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    I'm looking to made a mini-mod based on the original MTW units. But I am struggling to find late-era units to work with in Chivalry Total War. There don't seem to be any plate armour units in the original Chiv version that I have, but I've seen screenshots around of plate mail units.

    Could somebody tell me if there is a mini-mod based on Chiv that I can download to get plate mail units?

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    Are you sure the units were in Chivalry I, or were they in Chivalry II (the M2TW version)

    Ok, I guess it might be this submod for Chiv I FCRC
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    FCRC have unit fo half plated knight (both foot and mounted)to represent the knights of late 13th century but do not expect any full plate units. You may have seen full plate unit in the old chivalry development / screenshot thred. The old Chivalry team planned to make campaigns for all three medieval eras and did some work also on the late units. However, when M2TW was released lot of members leave the team to work on Chivalry II and the remaining team members lacked resourced to fullfil the original plan.

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