My pleasure!

I would tell you to make sure you have the required amount of troops but if you're fighting fullstacks you probably do

I'm pretty sure the settlements I named are those mentionned in the script. I wouldn't mind somebody verifying though, if there's doubt.

If you really do fill the battle requirements, here's a couple of theories. First, maybe NumFriendsInBattle doesn't do what I think it does. It bothers me because it's a different metric than for the enemy, and doesn't quite make much sense with the unit size options. That this is the required amount of men in the army is the only thing that made sense to me, but maybe it does something else?
Second idea I have is the conflict type withdraw. I assume that means when the enemy army concedes? Like they can do once before being forced into a fight? Because that's the only thing that makes sense. But again, that doesn't mean it's what it means, so maybe that's what's not working.

Annnd now that I'm looking into it again, I think I might have another idea. Notice how it just sets the kingship counter to one? Usually the script mentions the Historic event that announces the reform. For example, in Pahlava's reform script, you have this line : "historic_event HE_PARTHIA_IMPERIAL factions { f_parthia, }" Now, it doesn't talk about any events for Pergamon, it just counts that you have reached the required conditions. I originally just assumed the event was scripted elsewhere, I don't know what's possible or not. But maybe there just isn't an event for it yet? Maybe it just monitors your achievements and takes note of when you've done what it wants you to, but once you have nothing really happens... because nothing was really scripted to happen yet?