Mod Name: Silven Total Improvement Mod (STIM)

Mod Platform: Rome 2
Release Status: Released
Mod creator\team leaders: Silven
Mod team members: Silven
Mod Description: This mod completely overhauls both the battles and campaign of Total War: Rome II, without making too many radical changes that break immersion or believability. Vanilla bugs and other vanilla gameplay decisions that don't make sense are removed or improved, while adding variety and flavor and improving AI Performance. Mod design decisions generally favor realism, but realism will always come second to gameplay and balance.
Other info on mod: STIM also features an optional unit expansion mod called STEP, that is designed to expand unit rosters without bloating the number of unique units.
Forum link(s): STIM Hosted Forum on TWC
Download link(s): STIM on TWC / STIM on Steam
Permissions: Permission by request only.
Accreditation: Scripts originally developed by .Mitch. are used in this mod.