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Thread: wheres the application to play the mod?

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    Default wheres the application to play the mod?

    i just installed the mod CAE and theres no application for it for me to play it?what do i do i have no idea how to play this mod and another mod called Expanded Americas3.3 because of them dont give me the appliction to play itbut i can play the third age and stainless steel fine but not those other 2 mods CAE and EA3.3please help me

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    Default Re: wheres the application to play the mod?

    Have you got the steam version of the mod? Then this will help:

    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor of The Great Unknown View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gigantus View Post
    Won't the auto update remove the kingdoms.exe? If it doesn't then this is a non-issue in my eyes.
    Can you confirm your method (Method 1) and try if method 2 works as well?

    Method 1 Make copy of medieval2.exe
    Rename to kingdoms.exe
    Start mods through regular BAT file

    Method 2 Change BAT file: replace kingdoms.exe entry part with medieval2.exe
    Start mods through regular BAT file

    Both methods worked when i tested it with ruschi.

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