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    Default Uncomfortable humanitarian

    I have make some mistake and accidently sack a city with my humanitarian general.

    So how do i get rid of it?

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    Default Re: Uncomfortable humanitarian

    Send him live a peaceful life governing a settlement with low taxes.

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    The root of the problem is that he, a future conquerer, was allowed to become a humanitarian in the first place. You need to carefully groom your future conquerers by making them secondary governors in a settlement with Temple of Battle and Education, or, if they must be the primary governor, in a settlement with Normal taxes. The warning sign is them acquiring the Slightly Lenient trait. Once that happens evacuate him and have him spend the rest of his early life wiping out rebel stacks.

    To answer your original question, it might be impossible to get rid of the Uncomfortable Humanitarian trait even if the afflicted general generously governs a settlement. So, prevention is the best medicine

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