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Thread: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

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    Default [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    I started this project as just some changes for my personal play. I was hoping to make a series with this mod. But then, idea after idea came to me and i started to add them up to the point that i thought on publishing it for anyone who wants to play with it. Early Warning i didn't incorporate the 4.1 changes into this patch. I was working on it without knowing it existed, so i didn't apply them. However i incorporated the warhorses patch, being that it doesnt interfere with my existing work. I decided now to show must of the changes that i am making. Might be forgetting one or two changes, but whend i publish it i will have the full list in detail.

    I started this patch with it's main goal being to add more yellow turbans in their event and, but later the main feature became the removal of the Han alternative faction and replace it with a actual faction that existed by this time There isn't really that many options, so i tought on maybe a nomadic faction, but it would take more work to rearrange their unit roster, so whend researching for this i encountered the perfect candidate. Song Jian, was one of the three main rebel leaders of Liang Province along with Ma Teng and Han Sui, where he declared his own independent state and remained in his capital of Fuhan for 30 years, being the last rebel leader to be defeated by Xiahou Yuan's campaign against the Liang Rebels.

    With his faction, Fuhan, i don't need to make any drastic roster change, since he will use the same Yong-Liang already in use for the Han alternate faction. Only needed change the unique unit, that became a Di elite archer, since whend Xiahou Yuan came to attack him he was allied with several Di tribes and the fact that he his reported being of nomadic lineage. For his roster i had to make some creative liberbies, since there is no actual record of a official that worked for Song Jian. Dianyu was a Qiang tribal chieftain, while Wang Guo and Huang Yan were officials that revolted in the Liang province rebellion. No other mentions are reported from these, while Song Yang was a general that has almost no description, but whend researching characters of this period, saw one called Song Yang that died in 215, was from Longxi or Fuhan, and supported Han Sui against Xiahou Yuan, so this was a perfect opportunitty to make him somewhat related with Song Jian. I made him a cousin.

    So here you have it, i'll put a list below of other changes i made (dont want to make this post to long).
    I've been using my free time for this patch and didn't attend to my youtube channel, so i'll take a short break
    from the patch to make some videos, then i'll return to it and finish it for good.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    List of Changes

    - Seether's Warhorse patch added
    - Han alternate campaign removed for a new faction, Fuhan
    - Yiping and Nanan given to Fuhan
    - Nanan renamed to Didao & Yiping's city name changed to Fuhan
    - New region in northwestern china, Zhangye
    - 100+ new quotes
    - Several faction names changed and general designations
    - Increased building cost and time making
    - New historical alliances and enemies
    - Yangzhou faction receives Danyang
    - New general for Yangzhou faction, Xu Shao
    - Increased Yellow Turban attacks
    - New ports models from Asia Empires
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    Default Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    Congrats on getting this out soon! Glad to have been able to help out.
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    Default Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    I have encountered an issue with my patch that makes it unplayable.
    And it is random, whend a faction crashes and clicking on it or the ui becomes vanilla med 2.
    I suspect that i might have forgotten something on the portraits department, since whend click in a portrait, many times it crashes.
    Or maybe i am adding to many things and the mod is not handling it.
    I decided to retake my stepts and will first add the main changes, then save that since i know they work, and slowly see where it starts to fall apart.
    If the other minor changes can not be done, i'll stick with the main changes only and not complicate.
    One of the main changes that i wanted to show is adding Danyang to the Yangzhou faction, with that new blue dressed official being Xu Shao.

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    Default Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    Portraits, like the small unit and building pics, need to be of the same size.

    There is also the possibility that you may have taken them from a PNG pic and kept the indexing mode. In GIMP to check the mode you go into 'image\mode' and make sure 'RGB' is selected. The other two modes (greyscale and indexed) will result in a crash. The same is true for any other TGA pic the mod uses.

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    Default Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    this unofficial patch looks great, but is playable?

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    Default Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    Am excited for this to be released!

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    Default Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unofficial Patch (COMING SOON)

    I'll be taking a time in this, since Seether has made an amazing new patch and i need to make a submod with those changes.

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