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    giga's New Car (Commentary) - gigagaia
    Adventures in Modding (or how not to do it) (Commentary) - Tacticalwithdrawal
    General Sun's Tent (Commentary) - General Sun
    Sir Paladin's Photo Workshop (Commentary) - iudas
    The Eagle Standard Lack of Concentration Camp (Commentary) - Hex Khan
    Adventures of an Amateur Novelist (Commentary) - Silver Guard
    I'm moving on with my life (Commentary) - Francisco Montana
    The Gahzette! (Commentary) - sapi
    Fishing with Eric (Commentary) - Eric
    Business, Money and Surviving the True Rat Race (Commentary) - Denny Crane!
    Reinstalling: A Total War Afficianado's Story (Commentary) - Van Zandt
    Weekly Commemoration (Commentary) - Augustus Lucifer
    Carlton's Log (Commentary) - Carlton Banks
    Army Life (Commentary) - Sete
    Daftmuse (Commentary) - Bongfu
    A Boer's Life. Apartheid before and after. (Commentary) - Axeman
    Building a... (Commentary) - Roman_Man#3
    Admiral's Log (Commentary) - The Good
    The Journey of Karo to Graduation (Commentary) - karo
    Rat Haze (Commentary) - Empress Meg
    Calvin's Corner (Commentary) - Calvin
    Cool Idiot's Quest to get Ripped (Commentary) - CoolIdiot
    Swagger's Pathway to Fame, a sax learning adventure (Commentary) - Swagger
    The Tour de Kip; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bike (Commentary) - Kip
    Student Convention (Commentary) - Ariovistus Maximus
    Becoming a Game Developer (Commentary) - Wallace316
    Random observations and stories, my journal (Commentary) - Saint Nicholas
    Viking Prince's Hole in the Wall Dining (Commentary) - Viking Prince
    My Tolkien World (Commentary) - Hengest
    Picks and Sticks- The Many Faces of Music in Atlanta, Georgia (Commentary) - Pontifex Maximus
    OTZ's new house - the process! (Commentary) - OTZ
    A TWC Life (Commentary) - Fight!
    Rome: Journals of War - Journals_of_War
    Basic things in Life (Commentary) - Devilsdaughter77
    A historical RPG - anyone interested in starting one? - PsychoticBarbarian
    Hard Lessons Of Life that I Have Learned Over The Years. (Commentary) - Logik
    Paper Seraglio (Commentary) - MrMofo
    The Underground Blog of a Street Fighter (Commentary) - Tyler Durden
    It's Way too Hot in Here (Commentary) - Celsius
    Life for Dummies (Commentary) - Fight!
    The King's Word (Commentary) - Scottish King
    GAME OVER - A look on the current state of affairs on the gaming industry (Commentary) - The Last Spartan
    GrnEyedDvl's E-Cigarette Experiments (Commentary) - GrnEyedDvl
    Synaptic Misfire (Commentary) - AJStoner
    Germany or Bust! (Commentary) - Guy
    The Endless Struggle (Commentary) - The Last Spartan
    Starting Over (Commentary) - Audacia
    GymBlog - The Muscle Buster (Commentary) - Philip Regent of Hospitallers
    Thoughts of the Rex or rather the lack of them... (Commentary) - Rex Anglorvm
    The Authors road (Commentary) - Tigellinus
    The Other End of the Quill (Commentary) - Hitai de Bodemloze
    Whiskey, History and a Mad Mans Ravings! - The Nonsensical Blog of McScottish (Commentary) - McScottish
    Morose & Verbose - esaciar's blog (Commentary) - esaciar
    The Daily Dealings of a Merchant (Commentary) - Merchant of Venice
    Filipino's Food for Thought (Commentary) - NCR
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