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Thread: Uchronia Barbarorum

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    Default Uchronia Barbarorum

    ►Mod Name: Uchronia Barbarorum [Europa Barbarorum Submod]

    ►Mod Platform: RTW 1.5
    ►Release Status:1.5 released (1.6 in development)
    ►Mod creator: Ryoga84
    ►Mod Description: The goal of UB is to expand the unit roster of every faction in a logical way, thus enhancing the roleplay, allowing more variegated tactics, increasing both AI and player's potentialities. Some sub-mod are already implemented. As the name is "Uchronia", the mod is fairly ahistorical. Expect new commander units and some uchronic units.
    ►Other info on mod: Unofficial Submod for Europa Barbarorum 1.2
    ►Forum link(s):
    ►Download link(s): In the linked topic
    ►Permissions: by request only.
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