About this ancillary something is wrong:
;Ancillary: babylonian_ecstatic
; o babylonian_charmer : <Influence> -1, <TroopMorale> -1, <Attack> 2

Ancillary babylonian_ecstatic
Type Babylonian_Mystic
Transferable 1
Image 1369.tga
Description babylonian_ecstatic_desc
EffectsDescription babylonian_ecstatic_effects_desc
Effect Piety -1
Effect TroopMorale 1
Effect Attack 2

{babylonian_ecstatic} Makhkhu (Babylonian Ecstatic)

This man can achieve a mad state of being, during which he is known to deliver messages, portending woes and ills. Although disheartening, understanding and listening to this man can benefit all.

-1 Influence, +1 Morale for all troops on the battlefield; +3 Command when attacking

Should be written +2 Command when attacking