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The script is weird for sweboz. In the the reform section, it actually says that it's scripted in another file entirely (descr_events). And in that file, it pretty much gives those years as the reform years. That being said, it is only scripted to increase a counter, so yes, it would be silent. I also don't know if the counter increasing has any effect yet.

It's also quite weird because at the same place where the sweboz reforms are scripted (descr_events), there's script for the lugian reforms. However, there's also some scripting done in the reform section of campaign_script for the lugian reforms... and it's not even the same script! Maybe the scripting in descr_events just isn't applied? I dunno.
Oh my...

It seems to be a big mess in there. It's normal when scripting to leave things unfinished for later use, of course. But it would be really, really great if a member of the team could simply state what are the reforms, if they are finished or not and how to obtain them. Like in the FAQ of EB1.