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    Default Authentic Ancient World

    Mod Name: Authentic Ancient World

    Mod Platform:Rome 2
    Release Status: Released
    Mod Foldered:No
    Mod Creator\Team Leaders: Hetairos
    Mod Team Members: ABH2, aztec, billydilly, Daruwind, Gagonious, Hetairos, Hloeric, Hunin, Inarus, Marshall of France, neusaap uit brazil, tungri_centurio, ur-Lord Tedric and more
    Mod Description: Authentic Ancient World is a new project which aims to preserve and carry forward the legacy of Roma Surrectum II. It is a total conversion modificaton focusing on the era of 217 BC.
    Other Info on Mod: The modification is open source and generally free to use. We have chosen "permission by request only" because of our third-party contributions like art and music that is copyrighted.
    Forum Link(s): Authentic Ancient World Forum | Authentic Ancient World Group
    Download Link(s): [Steam] Authentic Ancient World | [Steam] Authentic Ancient World: Sub-Modifications | [Mod DB] Authentic Ancient World
    Permissions: by request only
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