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    Default [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - Official Mod Preview

    Gig Studios is proud to present a preview for the official release of Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.0, a total conversion for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms. The setting of Rise of Three Kingdoms focuses on the 100-year long civil war in China, during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, following the fall of the Han dynasty. Boasting a unique map, factions, buildings, units, events, trait system, enhanced scripting, and historical characters with extensive biographies, it offers a unique and immersive playing experience in the momentous battle to unite a divided China.

    Here is a brief promotional video of the mod created by Fahnat. So please, sit back and enjoy!

    For those who don't know much about the start of the Three Kingdoms period, here is a 3 minute gif that explains the events and people that lead up to the setting of this mod.

    Below you can find some screenshots of both the campaign map and a couple of military units on the battlefield, offering just a tiny glimpse of the many things to expect in the official v3.0 release.

    Download available now

    Download available now

    Credits for original Work
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Team Leader:老新

    Team planning and co-ordinator:wmh1980



    Text and informations:老新

    Units and Textures modder:lanson、水岸 and so on


    Units and Textures artist:cinyokun

    2D art:九道、老新、ldwcool、专诸

    Music and dub:freefen

    Computer Graphics:昔暮、xszyjzh、h1w1、staryun1335、静竹屋



    Pact:【柱子工作室】(Pillar Mod Team)

    Special thanks to:

    Dub:王涛(A Famous TV Presenter of CCTV sport programe)

    达里赫尔、月夜无痕(深蓝dubbing Union)

    紫郢、大地绝响(怀旧dubbing Union)

    九霄大帝(Sichuan Conservatory of Music)

    六翼守望(火凤燎原dubbing Union)

    Thanks to everybody who made outstanding contributions to version(1.0—1.8A):
    水岸(founder of the model of Zhanguo andf Sanguo Mod)、阿奇(Texture and Buildings)、射手龙(Buildings)、BON、GM、1974、 sephodwyrm(CPL)、认得你、use、九保、findmyself、winner7788、妖王哥哥、 花海、automan、Zboot、 From Hell、D-boy、北王、穆先生、锋·刃、几度夕阳 红、彼彼、蚊子、一声叹息、卧室大地瓜、wwwfman、枫叶、liu1412 、猪油貳爷 、暴力爆栗、eisenhower and many other comrades
    And 德拉克拉、宇文寒、飞舞的黄油、老猪(天蓬元帅)...Which made foundatiuon of Pillar Mod Team

    Credits for current Work

    Mod Development Leaders
    Gigantus - Mod Leader
    Seether - Lead Designer

    Strat Models
    riczu74 - siege, blockade and trade wagons models

    Gigantus - battlemodels, map, scripts, and text files from original RTW mod
    Seether - translating 30,000+ lines of text from Chinese to English

    Gigantus - campaign scripting
    GrnEyedDvl - multiple turns per year
    Miguel_80 - Selecting the next heir
    UserPro - Hide UI
    Byg - Byg's Supply System
    Germanicu5 - ReallyBadAI

    Battle Models
    All the kind souls helping a noob, like here, here and here

    3D, skinning and related

    Other Text Stuff
    Seether - family trees, translation, unit balancing, scripting, tons of coding, pretty much everything text related
    Fahnat - Three Kingdoms quotes

    Pretty Things
    y2day - 2D Art
    cedric37 - 2D Art, UI, Unit Cards
    Fahnat - Loading screens, Unit Cards, Video media
    The Blade That Was Broken - unit models and skins during mod's early days
    Occhi Di Davide - Better Water 2, Better Stratwater 1.1

    Special Thanks
    Backbone Studios - Chinese battle settlements
    Marka Team for their wonderful models and textures
    Genghis Khan: Total War team for their Korean strat models
    Asia Empires team for some of their Korean units
    风云南北朝 Mod Team - Various models and textures
    战国春秋全面战争 Mod Team - Various models, textures, and pike animations
    paleologos - for help with, and creating, some beautiful normal maps
    makanyane - for good advice and the Ambient building reduction mod
    Hereje - for his High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0
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