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Thread: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms Download(s) - Current version 4.5.002

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    Default [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms Download(s) - Current version 4.5.002

    v4.5 Download Links

    Downloading the torrent files

    1. A torrent client like µTorrent or BitTorrent needs to be installed
    2. Click the torrent link and download the torrent file
    3. Double click\Run the torrent file
    4. Choose your download folder and click 'OK'
    5. When the download is completed proceed to the 'Installation' section

    Download Content


    • To avoid problems when applying patches and mod installations in general it is advisable to run this tutorial from step 3 onward and then to delete the Medieval II Total War folder in the virtual store folder.
    • If downloading via MediaFire, be aware that the contents (2 files) of the Rise of Three Kingdom 4.5 must be extracted and placed into the same location/directory (as pictured in the 'Download Content' image above) prior to running the installers.

    Installation Procedure
    1. Delete the mods\rotk folder and the desktop shortcut if you had a previous version of Rise of Three Kingdoms installed
    2a. Torrent Download - Make sure all files listed in the 'Download Content' picture are in the same directory
    2b. Media Fire Download - Extract all contents (2 files total) from zip file into the same directory - compare with 'Download Content' picture above
    3. Run\double-click the Rise of three Kingdoms 4.5 part1.exe (Application) file. After it has finished, and the file verification process has finished, close the installer then run/double-click the Rise of three Kingdoms 4.5 part2.exe and allow to install
    4. Download and Install any mandatory patches below for the most up-to-date version

    Steam Users: the installation is fully compatible - simply start the mod with it's desktop shortcut
    Mac\Linux Users: all files are in small caps which should make it easier to get the mod going.
    Please note

    • Should you get 'MyProduct' in the installation path simply point your browser (button with three dots) to the MAIN Medieval 2 directory - nowhere else!
    • At the end of both the Part1 installation and the Part2 installation, a verification process will take place, check spoiler for the notice:

    Spoiler for notice

    • Once the verification has finished, check if all files have verified OK (1) and then close the window (2) to proceed with the finishing of the installation, see spoiler:

    Spoiler for verification

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    Default [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms Official Download(s) - Patches and Hotfixes

    List of patches and hot fixes (if any)
    Install ALL PATCHES in order of appearance

    RotK Patch 4.5.002 - 06 February 2021 - 2.44 MB - Save game compatible

    Version History
    Version 4.5.002 - 06 February 2021
    - Fixed missing meshes and textures for Hebei Heavy Pikemen, Xiliang Cavalry, & a handful of commanders that would result in battle crashes
    Version 4.5.000 - 28 January 2021
    - Visual confirmation of correct installation path
    - Shortcut to sound tracks
    - Inclusion of v4.4.1 Content
    - Recolored Ma Teng's strat and battle models
    - New strat model for Sun Ce to match his battle model
    - Improved texture quality of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong & Cao Cao strat models
    - Improved quality of Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Zhu Jun & Zhang He battle models
    - Improved quality of Camp Raiders, Guardians of Chen, Xiaoyao Brave, Formation Breakers & Han Officer battle models
    - New battle models for Wei Yan, Gan Ning, Dian Wei, Sima Yi, Cao Ren, Taishi Ci & Liu Bei
    - New battle models for Huangfu Song, Yu Jin, Zang Ba, Wu Yi, Ji Ling, Ling Cao & Liu Pan
    - New battle models for Jiang Wei, Xu Chu, Mu Shun, Lu Su, Xiahou Yuan, Lu Xun & Sun Ben
    - New battle models for Chen Dao, Zhang Ren, Yue Jin, Zhang Wei, Wen Ping, Lü Dai & Fan Chou
    - New battle models for Gao Shun, Liu Feng, Cao Hong, Luo Jun, Li Le, Yan Xing & Ma Dai
    - New battle models for Guo Huai, Han Dang, Cai Mao, Gongsun Mo, Guo Si, Wu Anguo & Li Yan
    - New battle models for generic rebel commanders
    - New strat models for generic rebel commanders
    - Wider distribution of advisor-type battle models among all factions
    - Colored all advisor-type battle models to match associated faction
    - Fixed incorrect vertex assignment of Bingzhou Cavalry soldier model
    - Zhuge Repeating-Crossbows given new historically accurate chukonu weapon model
    - Created new unique traits for especially dishonorable characters, namely Lu Bu, Gongsun Zan, Yuan Shu & Li Jue
    - Changed existing temples in Liu Biao's starting cities
    - Changed Liu Bei's starting diplomat portrait
    - Overhauled rebel commander type depending on culture of local rebel garrison
    - Increased settlement requirement for campaign win conditions - short: 30 > 50; long: 100 > 150
    - Minor adjustments to the stats of several characters
    - Increased chance of Fealty gain for low Fealty characters
    - Most ancillaries made transferable
    - Fixed missing battle sound file
    - 13 new campaign tracks and 2 new battle tracks
    - Rewrote several biographies, such as Lu Dai, Sun Li & Ma Chao
    - Removed "Hidden Potential" penalty from numerous characters
    - Fixed "Lady of Henan" to "Lady of Henei"
    - Removed forest tile directly east of Guandu, allowing ZoC access past the settlement
    - Added Zhuge Xuan, Wang Zhong, Wu Zhi, Guo Gong & Zhu Hao to Unaligned Forces
    - Added Xu Shao to Liu Yao's (Yangzhou) faction
    - Added settlement of Yangcheng between Luoyang and Wancheng
    - Jiangxia moved to north side of Yangtze
    - Shaxian (Wuchang Commandery) takes place of old Jiangxia position
    - Most ports removed from the map - now only attached to select settlements
    - Numerous alterations to the campaign map terrain
    - Some text corrections
    Spoiler for previous versions
    Version 4.4.100 - 28 October 2020
    Version 4.4.100 - 28 October 2020
    - Fixed incorrect diplomatic values
    - Fixed Zhongyuan Pikemen unit info pic
    Version 4.4.000 - 25 October 2020
    - New models, textures and assets for all tier 2 light Han units
    - Unique regional differentiations for all tier 2 light Han units
    - Cleaned textures for all tier 1 light Han units
    - New models, textures and assets for all heavy Han units
    - Unique regional differentiations for all heavy Han units
    - New model and textures for Flying Bear Army Infantry & Cavalry, White Horse Fellows, Shock Brigade, and Yellow Turban Bandits
    - Fixed stubby arms and legs of Northern Army Tiger soldiers
    - Changed breastplate of Sun Ce's battle model
    - New unit cards and info pics for updated units
    - Incorporation of Hereje's High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0
    - Incorporation of makanyane's Ambient Building Reduction mod
    - Overhaul of custom battle locations
    - Updated diplomacy values
    - Updated threshold for AI to demand and offer becoming a protectorate
    - Changed ai_label from catholic to default
    - Created strat model to reflect generic battle model of the 4 major factions
    - Updated Yan Baihu, Liu Biao & Shi Xie's portraits
    - Fixed moving pelt head on Shanyue Ravagers
    - Fixed Zhang Liao bodyguard silver horses
    - Sprites made for all newly textured units
    - Mostly fixed large & huge city gate/ram bug
    - Mostly fixed fortified pass gate/ram bug
    - Updated several dozen portraits
    - Recolored regional light Han unit cards to better distinguish regions
    - Removed Zhou Cang (fictional character)
    - Added Jiang Yiqu to Unaligned faction near Julu
    - Reduced starting barbarian army strength
    - Added script to have Xianbei be more active
    - Several character spawns given a few units
    - Gave Xiongnu rebel characters Steppe units instead of Wuhuan
    - Removed Yellow Turban Elites from mercenary list
    - Light unit shield stat reduced from 4 to 2
    - Changed starting rebel garrisons to bandits, yellow turbans, steppe rebels, Shanyue rebels or Nanman rebels, depending on location
    - Runan given a more sizeable garrison
    - Recolored captain strat models to be inline with associated faction
    Version 4.3.000 - 22 September 2020
    - Incorporation of Version 4.2.000 content
    - All Nanman units given complete overhaul: variations in faces, headgear, colors and armor types
    - Meng Huo's battle model entirely reworked
    - Meng Huo now has unique infantry-based bodyguard unit
    - Zhurong now accompanies Meng Huo into battle
    - Minor improvements made to Zhurong's battle model
    - Top-tier rattan units given entirely new models and textures
    - Pikemen and Barbarian Maiden Cavalry removed from Nanman roster
    - 3 new spear and shield-type units (light, heavy, armored) added to Nanman roster
    - Nanman Cavalry model and texture altered to that of same-tier Nanman units
    - New cloth and color variations for Nanman rattan units
    - Improvements made to Nanman General model and texture
    - Improvements made to Nanman Captain model and texture
    - Improvements made to Shanyue Captain model and texture
    - Overhauled Lingnan Wildmen model and texture
    - Fixed neck of Grey-beard Marksmen
    - Qu Yi given unique battle model and strat model improved
    - Overhaul of Sun Clan's starting characters
    - Overhaul of when and how characters join Sun Clan via conquest and missions
    - Danyang removed from Sun Clan and given to Yangzhou
    - Shixin now a rebel settlement
    - Hukou renamed to Niuzhu
    - Recolored Huang Gai's battle model
    - Overhaul of all infantry-based unit mass
    - Slightly modified several unit attack and defense values
    - Overhauled unit cost and upkeep
    - Overhauled unit stamina
    - Overhauled ship soldier, attack, and defense values
    - Fixed incorrect road levels
    - City and Large City level settlements now have 3 recruitment slots
    - Huge City level settlement now has 4 recruitment slots
    - Fixed issue with Academy buildings where characters with greater than 9 Acumen would gain a second Acumen trait
    - Put updated ship unit cards in the correct folder
    - Removed UI arrows when characters were spawned during various missions
    - Updated dozens of portraits
    - Updated several faction leader pics on faction selection screen
    - Changes to Sun Clan faction description
    - Various spelling and grammar fixes
    Version 4.200 - 19 August 2020
    - added affinity switch to BAT command
    - Chinese voices added on the battlemap for all units
    - New unit battle banner for most factions
    - Goguryeo light units given new armor for both armor upgrades
    - General improvement of Ironclad Warriors mesh and texture
    - Cleaned up Goguryeo general battle model mesh
    - Goguryeo given additional high-tier armored unit (Horse-archer, swordsmen, spearmen, & bowmen)
    - Goguryeo Conscripts are now a melee infantry unit
    - Fixed Lingjiama horse missing body barding
    - Battle banner made slightly smaller and held a bit lower
    - Fixed normal map of battle banners
    - Minor melee attack and charge reduction, and balancing, for all foot archer-type units
    - Removed white line on robe arms of heavy Han units
    - Gave small income bonus to gambling buildings and high-level farms
    - Slightly reduced trade resource income
    - Fixed wrong tile reveal for Yellow Turban event
    - Removed trait gain message for Mighty Wind line
    - Changed settlement requirement to be named Prime Minister from 20 to 22
    - Reintegration of missing Version 4.0 Patch #4 content
    Version 4.1.200 - 06 August 2020
    - Corrected sound issues
    - Corrected surgeon traits triggers
    - Added missing unit texture
    Version 4.1.100 - 01 August 2020
    - Complete overhaul of mounts and horse barding
    - Various mesh modifications of Northern Tiger Army soldiers
    - Incorporation of Version 4.1.000 content
    Version 4.1.000 - 14 July 2020
    - Integration of Patch 4 content
    - Unit cards redone - removal of Chinese symbols on cards (except for agents and field artillery units)
    - All unique units now have a yellow background on their unit card
    - New model and skin for Grey-beard Marksmen
    - New battle model for generic generals (Imperial Han & Liu, Sun, Cao and Yuan clans)
    - Fixed 'body thickness' of County Militia
    - Fixed disjointed head of Nanyang Rangers
    - Fixed height of Heishan captains
    - Fixed normal maps for Nanyue Footmen and Shanyue Peasants
    - Fixed normal maps for Bandit Bowmen and Fighters
    - Fixed normal maps for all Heavy and Armored Nanyue units
    - Fixed normal maps for Han unit banner carriers and officers
    - Removed masks from Viet Skirmishers
    - Several adjustments made to Guardians of Chen model
    - Fixed improper weapon hand placement for Shanyue Ravagers
    - Improved weapon hand placement for all light and heavy Han halberd units
    - Zhanghan Guard given second uniform color variation
    - Texture adjustment at neckline for Suicide Vanguard
    - Nanyue Attendants now unique unit for Nanyue
    - Shanyue Javelineers and Rattan Warriors now have separate mercenary equivalents
    - Added Meng Da to Liu Clan name list to fix script error
    - Improved the quality of several unit info pics
    - Some minor text corrections
    Version 4.0, Patch #4 - 14 May 2020
    - Increased unit recruitment times to further combat stack spam by AI (Peasants/Levies/Light Inf = 1 turn, Heavy Inf = 2 turns, Armored/Elite Inf = 3 turns ; Light Cav = 2 turns, Heavy Cav = 3 turns, Armored/Elite Cav = 4 turns)
    - Fixed Wu Lan lacking late rank titles
    - Added Meng Da to Liu Clan faction during 'Shu Defectors' event
    - Fixed incorrect weapon texture for armor upgrade 1 for Zhongyuan Pikemen
    - Gan Ning now starts as a commander of Liu Biao (Jingzhou)
    - Event added for Sun Clan to acquire Gan Ning after capturing Jiangxia
    - Combined Patches 1, 2 & 3 (see below)
    - Fixed issue with settlement of Dandong only being able to recruit Peasant units
    - Fixed incorrect weapon texture for armor upgrade 1 for Zhongyuan Heavy Halberds
    - Fixed Huang Quan spawning for the wrong faction during the Liu Clan missions
    - Fixed '5 Sacred Mountains' events
    - Fixed incorrect mountain reference for Huashan
    - Fixed Korean Levy UI
    - Fixed Northern Army Tiger Cavalry UI
    Version 4.0.000 - 21 July 2019
    - Final version - compilation of all patches and updates
    - Total reworking of the economy - tweaking of income modifiers, removal of all trade income penalties and increase in trade resource values
    - Values slightly lowered for recruitment limitation script
    - New strat model and battle model for Cao, Liu, Sun and Yuan Clan generals
    - New strat model and battle model for Sun Ce, Cao Ren and Zhu Jun
    - New strat model and battle model for Heishan generals
    - New strat model and battle model for Heishan captains
    - New strat model and battle model for Nanman captains
    - New strat model and battle model for Shanyue captains
    - New strat model for Jia Xu
    - New strat model for Nanman and Xianbei princess
    - Unaligned characters will now have one of two different strat models, depending if they are martial or civil oriented
    - New battle model for Lu Meng to match strat model
    - New battle model for Zhang Xun to match strat model
    - New battle model for Ji Ling to match strat model
    - New battle models for Sun Ben and Sun Fu
    - New battle model for Goguryeo captains
    - New battle model for Han faction captains
    - Updated battle models for 2nd upgrade light Han units
    - Updated armor progression for County Militia
    - Updated armor progression for Peasant Conscripts
    - New unit : Han Armored Spearmen
    - New units for Heishan : Black Mountain Raiders, Black Mountain Brigands and Black Mountain Cutthroats (unique)
    - Camp Crushers now a 2-hand sword shock unit, as they were historically
    - Nanman Warriors and Southern Tribesmen now have javelins
    - Zhuge Crossbow unit model fixed
    - New faction symbol for Nanman faction
    - Increase of mount mass for better cavalry charges
    - Rebalancing of spear and halberd-wielding unit stats
    - Shield wall renamed to Spearwall - only available to spear and halberd units
    - Phalanx renamed to Pike Square
    - Battle icons updated for character special abilities
    - Renamed all strat references of 'castle' to 'fortress' or 'fortified pass'
    - Several family trees reworked
    - Fixed and updated numerous biographies and ranks
    - Updated dozens of portraits
    - Henan faction renamed to Henei
    - Yang Pei, Dou Fu, Zhao Ang, Lou Gui, Shen Dan, Shen Yi and Zhang Kai added to Unaligned faction
    - Duan Wei added to Liang faction
    - Yang Bai renamed to Yang Bo
    - Ze Rong renamed to Zhai Rong
    - Wu Jing added and joins Sun Clan after taking Yuzhang
    - Ma Dai joins Liu Clan after completing The Western Frontier mission
    - Huang Quan joins Liu Clan after completing Conquer Chengdu mission
    - Zhang Lu and Yan Pu join Cao Clan after completing The Central Han mission
    - Danyang Troop given to Taishi Ci at campaign start
    - Xiliang Cavalry given to Ma Chao after joining Liu Clan
    - Han Sui, Yan Xing and Chenggong Ying now join Xiliang if destroyed by the latter
    - Fixed Forests of Hengshan custom battle location
    - Fixed final two Cao Clan missions by adding a settlement requirement
    - Leveled terrain just north of Yang settlement
    - Fixed incorrect settlement belief levels in Nanyue and Henei regions
    - Modified the 5 Sacred Mountains traits and events, so now they actually work and give explanation on their use
    - Increased chances of Merchants and Princesses receiving beneficial traits when spawned
    - Slightly increased success rate of assassins
    - Fixed numerous ancillaries incorrectly granting Influence bonus (Influence is for diplomat agents)
    - Fixed Trouble-dealers incorrect animations (now use spear and shield)
    - Increased Loyalty bonus for Grand Administrator ancillaries
    - Diplomat horse ancillaries now grant Influence bonus
    - Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, and Xu Shu will retain their strat models when joining most factions (those that have available slots)
    - Most characters with unique strat models will have unique identifier when moused-over
    Version 3.5.000 - 08 June 2019
    - Includes Patches 3.4.000 and 3.4.053
    - Revamped several settlements in Shu region
    - Adjusting of commandery borders in Shu and southern Jing
    - Fuling and Jiangzhou now connect via roadway
    - Continuity of commandery & county names and associated "governor" ancillaries
    - Lu Kai, Zhu Bao, Gao Ding and Pan Jun added to Unaligned faction
    - Decision to recruit or execute Lu Bu after defeating Liu Bei (mission) as Cao Cao
    - Numerous characters given updated ranks and titles
    - Overhauled trade resource locations and types on campaign map
    - More female surnames
    - Fixed one of Wei Yan's special traits triggering when not a part of the Liu Clan
    - Fixed unreachable resources near Jibei and Huailing
    - Fixed missing texture for Lu Bu after joining Liu Bei
    - Fixed missing texture for Bingzhou Cavalry horses after Lu Bu joins Liu Bei
    - Fixed missing unit info for Gongsun Kang and Yuan Shang buqus
    Version 3.4.053 - 22 May 2019
    - Includes Patch 3.4.000
    - Custom battle locations fixed
    - Added more face variety for unit officers and standard bearers
    - Huainan Guard reskinned
    - Northern Army Tiger Cavalry reskinned
    - Shanyue Tigers reskinned
    - Grey-beard Marksmen reskinned
    - County Militia reskinned
    - Yellow Turban Bandits reskinned
    - Light Han (no upgrade) units given 3 varieties of leather lamellar armor color
    - Light Han (1st upgrade) units given second variety of iron lamellar
    - Two bandit (spear and bow) units added
    - Several unit cards "sharpened"
    - Fixed incorrect Wiseman unit card for Qingzhou
    - Fixed Lady Kong (Qingzhou) not being on the campaign map
    - "Rebels" that randomly spawn on map can now be bandits, Yellow Turbans, barbarian raiders or army deserters
    - Opened route between Jianning and Zangke
    Version 3.4.000 - 15 May 2019
    - Expanded campaign map to include northern Vietnam
    - Hanjia and Linjiang removed from map - replaced with Longbian and Hepu
    - Fixed issue with being unable to enter Jibei settlement
    - Fixed missing Goguryeo faction icon on battle map
    - Gan Li, Pan Xin and Dan Meng added to Jiaozhou faction
    - New unique unit - Cam Quan - added to Jiaozhou faction
    - Meng Da added to Ba-Shu faction
    - Several Nanman characters repositioned
    - Updated map on faction selection screen
    - Capture of Longbian added to Sun Clan mission "Kingdom of Nanyue"
    - Shi Hui and Shi Kuang spawn for Sun Clan upon completion of mission "Kingdom of Nanyue"
    - Ports added to Gongan and Hukou
    - Rebel settlements in Nanzhong given Nanman garrison troops
    - Various text and script fixes
    Version 3.3.000 - 27 April 2019
    - Includes Patches 3.1.000 & 3.2.000
    - Includes all 3.2 Hotfixes
    - Regions and Settlements in the Central Plains overhauled
    - Wucheng added to Jiangdong region - given to Yangzhou faction
    - Leling removed from Hebei region
    - Numerous settlements and regions renamed
    - Chen faction is no longer based in Runan - now based in Chenguo
    - Yanzhou (Lu Bu) can acquire the Three Brothers after capturing Xiapi and eliminating the Liu Clan
    - Fixed attachment texture assignments on Zhongyuan Light Crossbows & Zhongyuan Heavy Crossbows and Pikemen
    - Unique units can now be retrained in any Clan Institution building regardless of region
    - Clan Institution buildings text now mentions unique unit retraining
    - Overall, factions were given greater access to buildings, as some previous restrictions were removed
    - Public Gardens now grant public health bonus
    - Bronze Sparrow Terrace (tier 3 Public Garden) buildable by Cao Clan in Yecheng
    - Nanman Tribal Muster buildings now have text explaining they are for the Nanman faction's unit recruitment
    - Number of cities required to self declare King and Emperor raised slightly
    - Removed script where Sun Clan auto-eliminates Yangzhou
    - Various biography and rank/title updates
    - Cleaned up a couple loose ends in the campaign_script
    - Various minor edits to the campaign map
    Version 3.2.056 - 22 April 2019
    - Includes 3.2.047 fixes
    - Further EDB modification for campaign stability
    - More music tracks for campaign map and battle
    - Normalized volume on all new music tracks
    - Lu Bu battle model cleaned up
    - Nanman now recruit native units, in Nanzhong region, through Tribal Muster building chain
    - Updated biographies for Yanzhou (Lu Bu) faction
    - All unique units are now retrainable in any settlement via Clan Institution building chain
    - Minor descr_strat and campaign_script adjustments made
    Version 3.2.047 - 17 April 2019
    - Includes 3.2.039 fixes
    - Optimized Korean unit models to minimize battle crashes
    - Imperial Guard units removed
    - Feathered Forest reduced to 2 units (1 infantry/crossbow and 1 cavalry)
    - Reskin of Feathered Forest units
    - Feathered Forest units only recruitable from Imperial Palace
    - Two new music tracks for main menu
    - 5 new music tracks for battles (2 deployment, 1 march, 2 combat)
    - Numerous spelling/grammar fixes to biographies
    Version 3.2.039 - 16 April 2019
    - Included 3.2.028 fixes
    - Qingzhou generals overhauled : Liu Kongci replaced by Shi Yi, Liu Yixun replaced by Zuo Chengzu, Zheng Yan added
    - Wu Anguo and Wang Xiu now heroes of Qingzhou faction
    - 9 generals added to Unaligned faction in southern Hebei, northern Jingzhou and western Liang
    - Updated several portraits (Li Jue, Guo Si, Han Song, Ma Su, Li Yan, Chen Qiao)
    - Updated ranks for several characters
    - Fixed several river crossing on western portion of map
    - Closed route between Hanjia and Jialing
    - Fixed numerous biographies for grammar and content
    Version 3.2.028 - 14 April 2019
    - Includes v3.2.011 Fixes
    - Modified and cleaned-up EDB file for better campaign stability
    - Modified AI Boost to severely reduce AI casualty recovery
    - Acumen trait added back to "Barbarian" generals
    - Modified Benevolence trait of "Barbarian" generals
    - Goguryeo can now recruit and retrain Korean units in Youzhou province
    - Jiaozhou can now recruit Nanyue Footmen in Jingnan region
    - Goguryeo can now recruit Levied Han Footmen in Xiangping and Dandong
    - BMDB filed modified so that all "Barbarian" general battle model available for all Han factions
    Version 3.2.011 - 12 April 2019
    - New Border Colony buildings - allows retraining of non-local regional troops in border settlements
    - Zhu Ling removed from Yuan Clan, added to Cao Clan (historically joined at end of Cao Cao's Xuzhou campaign)
    - Updated numerous biographies and ranks for Jingzhou and Yuan Clan factions
    Version 3.2.000 - 08 April 2019
    - Includes v3.1.005 Hotfix
    - Regional Recruitment re-implemented
    - Specific unit types receive bonuses due to regional specialization
    - Increased rate that Acumen is affected by Academy chain buildings
    - Increased chance of better Acumen rating for "Man of the Hour' candidates
    - Modified rank increase via number of settlements controlled so that Emperor, King and Minister titles should not be replaced by lower-tier titles
    - Modified minor model issues with various units
    - Feathered Forest units now recruited from Administrative Agency building chain
    - Unique units now retrained via Clan Institution building chain
    - Recruiting and retraining reworked for Fortified Passes and Strategic Towns
    - Added Dong Cheng to Unaligned Faction near Luoyang
    - If playing as Imperial Han, initial event now adds Dong Cheng to your faction
    - Unique Flying Bear Army units transfer to Imperial Han if playing as them in campaign
    - Fan Chou now transfers to Imperial Han, and is a Hero, if playing as them in campaign
    - Changed city bonus for Jiangzhou from +1 Trade Fleet to +15% Trade Income bonus
    - Decreased Pikemen walk speed
    - Crossbowmen now carry quiver on hip
    - Fixed missing Nanman Horsemen unit info pic for rebels
    - Updated Di Heavy Bowmen unit info pic
    - Updated Nanman unit info pics for rebels
    - Updated Southern Rattan Warriors unit card
    - Updated Black Mountain Commander Buqu unit card
    - Fixed Han Sui's missing battle model
    - Modified Benevolence rating for several characters
    - Modified stats for several historic characters when they come of age
    - Removed black line above RoTK logo on main menu
    - Modified biographies for Dong Cheng, Zhu Ran, Fan Chou, and others in the Liang/Imperial Han factions
    - Fixed a few text errors in trait, ancillary, and building descriptions
    Version 3.1.005 - 20 February 2019
    - Fixed issue with cavalry not taking 2 turns to recruit
    Version 3.1.000 - 17 February 2019
    - Includes all previous Patches (3.0.016 & 3.0.030)
    - enlarged battle banners and forced their display
    - Fixed missing troop counter script when AI Sun Clan defeats Yangzhou faction
    - Fixed missing horse texture for Guan Yu when joining Cao Clan
    - New battle model for Zhou Tai
    - New battle model for Zhou Yu
    - New battle model for Pang De
    - New event video when usurping the Han Emperor
    - New event video when self-declaring Emperor
    - New event video when Yuan Shu establishes the Zhong dynasty
    - New campaign victory video
    - Faction intro videos for Cao, Liu, and Sun clans
    - Campaign intro video for all factions
    - Chen added to Subdue Yuan Shu event
    - Reduced Thundercart accuracy slightly
    - Recolored strat model for Pang De and Zhou Tai
    - Zhang Wei is now a hero of the Wudoumi Sect
    - Cavalry now require 2 turns to recruit, with time reduced by 1 with higher tier buildings - does not affect Xianbei faction
    - Recruitable generals now require 2 turns to recruit
    - Catapult and Thundercart now require 2 tuns to recruit
    - White Horse Archers now recruitable one building level sooner for relevant factions
    - Text added to events to inform that traits, titles, and ancillaries spawn the turn after becoming Emperor
    - Fixed some text errors
    Version 3.0.030 - 03 January 2019
    - Fixed Xu Jing's portrait and traits
    - Zhang Bao and Guan Xing's traits fixed
    - Removed requirement to eliminate Gansu for the Liu Clan mission 'Western Frontier'
    - Gave Dong Yun the correct biography
    - Levied Han Footmen now have correct unit card
    - Fixed missing legs and made minor cosmetic changes on Nanman general battle model
    - Increased Health, Population Growth, and Farming bonus for several buildings to facilitate growth in larger settlements
    - Unaligned Nanman and Nanyue characters use respective battle models and bodyguard
    - Cao Clan acquires Guan Yu after completing mission to defeat the Liu Clan
    - Updated some faction-based title promotions associated with mission spawns
    - Fixed Warriors of the Passes missing unit info
    - Fixed Zhanghan Guard missing unit info
    - Recolored Warriors of the Passes
    - Text fixes for some missions
    Version 3.0.016 - 27 December 2018
    - Combined all previous patches
    - Made significant change to first mission of Liu Clan missions
    - Xu Shu Buqu changed to foot archers
    - Samhan Cavalry can now replenish outside of recruitment area
    - Shanyue Heavy Axemen now use correct animations
    - Shanyue General Buqu can now be used in custom battles
    - Fixed unit card of Shanyue Axe Warriors
    - Some minor text corrections
    Version 3.0.08 - 26 December 2018
    - All unique units now have 2 Hit Point
    - Modified unique unit descriptions to notate only one may exist
    - All unique units are now either available at game start or acquired via specific faction (Liu, Cao, Yuan Clans) missions
    - Enhanced visual of faction selection screen
    - Rename of Goguryeo Youths to Gwijog
    Version 3.0.003 - 22 December 2018
    - Adjusts battle editor map display and other minor menu interface issues
    - Corrects errors in advisor voice
    - Fixes missing ground textures
    Version 3.0.000 - 20 DECEMBER 2018
    - New Faction Selection Screen Layout (Campaign)
    - New Faction: Goguryeo (unit roster, family, traits, events)
    - Mission system for Yuan Clan
    - New battle maps for fortified passes
    - New intro movie
    - Eastward extension of map to include more of western Korea
    - Didu and its region removed
    - Map modified to allow roads from Yongan to both Yiling and Linjiang
    - Map modified to allow road from Yanmen Pass to Xinxing
    - Map modified to allow road from Hanzhong to Shangyong
    - Map modified to allow road from Wudu to Longxi
    - Jingxian renamed to Danyang and moved north
    - Guangping renamed to Julu
    - Several settlements in Shu region renamed
    - Settlement borders in Jingbei modified
    - Hanchang, Jialing, Ancheng and Dongyang added as settlements
    - Steppes ground type changed from desert to something more appropriate
    - Qing province connected by crossing over Yellow River
    - Several strat resource models changed
    - Xi Zhicai added to Cao Clan
    - Several dozen 'generic' general portraits updated
    - New Nanman, Shanyue, Xianbei and Goguryeo characters receive basic title on turn after joining
    - New Han characters receive biography trait and title on turn after joining
    - Historical character titles for Liu, Cao and Sun clans overhauled (as they have, by far, the most information)
    - Levied Han Footmen and Nanyue Militia now recruited from Administrative Agencies chain
    - Levied Han Infantry and Heavy Infantry recruitable one building sooner (to keep in line with rest of similar units)
    - Fortified Passes can now build paved roads
    - Steppe 'Barbarian' settlements can now build dirt roads
    - Hidden movement trait for Xianbei generals reduced -5% movement points
    - "Lady Comes of Age" images updated for each faction
    - Female members added to a few family trees
    - More cities given unique picture for their respective "Historic City" building
    - More quotes added (400 total)
    - Several new loading screens added
    - Southern Tribes renamed to Nanman
    - Some new portraits for spies and assassins
    - All unit cards recolored according to unit type
    - Update of Nanyue, East Wu and Yue faction icons
    - Benevolence now grants additional Honor
    - Acumen now grants additional Honor
    - Increased population thresholds to upgrade settlements (large city and huge city levels)
    - Greatly increased building cost for most buildings
    - "Diminishing returns" mechanic on trade now only affect large and huge cities
    Version 2.3.003 - 01 NOVEMBER 2018
    - Added triggers for characters to improve their Leadership, Attack and Defense through various conditions in winning battles
    - Fixed issue where "King" trait/title were not triggering when they were supposed to
    - Disallowed Faction Heirs from receiving Prime Minister trait/ancillary/title
    - A few modifiers changed in descr_diplomacy
    - Xu Miao joins AI Cao Clan after taking Jiying
    - Zhang Liao and Zang Ba join AI Cao Clan after Yanzhou is eliminated
    - He Yi, Sima Ju, and Wu Huan added to rebels
    - Shamoke added to Unaligned factions
    - Yellow Turban buqu unit added
    - Yellow Turban events added (images and video)
    - Overhauled most settlement info pips
    - Added more Three Kingdoms-related quotes
    - 10 more loading screens added
    - Fixed EDB issue with Xianbei recruitment building not showing up in Han settlements
    - Fixed EDB issue with Nanman recruitment building not showing up in Han settlements
    - Fixed invisible texture for Southern Tribes generals
    - Jiaozhou can now recruit select Nanyue units in neighboring Jingnan region
    - Shanyue can now recruit select Shanyue units in neighboring Yangzhou region
    - Hidden movement trait for Xianbei generals given +5% more movement points
    - Chengdu "historic city" building pic updated
    - Added happiness bonus to Administrative Agency buildings
    Version 2.3.002 - 26 OCTOBER 2018
    - Re-added plume to Imperial Han General Buqus
    - New battle texture/model for Han generals
    - New battle texture/model for Han captains
    - New battle texture/model for standard Han buqus
    - New battle texture/model for Southern Tribe generals
    - New texture/model for upgrade 2 of Light Han units
    - New strat model for Han generals
    - New strat model for Imperial Han generals
    - New strat model for Southern Tribes generals
    - New strat model for Southern Tribes diplomat
    - Militias replace general buqus for starting rebel garrisons
    - Horse-archer and Archer buqus given +2 to armor stat
    - Han Pikemen given armor in-line with other heavy units
    - Reduced number of units allowed per settlement type in Recruitment Limitation script
    - Slightly reduced chances of receiving variations of "Injured" trait from battle
    - Modified diplomacy to reduced possibility of AI accepting disadvantageous ceasefires and protectorates
    - Added river crossing between Puyang and Lujun
    - Dongjun renamed to Jiying
    - descr_walls and EDB re-included, just in case anyone else is having the ladder/tower issue
    Version 2.3.001 - 23 OCTOBER 2018
    - Fixed issue with 2nd tier Han Horse-archers using incorrect mesh
    - Fixed issue with Southern Tribes not having ownership of several Nanyue units
    - Cleaned up the Heishan campaign description
    - Modified notable characters for several factions on faction selection screen
    - Lady Zhurong added as an ancillary to Meng Huo
    Version 2.3.000 - 22 OCTOBER 2018
    - Includes all v2.2 Updates
    - Over 340 character portraits updated
    - New battle map for large and huge cities
    - New Unit: Volunteer Cavalry
    - All 2048*2048 textures reduced to 1024*1024, increasing performance and stability
    - Spawned characters given LoyaltyStarter trait
    - Zhang Yang buqu changed to Bingzhou Cavalry
    - Zhang Ji buqu changed to Flying Bear Cavalry
    - Nanman given new agent strat models
    - Nanman, Nanyue and Shanyue all have new merchant strat model
    - All Han factions have new diplomat model
    - All factions have new spy model
    - A dozen major cities now have unique picture for their respective "Historic City" building
    - New fort and watchtower models
    - Command, Loyalty, Dread, Subterfuge, and Authority pips updated
    - New main menu and loading screens
    - Quotes completely overhauled
    - fast pony and heavy horse re-added to units
    - Xianbei and Armored horses given more mass
    - Han Horse-archer recruitment restricted to regions north of the Yangtze river
    - Huo Jun, Yi Ji and Liu Qi now join the Liu Clan at the conclusion of the Jingbei mission
    - Liu Du, Liu Xian, Zhao Fan and Gong Zhi now join the Liu Clan at the conclusion of the Jingnan mission
    - Fixed Cataphract horse missing from several factions
    - Fixed Fortified Passes being unable to retrain or upgrade units
    - Fixed Yellow Turban Bandits not having upkeep
    - Fixed Han Horse-archers not having upkeep
    - Fixed normal map issue with fast pony and heavy horse
    - Fixed (hopefully) issue with Recruitment Limitation script not working correctly
    Versions 2.2.000 & 2.2.005 - 02 OCTOBER 2018
    - v2.1 Update included
    - Two new factions - Xianbei and Shanyue
    - Nanyang leadership changed from Zhang Xiu to Zhang Ji
    - Maps on faction selection screen removed due to M2TW bug that causes CTDs
    - Traits are now viewable when character is offered for marriage and adoption
    - Entirely new roster for Shanyue faction
    - Inclusion of Skynet AI CAI (thanks to z3n and EBII team)
    - New general, heir, and leader strat & battle models
    - New Bannerman and Officer battle models
    - New Unit: Han Horse-archers
    - Minister ancillaries now provide epithet to character holding it
    - Unique units are now retrainable one level earlier in respective building chain
    - Map changes (heights, terrain, etc.) in various locations
    - Terrain altered in Bing province, allowing settlements to connect to adjacent ones
    - Paths cleared around Fortified Passes to allow roads to connect to adjacent settlements
    - Several new building icons
    - Updated Nanman biographies, titles and portraits
    - Resources now give significanty more money to merchants
    - Unit retraining available in Fortified Passes and Strategic Towns with proper buildings
    - Unit recruitment priorities overhauled
    - Unit Sprites updated
    - Hu Ban, Yong Kai, Chen Gui and Li Yi added to Unaligned faction
    - Liu Clan given Langya, as they historically held it at our start date
    - Second Liu Clan mission reflects above change
    - Spawned characters given LoyaltyStarter trait
    - Reduced trade income (still +20% higher than v2.1)
    - Modified starting armies for several factions
    - Jingnan and Jingzhou now start at war
    - Added script to have Taishi Ci automatically join Sun Clan, if not playing as Sun Clan or Yangzhou
    - Added script to have Sun Clan engage in fighting for Jiangdong, if not playing as Sun Clan or Yangzhou
    - Added script to have Cao Clan be more active against Yanzhou, if not playing as Cao Clan or Yanzhou
    - Xianbei heavy units reskinned
    - Previous Xianbei heavy textures now serve as upgrade skin for medium units
    - Several portraits (Zang Ba, Guan Jing, Tian Yu, Shan Jing and Li Feng) updated
    - New textures for Peasant Militia and Peasant Conscripts (+upgrade)
    - Updated sprites for Peasant Militia, Peasant Conscripts, and Zhuge Crossbows
    - Peasant Conscripts now have two armor upgrade levels
    - Xianbei and Armored horses given more mass
    - Fixed error with Shanyue missile troops not being available in high level archery building in Han regions
    - Fixed texture error affecting East Wu that caused CTD
    - Fixed missing triggers for leaders of new factions (introduced in v2.1) to gain rank
    - Fixed missing texture for Zhang Liao buqu with Yanzhou
    - Fixed missing horse textures for various Steppe cavalry units
    - Fixed 0 upkeep on Yellow Turban Elite
    - Fixed incorrect animation for Warriors of the Passes
    - Fixed incorrect translucent texture for several unit banners
    - Fixed a few missing unit cards for buqus
    - Fixed minor errors in EDB and campaign_script where wrong faction was assigned
    - Fixed several building condition errors
    Version 2.1.000 - 15th AUGUST 2018
    - New Factions: Zhang Yang (Henan), Liu Chong (Chen), Yan Baihu (East Wu), Wang Lang (Yue), Han Sui (Gansu)
    - Jingnan leadership changed from Han Xuan to Zhang Xian
    - 2.0.001 Fixes included
    - Starting armies modified for several factions
    - New characters added for Unaligned factions
    - Added missing banners
    - Fixed incorrect banners
    - Updated faction maps
    - Updated numerous portraits
    - Updated traits for numerous characters
    Version 2.0.001 - 17th JULY 2018
    - Bannermen re-implemented
    - Fixed missing Pikemen for Imperial Han
    - Recolored Armored units and Officers for each faction
    - Fixed Jiaozhou displaying incorrect unit banners
    - Modied Leadership trait from Zang Ba (+), Yue Jin (+), and Guan Yu (-)
    Version 2.0.000 - 15th JULY 2018
    - Converted all file names to lower case for Mac users
    - Imperial Han now playable
    - New Provincial Governor ancillaries
    - Chinese Voices submod (dalapto) updated and implemented
    - Family trees for Liang (Li Jue), Yanzhou (Lu Bu), and Imperial Han
    - Fixed a couple strat models for Imperial Han
    - Custom strat models for Imperial Han 'heroes'
    - Custom battle model for Han Emperor
    - Added shadow to Shi Xie on faction selection screen
    - Corrected Imperial Han roster and recruitment
    - Removed or moved all characters from Han Emperor faction to Liang faction
    - Fixed issue with Nanyue Footmen not moving/attacking
    - Fixed missing Jiaozhou captain portrait (flag)
    - Corrected color on various banners and captain portraits
    - Fixed several building gaps in EDB
    - Updated various character traits
    - Updated Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun portraits
    - Moved Zhou Yu so he is off water
    - New portraits for several characters
    - Moling renamed to Jianye when conquered by Sun Clan
    - Fixed missing text for 'Select Heir'
    - Updated rebel captain 'portraits' and 'cards'
    - Updated numerous unit info pics
    - Updated numerous unit cards
    - Updated and fixed numerous models and textures
    - Fixed stratpage_04
    - Fixed missing EMT entries for Jiaozhou
    - Fixed Rebel/Jiaozhou related crash
    - Updated several unit pics on faction selection screen
    - Zhuge Crossbowmen now have semi-continuous shot, with reduced damage
    - Various text corrections
    - A few new event pics
    Version 1.6.000 - 20th JUNE 2018
    - New faction: Shi Xie (Jiaozhou)
    - Two new settlements and regions (Nanhai & Yulin)
    - New UI
    - Stack Spam script
    - Various map edits
    - New faction roster for Jiaozhou
    - Modification of existing Han Chinese roster
    - Expansion of Nanman roster
    - Improved, cleaned up, or tossed bad textures from previous versions
    - Tons of text edits and changes
    - Overhaul of unit stats
    - Additional unique units
    - New marching animation for halberdiers
    - Update of numerous unit info pics
    - Update of numerous unit cards
    - Various minor tweaks in nearly ever aspect of the mod

    Version 1.5.005 - 21ST MAY 2018
    - UI Updates
    - Fixed error in Sun Clan script
    - Added buildings for fortified gates and strategic towns
    - Updates to Acumen trait for numerous characters
    Version 1.5.000 - 13TH MAY 2018
    - Mission system for Sun Clan
    - Added Armored-tier units
    - Re-add Pike units
    - Removal of regional recruitment for standard units
    - Reworked recruitment priority for units
    - Tweaked att & def stats for a few units
    - Added 'armor piercing' attribute (and restricted use) for all crossbow units
    - Added 'area' attribute (and restricted use) for all bow units
    - Reworked nearly all unit info pics
    - Some minor descr_strat changes
    - Reworked settlement names (ie: Luo Yang to Luoyang)
    - Reduced movement penalties for winter and lack of supplies
    - Reworked several traits and triggers for generals
    - Reworked triggers for agent traits
    - Added traits for Spies
    - Rewrote numerous trait text files to make them more coherent
    - Cleaned up some grammar and spelling mistakes in various text files
    Version 1.4.005 - 20TH JUNE 2015
    - Combined all previous patches and fixes
    - Fixed problem with loading screen crashes
    - Fixed problem with fulfilling the mission conditions for the Cao Cao faction
    - Made script commands label dependent instead of common name
    - Small map adjustment to remove invalid battle fields
    Version 1.3.011 - 22ND OCTOBER 2014
    - removed odd climate instances
    - Changed Meng Huo and Wutugu buqus to elephants
    - Modified Mulu Dawang buqu stats
    - Repositioned Kong Qiu on strat map
    - Fixed Taishi Ci buqu UI pic
    - Fixed "missing" general in Elephant buqus
    - Starting Sun Clan generals modified due to new mission script
    - Added Cao Cao missions
    - Adjusted autoresolve
    - Minor correction in descr_sm_factions
    - Disabled siege buildings in EDB (files omitted in previous version)
    Version 1.2.019 - 16TH SEPTEMBER 2014
    - Reworked all unit sprites
    - Nerfed success rate of assassins
    - Reworked Fealty traits in light of bribery being over-powered
    - Overhauled character Fealty traits in descr_strat
    - Reduced chance of Fealty trait gains via Personal Goal
    - Updated Mild and Severe Winter event pictures and text (thanks Voice of Treason)
    - Added trigger for Taishi Ci to receive custom strat model if he joins Sun Clan
    - Added trigger for Zhang Liao to receive custom strat model in he joins Cao Clan
    - Several Unit reskinned
    - Disabled siege buildings in EDB and adjusted related triggers
    - Added battle model entries for Cao Clan
    - Added names to Cao Clan
    - Made some population edits in descr_strat
    - Lowered low-end pop thresholds in EDSM
    - Minor edit to EDU for Cao Clan missions
    - Updated a bunch of event pictures
    - Added banner bearers
    - Fixed some minor script stuff
    - Updated map_heights (battle field improvement)
    - Fixed some missing unit textures
    Version 1.1.020 - 11TH AUGUST 2014
    - Reworked strat banner
    - Adjusted heights for battle field improvement (thanks Voice of Treason)
    - Added health bonus to high-end Acumen levels and levels 2 & 3 Threatres (Gardens)
    - Fixed threshold issues that prevented improving character traits in academies and learning centers
    - Reworked "Belief" trait conversion bonuses
    - Various text fixes
    - Reworked "owners" of major barbarian regions
    - Provided new Start up file in BAT format - some Virus programs remove the original EXE files as false\positives
    - Fixed Forager trait not limiting extreme Supply loss
    - Rebalanced Shanyue unit stats
    - Corrected ancillary triggers
    - Reduced effects of Governor influence on Order
    - Balanced effects of, and corrected text for, general "religion" traits
    - Removed a rebel army that was originally garrison in previously removed settlement
    - Updated the ZhanDou or "Disorganized" traits
    - Fixed some missing unit textures
    - Added missing unit info pics
    - Fixed elephants running amok, reduced stats to counter balance removal of that attribute
    - Disabled windowed mode
    - Added 'Recruitment Limitation' script
    Version 1.0.000 - 2ND AUGUST 2014
    - Reworked ground type textures
    - adjusted settlement population level requirements
    - Converted 'pass' settlements to wooden castle
    - Replaced vanilla large and huge city (battle buildings) with custom city
    - Added Nanman tribal migration building chain
    - Added Levied soldier recruitment between Han and Nanman territories
    - Modified Southern Tribes unit stats
    - Some UI tweaks
    - Reworked radar map
    - Decreased spawn rate for pirates and brigands
    - Fixed phantom ports
    - Corrected invalid trading resource positions
    - Fixed square projectile smoke
    - Delayed start of 'diminishing income' becoming effective
    - Changed strat AI of all factions from 'default' to 'catholic'
    - Fixed assorted strat textures not showing correctly
    - Arrow trails reworked
    - Solved the adviser not showing when the mission button is clicked
    - Solved crashes caused by missile infantry officers when entering melee
    - Unit costing revised
    - Adjusted borders in Xin Ye area
    - Menu reworked
    - Added Germanicu5's ReallyBadAI
    - Added missing text for 'Guardian Prime Minister' event
    - Added 'Geisha coming of Age' event
    - Added missing Personal Goal or Feat traits to characters in descr_strat
    - Tweaks to the Fealty Personal Goal triggers
    - Fixed distorted map display for battle editor
    - Added trait triggers for Acumen
    - Reduced fertility levels in descr_regions
    - Adjusted law and order bonuses downward
    - Crash solved for multiple reinforcement spawns (Sun Clan, Yuan Clan, Ba Shu)
    - Duplicated traits and triggers resolved
    Version 0.1.845 - 18TH MARCH 2014
    - Added report event pics
    - Faction limit for agents, assassins optional
    - All factions use English accent
    - Removed 'Pirate of the Caribbean' sound tracks
    - All custom mounts now have sound
    - Added "Better Water" and "Better Stratwater" by Occhi Di Davide
    - New shortcut icon
    - Implementation of "Byg's Supply System" by Byg
    - Overhauled 'standard' roster for all Chinese factions (Light, Heavy, and Armored tiers) *Armored units to be included in future update
    - Recolouring for Han Militia and County Spearmen
    - Overhaul to starting armies for all factions
    - Overhaul to starting characters for some factions
    - New character spawns when specific settlements are captured (Cao Clan, Sun Clan, Yuan Clan, Ba-Shu)
    - Tons of text corrections and fixes
    - Field Artillery introduced (still can not be used to destroy walls in sieges)
    - Updated Event Pics
    - Updated Building Ui and Pics
    - Barbarian unit stats slightly nerfed
    - Removal of some confusing and tedious traits for Diplomats, Assassins, and Spies
    - New Chinese Arrows
    - New standard strat and battle model for named characters
    - Recolour of Imperial Guard units
    - Reworked some rebels and mercenaries
    - New 'Governor' ancillaries for settlements
    - New 'Minister' ancillaries once faction leader gains 'Emperor' trait
    - Overhaul of ancillary effects
    - Overhaul of region names to English (commandery, county, district, etc.)
    - New settlement mechanics, lower growth and high upgrade thresholds
    - 'Gate' settlements (Si Shui Pass, Wu Pass, etc.) can no longer upgrade or construct buildings (to be further overhauled in future)
    - Rework of various character traits
    - Schools of Learning overhauled (text, upgrades, locations)
    - Hero Abilities added to several characters
    - New script relating to Yuan Shu and becoming Emperor
    - Expansion of Imperial Guardian and Emperor script
    - Mass Update of Event Pics
    - added hero abilities
    - Added Byg's supply system
    - Reworked arrow models
    - Increased arrow fade time, reworked texture
    - Enabled all factions for custom battle
    - Tweaked trade income in EDB
    - Descr_settlement_mechanics by limith
    - Added 'Yuan Shu declares himself Emperor' script
    - Added 'select heir' script by Miguel_80
    - Added 'Imperial Guardian, Emperor and Usurpation' script
    Version 0.1.714 - 28TH AUGUST 2013
    - Combined all previous patches
    - 'City History' Images Updated
    - Update of Heishan biographies
    - Fixed more coming of age stuff for historic characters
    - Adjusted pips to reflect Chinese culture
    - Update of some Heishan general traits
    - Fixed incorrect rebel placement in Yin Ping
    - Fixed Duosi Dawang using wrong buqu
    - Liang faction volunteers fixed
    - Defense stat of Guo Si buqu fixed
    - Updated a couple settlement names
    - Updated faction builder for settlements in Yizhou (Liu Clan still had many entries instead of Ba-Shu)
    - Various corrections to traits
    - Changed mission objective display from traits to work via mission scroll
    Version 0.1.623 - 16TH AUGUST 2013
    - Princess, Spy, Diplomat, and Assassin traits added
    - Marriage traits added for Princesses
    - Imperial Guardian trait modified
    - Prime Minister trait added
    - Zhang Cheng (Zhang Lu's 2nd son) coming of age fixed
    - Daughters added to various family trees
    - Name files updated
    - Solved 'ram\gate' bug
    - Disabled faulty custom wooden fort model
    - Provided custom folder needed for the use of the battle editor
    - Fixed missing weapon for Feathered Forest Guard
    - Reworked Bonuses/Penalties for "Acumen," "Benevolence," and "Fealty"
    - Traits redone for many characters
    - Small bonuses, based on region, given to standard faction troops
    - Updated Faction Selection Screen to display Important Commanders and Officials
    - EDB reworked for less 'low-tier' unit availability
    - EDB/descr_regions reworked so that Grand Palais can only be built in select locations (historic capitals)
    - EDB/descr_regions reworked so that top-tier barracks, stables, and ranges can only be built in select cities
    - Corrected core building level errors
    - Updated remaining menu panels
    - Corrected loading bar
    - New textures for diplomats and 'priests'
    - Provided custom CUF files
    Version 0.1.510 - 6TH AUGUST 2013
    - Fixed missing bio traits
    - Fixed missing bio trait triggers
    - Modified some starting armies and starting positions
    - Rebalanced starting settlement population and buildings
    - Added/Updated various custom portraits
    - Minor text corrections in various files
    - Removed battle CTD based on incorrect custom battle models
    - Basic descr_faction_standing file
    - Various text corrections
    - Mission objectives via traits - Liu Bei missions
    Version 0.1.419 - 29TH JULY 2013
    - New rosters for Di, Qiang, Wuhuan, and Xiongnu/Xianbei "barbarians" (Credit to the Marka Team for their wonderful models and textures)
    - Minor text corrections in various files
    - Nearly all strat_models updated
    - Minor text updates in VnVs and export_units
    - Fixes and updates in descr_strat
    - Added portraits and bios for new characters
    - Fixed Liang not having ownership of yijungong unit
    - Update to northern barbarian unit names
    - Change of Liu Clan unit names (in preparation of their upcoming mission scripts)
    - Update of several biographies
    - Update to several traits and their mechanics (triggers not touched)
    - New sandwatch
    - More biographies updated
    - Some event pics and building 'constructed' pics updated
    - Corrected and added settlement positions
    - Updated 'Faction banner' at selection screen
    - UI elements updated
    - Faction maps updated
    - Script for Liu Bei missions
    Version 0.1.310 - 16TH JULY 2013
    - Corrected formatting error in win_conditions
    - Grey-beard Marksmen added to Jingnan roster
    - Minor descr_strat fixes
    - Updated unit descriptions
    - Liu Clan got the proper 'scholar' icon
    - Reduced movement speed on battle field
    - Corrected skin for Yanyun Cavalry
    - Corrected re-enforcement graphic bug
    - New 'sandwatch'
    - Added custom battle locations
    Version 0.1.206 - 14TH JULY 2013
    - Unified picture size for unit cards
    - Ma Su and Ma Liang added (portraits, descr_strat, bio triggers)
    - Many biography traits fixed for typos and other grammatical errors
    - Increased ship movement points
    - Corrected selection symbol sequences
    - Reduced size of several event pictures
    Version 0.1.116 - 13TH JULY 2013
    - New Aragon Faction Icons
    - Replaced Hungary Faction Icons
    - Updated Faction Colors on Icons and Symbols
    - Updated UI - Color Changes and new Textures
    - Event pic template added to event pics
    - UI mini campaign map border
    - Liu Clan unit cards, info cards, and textures updated
    - descr_strat updated with new Liu Clan units
    - Family tree extended 4 generations for both Yuan families
    - Jia Xu and Hu Che Er battle models fixed
    - Jia Xu and Chen Deng bodyguard textures fixed
    - Removed squares after some text entries
    - Added AI files from Sanguo
    - Added missing unit cards
    - Provided missing unit textures
    - Updated unit descriptions
    Version 0.1.000 - 10TH JULY 2013
    - Public Beta released
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