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Thread: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Suggestion Thread

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    I have some constructive suggestions regarding the mod, particularly Portugal.

    - One or two Portuguese units, I think it's the Spanish Knights, they have the Castilian flag, enemy and rival of Portugal. The same goes for the Castile faction (I think). Obviously it is unthinkable to have a flag of our enemy.

    - The term Spanish used in the designation of Portuguese units is extremely offensive. It's like using the French Knights designation in an English unit. The correct term is Iberian, and even then care is needed as Iberian is in some way related to union with Spain (in other words, annexation with Spain). If you intend to provide a unit common to the entire Iberian Peninsula, at least the term used must be Iberian. I swear I do not understand the constant and insistent perspective of foreigners in calling the Iberian Peninsula Spain. Spain is a modern nation-state, just as Portugal is. Spanish = Spain (Country, not a peninsula). It is even offensive for a people who fought successively against the Castilian invasions (Spain's predecessor).

    - Portugal should have 2 units of heavy knights, mounted and on foot, of the Military Order of Christ.
    It is a military order formed by former templars after they were extinguished and persecuted. It is not an exaggeration, I repeat and I emphasize, it is not an exaggeration to say that Portugal was the first Templar nation-state. They were present in all decisive wars for Portugal, from the Reconquista to the Portuguese Discoveries, and were extremely crucial to the success and survival of Portugal. There are still some of its castles standing. The Red Cross symbol used by soldiers, caravels and warships is of that military order. As other factions have elite units, this should also be, the Knights of Christ, mounted and on foot. These units were supposed to be available from the High Middle Ages to the Late Middle Ages, and please, they didn't wear Teutonic helmets style or another variation.
    You can see some more summarized information in a short search like Wikipedia ( )

    - The intense use of the Teutonic Knight helmet style in European characters, and in European units, is meaningless, as it is a helmet restricted to a geographical area. So many beautiful historical helmets (even if simple), would give another immersion (culturally and historically).

    - The unit Espadas de Acontinados, should have full armor protection in the leg, (like the knights) with some variations in style and design to give immersion, this from the High and Late Middle Ages. Apart from that, the rest is awesome.

    - There is another famous Portuguese military order, the Ordem de Santiago da Espada (Order of Santiago of Sword). This military Order, originally from Castile, expanded to Portugal, with the name of the Ordem de Santiago da Espada (from Castile it was just the Ordem of Santiago, in english Order of Santiago, I believe).
    Equally strong, elite, they were a precious help in the early and coming years of the Kingdom of Portugal. They fought mounted and on foot.

    Like the Order of Christ, there should be 2 units, one mounted and one on foot, and it should be an Early Middle Ages unit. And they didn't wear Teutonic helmets either

    You have some of the armor images in a short search.

    I would suggest, if possible, to do justice to the mod and Portugal in particular.

    You could use the elite units, the Spanish units designations, to make the necessary changes to both the name and the armor and stats, and added the ones I mentioned. if possible.
    Altogether it would be 4 historic elite units, two Early Middle Ages, the other 2 High/Late Middle Ages.

    I love your mod, it's spectacular and incredible. The Portuguese units are very good, especially those from the Late Middle Ages. I hope that these suggestions are taken into account, at least with regard to Portugal, which is so discredited and neglected many times.
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    The Spaniah Knights could just be Order of Santiago, which still was important for Portugal, instead of Spanish Order Knights. The Portuguese Branch of the Order of Santiago eventually became independent from the Spanish Order.

    Portuguese Excluive ones could be Order of Avis or Order of Christ.

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    Yes I agree. In order to simplify. But I preferred the 3 Military Orders, as they were all decisive, especially Avis and Christ.
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    Hi i'm new here and i didn't know that anyone speaking of it yet
    can you change the character portrait from 3d model to the 2d painting to matched the pic in politic screen?
    that woule be nice since many european wore helmet and i can't tell who is who

    and 3d model from vanilla game kinda ugly anyway

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    Hi, I just noticed that you have in game wrong Croatian flag. Now you put flag of region Dalmatia...If you want find more realistic flag then search on google Flag of Croatia,Slavonia and Dalmatia or just copy this Stari grb Hrvatske,Slavonije i Dalmacije

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    Why AI dont using any agent?
    Probably something dont work with my downloaded mod?
    I also find several bugs in game but where I can report this?
    Also I want help with information avout kingdom of Croatia and Serbia names because I saw too much wrong things.
    Btw ,why for changing religion I need 35%?
    I wanted superchallenging game with bogumili religion and tgis is almost impossible.
    But i succed ... whatever.
    Did you know when you are playing on legendary you cannot change your capital?
    And I have other things to say but I will say only if I will see something here listening me(creators of mod ofc)

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    i dont now how hard is but its very cool implementing game walk back without turning back for tactical retreat.

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