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Thread: Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul

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    Default Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul

    ►Mod Name: Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul.

    ►Mod Platform:Rome 2.
    ►Release Status: Part released. (about 40% of the standalones before the full release)
    ►Mod creator\team leaders: Sebidee
    ►Mod team members: Marchall of France, Rex Imperator, Moacyr
    ►Mod Description: Complete overhaul of the games roster with hundreds of new units as well as edits of existing units and minor tweaks to other areas such as generals, mercenaries, auxiliaries, garrisons and others.
    ►Other info on mod: Expected full release: November.
    ►Forum link(s): Current Hosted Mod
    ►Download link(s): Non-Steam Downloads ..... Thread including steam links
    ►Permissions: Conditional free to use, check this link for details.
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