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Thread: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Suggestion Thread

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    Hello dear Team,

    I apologize if this was discussed already but i encountered a bug in the 5th crusade.
    Basically i have taken Cairo, but the quest won't succeed. The next turn i get a message about the failure of the crusade, as the time for the quest ran out.
    Other than that i havent enjoyed myself in a Total War game like this, since the golden M2TW days. It is a masterpiece!
    I wish you good health in these hard times.


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    Hello. I think the war weariness feature should be tweaked as it's a huge problem because of its unreasonable way of work: You could be at war with several factions and they always refuse to sign a peace treaty. If they are far away, why would this should affect your faction greatly? I mean, you're not actively at war with them...

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    I would like to have two things in the game

    1. Broker Peace : When you subjugate a nation it automatically does not attain peace treaty with conflicting nations. So you end up loosing both your vasal and the land
    2. Patriarchal Election : if you can device a mechanism to elect the patriarch after the Byzamtine Empire is formed

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    Only just realised the campaign had been released. That'll teach me to take my eye off things! Can I say, it is totally amazing, far better than I expected, even in alpha.

    I would like to make a suggestion. I started as France, and even though I love the concept of the no retreat challenge, I also find it a bit annoying, especially not being able to relinquish sieges. Might I suggest a third option? Perhaps being allowed to retreat, but your army takes penalties of some kind, perhaps lowering integrity, or something like that? I'm not sure if that already happens to retreating armies, but if it does, make the penalties even worse for French.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadhead View Post
    First, love love this mod!!!! Better then sliced bread. Had some thoughts as I'm trying to learn scripting in Attila, maybe ransoming lords/knights after battles? I know you already get some options of what to do with the prisoners but seems rather dry. Would be awesome if Duke of York lost his battle against you and you had the option of ransoming/killing/imprisoning him. I know most often the AI will kill their army dang near to the last man, but maybe spawn dead Lord/General if "x" situation battle outcomes happens. Another "idea" would be lines of supply, an army can't march long through unfriendly territory nor can a city supply itself surrounded by foes without a secure line of supply. I have a lot of ideas, most of them you've already tried I'm sure but I'm gonna continue using MK1212 as a base to make myself my game. By saying that, I mean I will continue to work on what I want for personal use, I will never publish/share anything I create using your assets. Again, probably the best mod I've played throughout every Total War game ever, and I've played them all and many, many mods for each game since Medieval Total War 1 way back when.
    I endorse this. The most integral part of Medieval chivalric code was ransoming the nobles and slaughtering the peasants.

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    Default Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Suggestion Thread

    Thank you for the great work done on this mod. Been playing TW since 2002. Last few years have been sad going, now thanks to this great team it's game on!. In these very hard times in the real world we now live in, this has been a great release to get away and be back to playing great TW games like in the past. Thanks again.

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