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Thread: Tale of a Young Knight (updated 09/06)

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    This is a great story! +rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by golded View Post
    This is a great story! +rep
    Thank you, golded. I am currently in the process of writing the next chapter, but also, I am focusing on revising the already published chapters, and adding some extra depth where I see it may enhance the back story, or even just general length of chapters.

    Thank you for your support!

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    Tale of a Young Knight
    The story of Sir Gilbert Reyne

    Chapter VI

    VI - New Additions

    The cottage of Hugh's cousin, Geoffrey of Arundel, deep in the forests of Southern England

    Late June, 1141

    It was sweltering summer afternoon, as Gilbert and his retinue reached the outskirts of Arundel, a small town east of Chichester, in southcentral England, near the coast. The wooded area they were in made it seem an odd location for a rural dwelling, hidden by the brush, and they had not yet discovered it, as they trudged their horses through the overgrowth that ate up what seemed an old, rarely used shortcut through the woods in the area. The road seemed to have been in decay for several centuries, with vines and roots crossing it through. They had to leave their wagon at the forest entrance, where Reynald and Rowan waited, while Hugh took point on his courser, ahead of Gilbert, who followed in suit. Neither of them had been wearing their armor, as it had been near half a year since they last did battle, at Lincoln.

    The two of them had to watch each step their horse took, to ensure they did not come to injury in this ridiculously covered roadway. Gilbert grew slightly impatient, thinking Hugh was leading him into folly.

    Hugh stopped, about fifty feet ahead of Gilbert, he turned his courser, waving Gilbert over. It seems as though something has finally come to view, and so Gilbert hastened his horse's trot, eager to get this mission over with.

    "There it is," said Hugh, looking on, pointing into the brush, off to the side of the road, almost hidden away by thick trees and shrubbery. Gilbert looked keenly, not seeing it at first, but finally, he could make out a partial cottage, off to the side of the wood.

    "Right then, let's present ourselves," said Gilbert, finally cracking a smile, after a day of heat, trek, and general boredom, as their conversations on the road had eventually grown thin. Perhaps adding some new spice to their party would shake up the monotony of their travel.

    The two of them edged closer, until the entirety of the cottage was in view, the shrubbery and trees cut back, many of the trees suspected to have been used to build this hidden cottage. None were present, a simple, seemingly three room cottage, with a covered stable to the side, horses could be heard neighing, ensuring there weren't men too far away. In their approach, they said little, instead waiting for the resident keeper to greet them from within.

    The door of the cottage opened, and a man exited, face engulfed in a thick beard that hadn't been cut in what seemed years, as he wiped his hands with a dirty rag that seemed more likely to cut with its stiffness than provide a wipe of filth from the hands. The man looked on them, squinting to collect a view of Hugh who took front point, close enough he'd hope not to threaten the man and company, but rather be identified by view.

    "Hugh. Is that you?" asked the man, inquiringly, as he put the crusty rag on a side table by the door, descending down the steps from the porch of the cottage, closing into him. Hugh dismounted.

    "A long time has passed, Theo. Where's my nutty cousin?" replied Hugh, walking closer, as the two eventually embraced each other in a hug, with a thick-bodied, barrel-chested Theo smacking Hugh on the back, as he pulled him closer to the cottage, seemingly ignoring young Gilbert, still mounted upon his white courser. Gilbert reined his horse closer to the cottage, so as to keep within earshot and significance.

    Theo turned around, stopping. "He's inside. Who's the boy?" he asked, wincing at this fancily-dressed lad, no facial hair, not even fuzz present on his bare, baby face, as Gilbert seemingly proud, pushed his chest as far out as he could, only dressed in fancy linens, his boots scarcely having seen much march, as they were near perfectly kept.

    "That's Sir Gilbert Reyne, the Kingcaptor," replied a second man, having exited the cottage, this one with long blond hair, much to the same color and length as Gilbert's, his eyes a deep blue, he was shirtless, with beaten and patched pants all that was worn, he was barefoot, as he took a last bite of a rabbit leg, tossing it off the porch, and licking his fingers, as a smoke gray Levrier exited the cottage, down the steps, to retrieve the bone, darting near as fast as it took for the bone to hit he ground.

    "Geoffrey," said Hugh, acknowledging his presence with a headnod.

    "Cousin," replied Geoffrey, keeping his eyes on Gilbert, disapproving of the boy who sat the saddle, despite his widespread renown for gallantry in battle, what would seem to override the fact that he was still a boy, just past his middle teen years.

    "A nice little set up you have here, Geoff," said Hugh, trying to break the tension.

    Geoffrey nodded, observing Gilbert. "We're contented," he replied, whistling to the dog who tore bits of meet still left on the rabbit leg, laying comfortably on the ground in front of him. The dog darted up, picked the bone up, and proceeded onto the porch, and inside the cottage.

    "That's a nice dog you got there. Levrier?" asked Gilbert, attempting to put the tension aside and befriend these two new men, one cousin to Hugh, and the other a family friend of theirs.

    "Yes. Greyhound, so their also referred to," interjected Theo, realizing his friend would not reply to the boy, his discontentment felt by all of them.

    "Does he have a name?"

    "Yes," replied Geoffrey, turning to enter the cottage, the rest of them following.

    Inside, it was warm, a hearth kept burning, throughout the day, fed constantly with new logs, as if it provided a enjoyable activity, of which the surrounding area was in abundance. Drink sat scattered among the table, a half loaf of bread and some cheese, slightly revealed, but below a rag covering. A single candle was alight in the centre of a withered table. Gilbert looked around, still standing at the door, as Geoffrey seated himself at the end facing the door, with Hugh and Theo sitting opposite sides of the table, Hugh wasting little time comforting himself with the bread and cheese present, also pouring himself a glass of drink. Geoffrey kept his eyes fixated on Gilbert, as Theo leaned over to play with their Levrier. Gilbert looked up to the rafters, and around, as animal pelts adorned the walls, there was certainly a comforting feeling inside the small cottage, one that he was accustomed to in larger scale, when he resided in Marseilles.

    "Not to your liking, Sir Gilbert?" asked Geoffrey, snidely.

    "Very warm, actually. Much to what I endured during my time in France."

    "France? A boy your age certainly has seen some travel. Where in France?"

    "Marseilles. Though, I was originally from Normandy, outside of Rouen," replied Gilbert, seating himself at the table, across from Geoffrey.

    "They say Paris is the city of love, but Marseilles, that is the city of lust," smiled Geoffrey, Gilbert was unsure of how to take it.

    "How did you find yourself caught up in this mess?" asked Theo.

    "I heard of the troubles here from in Marseilles. I was studying under a French knight there, not as a squire, but the same sort of deal. My parents are both originally from here. I had never been here, save this my first time," replied Gilbert, sliding his hand over to retrieve a haunch of rabbit.

    "Please, help yourself to some of our meat," said Geoffrey, boldly pointing out that Gilbert had not been offered anything but still took the liberty to help himself.

    "I'm alright," replied Gilbert, taking the hint, and withdrawing his hand, then wiping both on his legs, his hands sweating, as his nervousness was being gauged by this man. Theo poured Gilbert a drink, and Gilbert thanked him with a nod. "I'll just take a drink. I do not believe we will remain long."

    "My cousin has sent word in advance, informing us that you might wish to bring us into your retinue?""Yes," replied Gilbert, clearing his throat. "We are heading east to continue battle with the usurper's loyalists."

    "I find it hard to believe that a fourteen-year-old boy killed half a dozen men and captured the King of England. Doesn't seem right."

    "Well, it happened," replied Gilbert, his patience quickly drawing to a decisive end.

    "Snappy. I like that," replied Geoffrey, with mockery rife in his tone, looking at Theo, as if without words asking his friend's opinion.

    "I'm in," said Theo, looking up to Hugh, who continued to engorge himself happily.

    Gilbert nodded, looking to Geoffrey. Geoffrey downed his entire cup of drink at once, slamming it on the table. "Alright."

    Hugh reached over, patting his cousin heavily on the arm, laughing, as food spewed from his mouth in all directions.

    Gilbert couldn't help but smile, feeling his fellowship growing slowly but steadily. But, even still, he wasn't quite sure what to make of this new companion, Geoffrey...
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    Default Re: Tale of a Young Knight (updated 09/06)

    Very very very good.

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    Thanks, GB! I will try to update this soon. I'm way overdue!

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    To be continued...

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    Glad to see that you're back.
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