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No, it's after turn number 248, which is 210BC:

if     I_LocalFaction f_rome                        ;;; fall-back automatic reforms for player-controlled Rome
            and I_TurnNumber > 248
            and I_EventCounter ecCamillanEra = 1
            set_event_counter ecCamillanEra 0
            set_event_counter ecPolybianEra 1
            historic_event HE_POLYBIAN_REFORM { f_rome, }
My mistake Quintus. I got my BC and turns confused. I got the reform on TURN 251 , I didn't move my FL into Rome until that turn and that when they fired. So your Fl might have to be in your capital. The new units need so many turns to be replenished, which varies from city to city(infra structure?) as I have to wait 5 turns in rome to recruit them but 20 turn wait to recruit my first Triari in Capua. The campaign has been one of my most enjoyable yet by the way(2.06 H/M).