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    hello, first let me say i really love this mod!
    i'm playing Luccini and the Wood Elves (damned hippies!!) declared war on me and the problem is...well those giants moving forests, they bring them to sieges and cannot enter the cities, the A.I treats them as high value units so the elves armies composition is always messed up.... a general (horse archers) and 2 tress unit usually is what they send you.

    As much as i love the concept of angry walking forests the actual implementation ( 240 tress per unit, 1 attack, 16 def, 7 (!!!!) hitpoints ) just feels out of place and makes siege battles impossible and turn open field battles in a draw (takes too much time to grind them down).

    I'm not expert at modding but what i would like to do is reduce their unit size from 240 to 24 and after some testing maybe buffing their attack to 2-3 and their defense to maybe 20, to let them keep their defensive damage sponge/anvil role. I need to make the A.I vaule them less so she brings more varied units in armies ( and possibly avoid Woods spam....that would be a nightmare).

    Like i said i'm no expert so if possible would like to know what game files i need to edit for the unit size, atck def and unit cost ( is cost the major factor A.I considers when creating armies?) and maybe how i can just delete them completely from the game if nothing works.


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    I can see what i can do! im rehashing some of the files now!

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    I think jabal has made a masterpiece, i would rcommend looking at the data files until you find what you seek!

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    The file you'd need to edit is export_descr_unit.txt, in the main data folder. That contains all these stats - it's fairly intuitive to edit.
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