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Thread: Is there a Mod that solves these problems?

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    Default Is there a Mod that solves these problems?

    The CPU does not keep at least army unit in its home port meaning you can destroy with any ship and then sail off and come back a turn later. There are no siege guns. No 24 or 36 pounders with a longer range but they are much slower to move. The game talks about siege guns and mortar yet there are none. Is there a Mod where forts can defend themselves instead of simply being death traps? Right now, you simply take your 12 pound guns and howizers from one corner and easily kill them all. Is there one were the CPU French might win? Where they ever reach Vienna? let alone Russia? Is there one where you can play the Turks? Is there one where very very hard is upped to "almost possible"? Is there one where Napoleon uses tactics that he is known for? Thanks to the guy who made Darthmod and I have to admit that this is the only one I've played. But can you make it harder to win? Right now I have a list of things i do not allow myself to do to keep it semi fair.

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    Default Re: Is there a Mod that solves these problems?

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    actually, not much can be done about this in particular, besides completely reworking AI personalities and assign zero values for raiding and port attacks, which will only take care of AI doing this, but not the player.. Recently i tried doing some changes in that area, giving AI higher priority to protect its slots, but it is very limited.. another option would be to increase naval priorities for own ports and make naval distribution higher, so AI would keep some ships in ports. yet again, its not always 100% because at some point there will be some other goal that will get priority and AI will take that ship and send it somewhere leaving own port open.. plus, these adjustments might result in very passive AI, which never attacks enemy ships but stays in ports all the time...

    Some time ago i even investigated option to create a "garrison ship" with 1 movement point, but if you do this, and AI attacks that port by land, that ship will get thrown out of port and will be unable to return back.. so another no-go

    all in all, its a ETW/NTW flaw nobody can really fix 100%..

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    Default Re: Is there a Mod that solves these problems?

    whoa, way to resurrect old post didnt notice the date until now

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