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Hi Simplicity, (and dev team if you are still reading this thread)

Just so you know, in the v2.05, the Saka reform seems broken. First stage works fine, and when you have three cities, it triggers. But then it seems that the second reform tries to trigger also. The second reform building tries to pop in the bulding choices of some of the settlements, and if you click to construct them, some of them will go on and some other will stay in the building queue indefinately. If you destroy the builded one, you cannot build them anymore. And more : if you wait for 40 turns, nothings triggers, and if you wait for 40 years (yeah, I DID IT !!!) nothing triggers either, even though I have L3 farms.
Sorry, I did see this (I read almost everything on this forum), and forwarded a note to Gigantus to take a look a few days ago. He's reviewing and it will be fixed, he's already identified the likely cause of the break.