowers but not all time...

    It's just a little remark, their's lot of others things so i'll invite you to answer and i hope together we will get this mod even better than it is (which is already very good)

    I'm member of several association;

    Here on which reenacting the battle of Bouvines: (i'll invite you to see the picture and the "cahier des charges"

    The other is an article about an hospitalier knight:

    I'm sorry if their grammar and syntax errors in my post my english is not good at all.

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    And here's my Facebook if you had any question:


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    Thank you very, very much for your input and that link, Arthaud! I'd be happy to take your advice. Here's a question: When you say "arms on the shield" could only be worn by knights, do you mean that knight's family arms, or just arms in general? Could, for example, German sergeants bear the arms of, say, Brandenburg or Bavaria on their shields if they came from those regions of the Holy Roman Empire, or were the barred from doing that?


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    That's it! A german sergeant is not a noble, he has no right to wear any arms, but he will wear the banner of his knight. In a medieval battle, a knight lead the men from his land to battle, and they are gather under his banner. The leader of the group probably a sergeant will care his banner with his arms.

    But ,their is a lot of decoration motif that a rich sergeant can put on his shield and their a are not arms, just decoration.

    (The helmet that's wearing the sergeant is very specific, only a few of sergeant from the german empire have it, his very uncommon. You can use it for one or two heavy sergeant in a group to make specificity in the different army. This kind of helmet is the only example we have of close helmet for pedestrian. The helm pot is reserved for knight, even mounted sergeant can't wear a helm pot)

    So to summarizes an armed shield will be wear only by a knight which always riding a horse, his shield is a bit smaller than a man on the ground at this period. Even mounted sergeant can't wear arms, it bellow to the noble only.

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    Sorry for the size of the picture i hope this one will be better.

    Tomorrow i will make a few point about the templar knights, their few things to change also.

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    You certainly have some interesting ideas and points. A couple questions/remarks however:

    1. I came across multiple images from Osprey showing arms on the body armor. Like this one for instance:

    There's the crossbow wielding soldier to the left with a type of arms on his body and another soldier with a shield from Foix. I know that not all soldiers could afford that kind of equipment but still.

    2. I would love to have more accurate rosters but I find myself resorting to less accurate stuff because of the fact that many Medieval armies had similar equipment so I'm always kind of stuck in that regard. I'm not sure how to make the Western European factions play differently and have different stuff without taking some liberties. So my point is how would you put together a roster of like 5-7 units/unit types that could be different enough but also accurate?

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    I'll answer your first question, the second will be longer... but have i have an idea.

    First the picture from osprey that you show is contemporary from 1212, the knight wear an iron chapel which appear in france in approximately 1240, (the holly empire infantry begun to wear primitive chapel in 1210...).
    The coat of arms with short sleeve and the aileron on his right shoulder appear a the end of 13 century maybe 1270, maybe even later.

    Secondly, osprey picture are very good ,but their not reliable sources.His work has inspire all us and is a good base for all of us but he made this pictures a long time ago and our knowledge of medieval history is even better today.

    The crossbow soldier should not wear this lions, their's no primary sources (picture) in all middle age about that. Coat of arms begun to appear on infantry in 1240 at the same period than the iron chapel, and their's coat are in plain color. For the shield it's the same, we had no trace. I' not telling you that it could never exist but we had no evidence.

    I'm talking a lot, so i'll show you a few sources to support my point:

    Here's on of the very rare source of french sergeant in 1200:

    They are not wearing coat of arm, they have no arm on their shield and they have no breeches chainmails so they're no knight.

    This is a picture of the Maciejowsky bible (lot of expert think's it was Louis 9 personal bible), it's contemporary from 1212 but their's no existing arms represent in it. Most of the shield are decorated and this a rare example of medieval picture which represent infantry.

    On this bible, even the knight has no arm because they representing character of the bible. So except animals and
    crescent moon you can take all decoration you'll find on it for the infantry. Other shield can be painted in plain color (blue, yellow , red, green, white and brown) or can be just cover of leather with no paint on it.

    A last picture, here you had knights wearing their arms: (1230)

    I hope i have been specific and answer your first question.

    I'll prepare the second it will take a few time.

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    Great idea ... I would just like to know if the mod is compatible with versions of the Emperor.

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    As promised i answer your second question:

    Don't worry this period will offer you a large different type of fighters with their on particularity.

    I separated that in four type:

    Light infantry (4 types)

    Medium infantry (4 types)

    Heavy infantry (3 types of sergeant)

    and the horsemen's. (5 types + templars an hospitaliers)

    in a second time ,I will also try to give specificity's in function of country and minimum one specific unity for each country (England, France, Holly Empire and Kingdom of Castile)

    So, let's begun:

    Ligth infantry:

    The Peasants :

    They are the poorest infantry, they have noting to protect them hust their clothes, they wear a short tunic with pale color . On the head they can wear a wool chaperon, a wool hat , straw hat or a simple cale (the white cap)
    They are equiped with sharp wooden stick or wooden fork.

    The slinger paesants

    The slinger peseant are dressed exactly peasant but they use a fustibale, it’s a simple sling attached to a wooden stick. It’s cheap and very powerfull. Particulary if you had no protection.

    They also have a little knife named "ensis" for melee:

    Look like that:

    The civilian militia

    The first fonction they have is to protect their villages or City from brigand.
    They are richer than the peasant,so they wearing colored clothes, the quality of the fabric they wear give them a better protection, they wear a padded cap(padded cale) or an helmet called cerveliere, made of boiled leather or in iron for the richest they can also waer iron nasal helmet. They have hast weapons with long handle like spears or reconverted agricultural tool like iron fork and a knive for close combat.

    And an example of padded cale (cap)

    The civilian bowmens

    Exactly the same than the civilian militia but they’re wearing a bow,arrows, eventually gloves and a knife.

    On this picture he's wearing a iron cervelière.

    The end for light infantry, medium infantry on the next episode.

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    Here we go for the second part:

    The medium infantry:


    They are the solid base of the medieval infantry. They wear an iron Helmet, a gambison (a padded fabric armor) very effective against sharp weapons, les against shock weapons an spears and of course the great triangular infantry shield.

    Here’s exemple of infantry iron helmet of the 13e century, espechely for the begining of this period.

    Here’s example of gambisons:

    Most of the time they’re unbleached but there’s also colored one: blue , red , green, brown and yellow but this colored is few used for gambeson and tunic.

    And this is an example of a spearmen:

    Mellee infantry

    They are equiped like the spearmen’s but they have two-handed shock weapon: great axes, great maces and primitive big falcions. They also carry a dagger.

    Here’s example of this king of two handed arms:

    Here’s an example of a dagger (they lot of different ones but for the moment it is details)

    Here’s an example of this mellee infantry.


    They are equiped like the spearmen’s but they have a one hand axe and a great triangular infantry shield, they carry a dagger.

    One handed axe:

    Here’s an example of an axemen.


    Same principe than speamen but they carry a crossbow and a dagger, they also have a belt with an hook to relaoded.

    Here’s an exemple but the helmet is in advance for the period(iron chapel).

    The end for medium infantry and that's it for today...

    So what do you think about it for the moment? (of course it is not finish...)

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    Default Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: First Release!

    Sorry i had mingled the link about the helmet. Here it is:

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