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    Default Magnar Mod

    Mod Name: Magnar Mod

    Mod Platform: R2TW
    Release Status: Early Beta Released v
    Mod creator\team leaders: Magnar
    Mod team members: Roach, The Germans Are Coming, Brivme, Friidorita, Huskarlar, Mr. Crapsley, Owain, Shurplayker, Miri82, Rafkos, Psycho, finnmcule, flycaster
    Mod Description: Magnar Mod is a complete overhaul mod that aims to rework all aspects of vanilla to give the most realistic, historically accurate and depth of gameplay possible. All factions will be overhauled from scratch with entirely new rosters. Both battle mechanics and Campaign mechanics have had drastic changes with many more to come.
    Other info on mod: FIGJAM?
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s):
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