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Thread: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

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    Default The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Vanilla NTW

    Prussian Campaign

    Full campaign mode- conquer all of Europe before December 1713

    Medium/Medium Difficulty- While I could probably go for a harder battle difficulty, the campaign itself I like so far at medium difficulty and I am still learning the tricks of the trade of naval combat.

    This will be my first-ever game-story. While I am still trying out which format I want this to be in, I will say I will probably gloss over most of the political machinations in what will, we all hope, become the Prussian Empire. To give a fair warning, I may change tenses as to who is talking, but ill do my best to iron out the kinks before they are posted to the forums here.
    I will not go turn by turn action. Thatís a nice way to write these but I am not that organized and I have already played a number of turns, and the first major Prussian military action has already happened. Hopefully it will soon become a minor action, but at the moment Prussia is so small it could be easily crushed.
    I have played almost all of the Vanilla campaigns through to the end, though most of those were the historical version and so much, much shorter. I have just finished a full Austrian campaign on these same difficulty settings and won in the middle of 1712.

    I chose to play the Prussians next for a number of reasons. My first reason is the nature of the different factions. I like playing as Britain, but they are quite isolated though their navy is outstanding. France is an excellent choice, but they can quickly consolidate a defensive position that is quite impenetrable, in addition to having a crappy navy in the beginning, they do have access to both the Channel and the Mediterranean, giving them many different trading options. As such, I have deemed these both too easy for the moment. I have just finished doing Austria on this same difficulty and I would prefer not to do them again for awhile, as this last game seemed to drag a little bit at times.

    Russia is the last playable faction in the vanilla version besides Prussia. While Russia does seem to have a lot of territory and a wide border, they have an extremely defensible position and it is easy to crush the enemy factions through sheer numbers and their unique ability to withstand areas of attrition (my favorite ability, as any other faction I hate areas of attrition). Prussia, next to Austria, has the least defensible position. In addition, Prussia has a few unique disadvantages: It is surrounded on 2 sides by firm allies of each other (Austria and Russia- and Austrians hate PrussiansÖ) which are, and can become, exceedingly powerful in a short time; when it is not surrounded by Ďalliesí (I use that term loosely) it shares a border with France (very hostile to Prussia) and many other small city-states. The fourth border, luckily enough, is the sea. Nonetheless, being surrounded on 3 sides by powerful enemies and fractured city-states is a challenge.

    I plan to finish this, and have regular updates- one a week covering whatís happened in game. If I didnít play NTW that week, I will possibly post something more theoretical, such as spy work.

    Unfortunately I will most likely not have any pictures. I am not very technical in that area and I donít normally have a whole lot of spare timeÖ I donít even know how to take a screenshot on a PC. I know that it would be a lot better if I could at least have some maps of Europe to help yall with the big picture, and perhaps ill try that. Until then you might want to refer to google images with their NTW map of Europe.

    Feedback is of course welcome, in addition to advice and your own thoughts on what is happening. My last Prussian campaign was pretty rough towards the end, as it was only the historical campaign and I was quite neutral for many years, but then both the French and Austrian coalitions declared war on me, within the same turn. It was NOT good.

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Part 1- the year 1705

    Chapter 1, Section 1

    Prussia, nestled nicely in the middle of Europe with the sea to her back and the wolves around her front. A disunited, fractured Germany separating Prussia from the vast majority of France. Nothing but the city-state of Saxony to separate Prussia from the Austrian nation to the south. And literally nothing to separate Prussia from Russia except a nicely kept freezing cold border, that the Russian Army seemed impervious to.

    The cold that is, the cold that could separate a man from life quicker than a man could set up a small tent- the scientists called it ‘winter attrition’. Whatever it was called, it was dangerous. And though the rest of Europe could probably be easily taken in the winter months as well as the lovely summer months, Russia especially would have to be fought only during the spring, summer, and fall- if war ever came with Russia during winter it would be living hell for the troops on border duty.

    Underdeveloped farms, mines, nonexistent roads, poor factories, barracks, cannon foundries, a crappy economic system… what had my forefathers done to Prussia?! In addition to all this, one entire Prussian territory was separated from Prussia by nothing less than the French territory of Hanover. The French… they had to pay for their earlier transgressions. Napoleon is a smart, irritating, and powerful general… I will have to watch for him carefully… Frederick the Great wouldn’t have been defeated by France, and neither will I! Prussia will not become a pathetic city-state unlike Saxony, Mecklenburg, and all those other pathetic excuses for German “nations”!

    And the Austrians, always happy to meddle in German affairs! At least Prussia had been able to keep their dignity intact- mostly- by keeping the territory of Silesia. The Austrians would eventually have to be dealt with, in addition to their Russian and Britain allies.

    Britain, being a problem? HA! They were a nation worth laughing at. Completely separated from the mainland, their only danger was their powerful navy and that new fellow… Ah yes, Admiral Nelson. Now that was an Admiral to be admired! Shame he served Britain, but he seemed an honorable foe, though he had those powerful first-rate ships-of-the-line to work with, which obviously contributed greatly to his success…

    The Ottoman Empire is not a threat, and they are doing me such a favor helping to keep the Austrians busy. Sweden and Denmark are nice enough nations, but I doubt I will have to worry too much about them.

    *Knock knock*

    “Yes? What is it?”

    “Your Majesty, the Generals have formed a council, as you have requested.”

    “Oh good, tell them I will be there shortly!”

    “Yes your Majesty.”

    Prussia will once again become great, will once again become feared in the line of battle! And who knows? Perhaps under me the Kingdom of Prussia may actually get a decent navy AND a trading fleet!

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1, Section 2

    “Welcome, your Majesty! We are ready to begin our discussion. What did you want to discuss?”

    “Thank you Blucher, I have called all of you here today for possibly the most important meeting for the next decade. I take it you all read the packages you were sent in full and did not share them with your staffs?”

    “Yes, we kept everything Top Secret, just as you wished. I for one believe the Prince was rather confused on what you wished him to be doing as a general. You do realize it is rather abnormal to send your only heir into battle?”

    “… In order to understand the way of Prussia adequately enough, you must become a general. I thought you already understood this? You need to understand pressure, strategy, suffering, supplies, and how to function in front of a host of problems- this is why Prussia needs capable generals. Men who are soft-hearted enough to keep their men in peak condition, but hard-hearted enough to maintain discipline in the line of battle! And, it may be hoped, on the seas as well as on land.”

    “Yes, I understand that father, but still, what if I am killed? What would you do then? It is not that I necessarily fear bullets or cannon balls, but still…”

    “If you are killed you will be celebrated as a hero, and you will of course be mourned. That said, I did not have you studying under Blucher for the last five years just so you could waste all your talent sitting around Berlin doing nothing! Blucher has given me extensive reports over your talents and skills. He is not one to brag, and indeed you are perhaps one of Prussia’s best generals. Gentlemen, have we all agreed on Plan A Stage 1? And what of our spy? Also in these meetings you may refrain from calling me ‘your majesty’ all the time, it may exhaust you and that is the last thing I want.”

    “Yes, y… Ahem. I believe we like Plan A the best. Our spy has successfully infiltrated our target and given us these extensive reports on everything from the state of the garrison and city to a rough guess as to what they are recruiting next. That said, the guess is exact enough that we can formulate what troop types they are recruiting.”

    “Very good. I may not especially like spies, but by golly they sure are useful. Please send my congratulations to our spy. So what troop types? And what’s their current garrison?”

    “They have a mediocre general supported by 2 cavalry squadrons, 2 horse-artillery batteries of 6lbers, 2 militia regiments, and 5 line regiments. All are at peak capacity, though they have little experience. The populace supports the garrison very thoroughly, and will if attacked form 8 regiments of irregulars to assist their regular army. At the moment they are recruiting 7 units of infantry and 1 squadron of cavalry, though these units are not completed yet they could pose a far more serious threat if we do not act quickly.”

    “’if we do not act quickly’… Wasn’t that said first by a Frenchman? I don’t know if I approve general…”

    “My apologies sir, but it did seem to convey the urgency best required.”

    “Very well, you may, unfortunately, continue to use it. Perhaps we will yell it at the French during our next war with them… That’s an intriguing idea, I rather like it. Alright lets set Plan A Stage 1 into action.”

    “Yes sir! We will do so.”

    “Wait. I want the Prince to lead this attack. He shall command the army.”

    “Sir, I don’t know if that’s wise, I mean this isn’t even a regular proper army. I think it would be best if…”

    “The Prince shall command this army. And if he fails he had better keep the remnants of his army intact… we cannot afford to lose this battle.”

    “As you wish father.”

    “But my lord… Don’t you think this is a bit hasty?”

    “Not really no. And don’t worry, you will be the next general to receive an army. Who knows? You may even get part of the Prince’s army after he wins. Be sure to allow your troops to get lots of battle experience son, our army is woefully under-experienced.”

    “Yes sir. I shall not fail you.”

    “Good. This meeting is now over. I will see you in… how about 2 weeks?”

    “Sounds good your Majesty.”

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 3

    The Battle of Oldenburg

    I will not fail my father. And I will not fail Prussia. Father is allowing me to do this. I thought he would have me kept from battle at least… but no. Ah well, that’s okay. Father was right, I DO like battle. At least father is helping the country to grow strong through trade and building many improvements in our cities and territories. Heck some of our farms even look impressive now. Our army is terrible. My army is made up of the best units that could be gathered in the shortest amount of time…

    I have under my personal command 4 units of Hussars, a very nice light cavalry. In addition, I have 2 6lber horse artillery batteries and 1 pathetic 6lber foot artillery battery. For my infantry I have 2 elite skirmisher units with absolutely zero experience, but their skills even without experience I must say are exceptional. I also have 4 regiments of light infantry… which could make things interesting, as I have never dealt with more than 2 or 3 light infantry regiments. I have 2 grenadier regiments, which are pretty efficient, though they also lack experience in battle. To round out my infantry I have 4 line infantry regiments. In total I have about 1,450 men under my command. I just hope I can pull it off and the enemy hasn’t produced more hardy units than the ones in our last spy report…

    What a beautiful day for a battle. This should be nice. Upon my first look at the town, there’s a lot of hills and a nice ridge very close to my army. The enemy has taken cover behind the city, giving me that nice ridge that overlooks most of the city. Unfortunately there’s also a wooded hill with a lot of weird buildings including a mansion on its left flank, which will be a problem if the enemy ever goes inside it.

    I have decided my line of battle. My horse artillery shall take up the left flank of the wooded hill and keep the enemy right flank busy by pounding them relentlessly. I shall have 1 line infantry regiment and 1 of my skirmisher units on their left flank with 2 hussar squadrons to look out for them, though the second squadron will help to look after the two light infantry regiments that are directly to the right of my horse artillery. These light infantry regiments shall also be protected by an entire regiment of grenadiers which will be hiding in the forest directly behind them.

    In my center, which is to the right of my 2 light infantry regiments, I will post my foot artillery… provided they get there fast enough to be deemed useful. They should, but I don’t know… On their right flank will be 2 line infantry units, with a grenadier regiment hiding directly behind the artillery. In case the enemy tries a melee assault, I want to be ready. On my right flank I will have my other 2 light infantry regiments interspersed with the remaining line infantry with my remaining skirmisher unit on my far right flank. I will also post my remaining 2 squadrons of hussars directly behind the line infantry and skirmishers.

    So, we will see how it goes. I hope it goes well. The enemy has their artillery on either flank with their cavalry guarding those pieces, their armed citizenry is on only their right flank, with their remaining infantry in their center and on their left flank. Their general is in the center of their line, just behind a line infantry regiment. I hope their artillery isn’t very effective… they do after all outnumber me by having a little over 1,800 men.

    -10 minutes later-

    “General, they are moving all their infantry into the town! We might be overrun on the ridge!!!! They are only sending 4 regiments of armed citizenry and 1 line regiment against our left flank, and still its more against our artillery and light infantry… what should we doooooooo?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?”

    “Calm yourself Jorge, I probably should have forseen this anyway. Oh wait, I did. Remember how cannons can fire both round shot AND canister, and how light infantry have a wonderful range of 125 feet? Anyway, what happening on the ridge? You didn’t tell me anything…”

    “Yes sir! Ummm… Well they also sent a squad of cavalry, but they got annihilated pretty quickly against our artillery and infantry fire. The infantry is just arriving now to our positions, and it looks like they plan on coming in waves of 2 or 3 units each time against our left flank. Our foot artillery managed to get to their positions and unlimber just in time to begin unloading roundshot into the main enemy infantry body forming up against the ridge. Which has kept them at bay until now… The enemy are getting onto the ridge and firing at our lines from a mere 10-20 feet away. They have the superiority in numbers in the center of the ridge!!”

    “I am sure that our artillery and light infantry on our left flank can take care of the units sent against them… Bring over a squadron of hussars to the center of the ridge from the left flank, do the same with the right flank, and have the other squadrons on standby please. Get the grenadier regiment behind the light infantry to move closer to the foot artillery… which I presume has begun firing canister…?”

    “Yes sir they have, once the enemy got less concentrated in column and formed lines. Sending off the orders now…”

    -2 minutes later-


    “Oh for crying out loud what is it now?”

    “THE ENEMY LAUNCHED A MELEE ATTACK ON OUR CENTER AND RIGHT FLANK!!!!!!! Though for some reason they are leaving the artillery battery alone at the moment…”

    “Well then what are you waiting for?! Get those 2 squadrons into the thickest of the fighting and get a grenadier regiment in there, move in the second right behind, but don’t engage the enemy yet! Move all other infantry regiments into the melee fray ASAP!!! MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!! I AM NOT ABOUT TO LOSE THIS BATTLE BECAUSE SOME PRUSSIANS COULDN’T STAND A LITTLE MELEE!!!”

    -3 minutes later-


    “That is SUCH BULL!!! Get the second grenadier regiment in there to mop up! And throw the standby on the right into the fray where the enemy is thickest! Send our squad on the left to eliminate the enemy artillery and their general!”

    “Yes sir! Wait what about the left flank? Theres some shaken enemy infantry in between, and some of them can still form square sir!”

    “Hmmm… Send in the two light infantry regiments to help break the enemy infantry, but get those cavalry to kill off those enemy batteries NOW!!!!”

    “Sir yes sir!”

    -15 minutes later-

    “General, good news! The enemy on the ridge is being pushed back! None of our units are in danger anymore on the center and right flank! The cavalry/light infantry you sent did their job and managed to eliminate not just both enemy artillery batteries but also their last cavalry squadron, the last of the enemy infantry, AND their general! We have WON!”

    “Excellent! Bring me the casualty list, and then I will go see the wounded. Don’t forget to keep public order, I will not have my army running around willy-nilly!”

    “Yes general! I almost forgot to give you the list! Here it is!”

    “Very well, you are dismissed. I will see you in 2 hours.”

    Well, it could have been a lot better. I should have moved the grenadiers into melee sooner… 182 dead, 300 wounded- though all the wounded will be healed up pretty quick, it would be a nasty business... What the heck?!


    “Yes, general? *Gulp* What’s wrong?”

    “Can you explain THIS?!”

    “Well that is the experience chart sir.”

    “I know WHAT it is, I am asking what THAT is!!!”

    “Well, apparently the light infantry killed so many enemies that they can now be considered elite sir. Though only two of the regiments have reached that status, it is quite an accomplishment. And some of the cavalry and all the artillery gained experience as well, though only 1 regular infantry regiment gained experience.”

    “Well you could just knock me over with a feather. Normally line infantry get the most experience, after the cavalry or artillery. Light infantry never get much. Well at least father will be pleased. I hope that this means that I get to keep the promoted units. Alright, thank you Jorge. See you later!”

    “See you later too sir. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself a little and then rest- it was quite exhausting for the troops as well as yourself.”

    Well this puts me in line for keeping my army, that’s for sure. But we need to work on keeping tabs on things that go on in battle… Perhaps we should look into using flagstaffs as some sort of communicational device…

    Oh boy, this will go over well with father for sure! And I didn’t even get shot at! Of course a big hill sure helps…

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    Chapter 1, Section 4

    “Congratulations my Prince!”

    “Hear ye, hear ye!”

    “A worthy heir to the throne of Prussia!”

    “A mighty general!”

    “An excellent commander!”

    “Thank you all, I really appreciate it. Where is father?”

    “Behind you! Good job son! You just keep that up and you may even give Blucher a run for his money! Ha!”

    “Hmmm… Yes I suppose. Well once I get my own army perhaps we will have a competition of sorts my young Prince?”

    “Well it was mostly due to you anyway, you taught me so well. I would be honored to have a competition with you!”

    “Very fitting gentlemen. Now lets discuss our next move from here…”

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Well that's it so far. Possibly might have another update in a few days. Remember, feedback is always welcome!

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Taking a screenshot isn't some all time-consuming rocket science, here's a link to a program that just requires you to click a button... (

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    A great start! I like the light, humorous tone. You have made it easy to tell when the King is speaking (with his own style of speech, including the occasional use of Ha!). I like the way that you show both the perspectives of the King and the Prince. You do a good job of conveying the battle and the general's feelings without using images.

    If you would like to use screenshots, here's what I do: I use Fraps (which is available free online) to take pictures; I crop them and save them in jpeg format using Paint and make them available here using links provided by If you do use screenshots, then you might want to look on the Napoleon Mods Forum threads for mods which might help, such as this one or mods which improve textures (e.g. Pdguru's Briney Ships Mod). Having said that, I don't think that a good AAR has to have pictures; as I see it, it's up to the writer.

    You mentioned that this is your first AAR; if you haven't already found it, I recommend the Critic's Quill, as its reviews can help writers to get an idea of what people tend to think makes a good AAR and its articles can be a rich source of ideas and inspiration. If you would like to expand your readership, you might want to enter the MAARC and/or post a message about your AAR on the Advertising Board.
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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    @Benevlan: I know it isn't rocket science. Thank you for your suggestion and I will look into this.

    @Alwyn: Thank you. I am glad you can keep track of who is speaking. I was beginning to wonder if I should make it more script-based. For now I will keep it as is, thanks. I will have to look into your suggestions- I was especially unaware of the Critic's Quill. It should be interesting browsing that section of the forums in particular.

    And so to continue the tale.

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 5

    Where had it all gone wrong? Oldenburg was such a nice, beautiful place to live. A place where nothing catastrophic EVER happened, a quiet place with no wars to speak of for the last 30 years. Why had Prussia done something so catastrophic as to affect such a wonderful, peaceful existence? Well no matter, they must be stopped. And stopped they would be.

    Ahem. I am beginning a diary today to celebrate my promotion as first captain of cavalry squadron 3. Just because Oldenburg hasn’t had to fight doesn’t mean we don’t need an army. AND I managed to get the highest rank possible after coming out of the barracks academy for officers- for one of the most prestigious units. Well, the third anyway, but it is no matter. This should be fun! The girls are supposed to like military uniforms it is said.

    Oh no! We have been ordered to muster! That only happens at the death of a major political figure or… no it couldn’t be. Perhaps the chief minister died of a disease. Not that that would be a good thing, but it would be better than… that other thing.

    -3 hours later-

    Diary! This very day we have received the most horrible news! The unthinkable has happened! The feared word that begins with a W has been declared! I am unsure about my own thoughts in this matter. The good news is that its only Prussia who… declared… on us. And they have only a very small detachment- reportedly less than 600 men- near us in the city of Cleves. With over 2,000 men in and around our capital they would be foolish to attack, indeed they are fools to declare war without building up their armies first. If 3rd Squadron is deployed, I just hope this war will end soon.

    It has been… received… that a good-sized Prussian force of about 1,500 men landed on our shores today- it is a good thing the general decided to not attack Cleves. Now we should be able to crush these Prussian upstarts! To think that they would dare to declare… war… on such a peaceful people as we! We must teach them a lesson- and we will. Depending on our main strike force’s positon, we may be able to bring well over 2,500 men to bear on this ‘Prussian Prince’ who attacked our brother city state of Mecklenburg- shortly before taking it. They however did not have the numbers we have. We have superiority and we SHALL be victorious!

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    Chapter 1 Section 6

    “General! The beach landings have been a complete success!”

    “Good. Move the men onto that plateau, we will camp there for the night.”

    “Are you sure general? We may be more easily-“

    “-Discovered? Yes, yes, but you see we have already been discovered. Those equestrian experts at their center have a very powerful telescope in addition to fast horses. Luckily, we also have good telescopes- or the navy does anyway.”

    “Bah, we need a REAL navy. Not just a bunch of bloody transport and trading vessels sir!”

    “Yes, the King my father is already setting plans for a nice- proper- navy to be built within the next couple years.”


    “Now now, no buts, and those plans are top secret. Everything is confidential, remember?”

    “Sir yes sir! The troops are moving out. Do you want us to establish defensive positions?”

    “Just picket lines- it pays to be thorough but we wont be here long enough to dig earthworks. Now move it soldier!”

    “Yes sir, Ill detail a few infantry squads to the task.”

    “Oh and make sure that each picket is replaced every 2 hours through the night- it does not do for anyone to be tired the day of a big battle.”

    “Aye sir.”

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    Chapter 1 Section 7

    Dear Diary, the weird excitement I feel is so… strange. But in a good way! Those Prussians are fools! By advancing to the Old Plateau, they have allowed us to bring ALL our forces to bear on their puny force! We outnumber them 2:1! … And we have even more troops on top of that! I will be posted on the right flank of our army with the rest of my squadron. Our task will be to take out any opposition- including enemy artillery. Apparently those Prussians have a great many artillery pieces compared to us. Either way, we are some of the best horsemen. It is said the Prussians have their own equestrian centers, but I am finding that difficult to believe. Our scouts have reported zero Prussian cavalry activity. Uh oh, better go get my horse! We are forming up!

    -4 hours later-

    Diary! How could things have gone so wrong?! Its not like they are more powerful than we are! We numbered so many… All our forces have been forced back to the outskirts of the capital! The Prussians must NOT get through! All our horsemen… Except me and 21 of my squadron… even our general… They are all dead. Over 100 cavalry- dead! Most of our infantry lie dead on the field. The commanders, or those who are left, have reported the rough final casualty list. Oh that’s right I didn’t tell you did I? I… I was promoted to colonel! Apparently I am the most senior officer still alive.

    Those bastard Prussians put their artillery to great and extensive use. Those cowards targeted our general and his staff- they even had to shoot through some of our infantry line! It was amazing they were even able to target that well! All but one fell, and he assumed command of one of our line infantry regiments until… until he fell.

    After targeting our general and disintegrating our command structure, those Prussians began to target our cavalry. So we obviously ordered a total frontal assault, concentrating no less than 800 men on the Prussian center. For some reason the Prussians like to keep their lines thin, so our assault on their center was only against a paltry 300 Prussians. But the Prussians brought up 3 more regiments of infantry- and their infantry was regular line infantry. Most of our infantry was just militia.

    While this was going on, the cavalry on the wings was ordered to charge the flanks of the Prussians supported by some more militia regiments. All but my squadron got decimated before they even reached the enemy lines… and we still lost a few men to artillery fire before the Prussians decided we were in range of their infantry. They didn’t even do us the justice of forming square! They just fired as one. We lost almost half our unit before I decided we needed to fall back. The militia regimental commanders actually helped me make that decision though, as they said we were the only remaining cavalry on the field belonging to Oldenburg. And they offered to cover our retreat. Their charge distracted the Prussian infantry and artillery and discouraged their cowardly cavalry from following us. In return… as far as I know none managed to make it back here.

    Due to a vicious Prussian counterattack in the center, all our units there were shattered and began to flee back here. Without the arrival of 480 new militiamen, none of our more elite line infantry would have made it back from that assault. As it is, I have less than 100 of them left under my command- and we used to have over 700 of them. Our artillery was completely overrun, the guns destroyed and all the men slaughtered by Prussian artillery fire and cowardly cavalry. If a fight could be decided by bravery those Prussian cavalry would have been annihilated at the start of this battle!

    I have just over 1,400 men to command at the perimeter to our beloved capital city now that all our survivors have come back from the disastrous battle, but the Prussians’ artillery is already beginning to fire on my lines! Luckily our forces have been supplemented by a number of armed citizenry or my lines would be crumbling even now.

    Nonetheless, I am sure I can still defeat this Prussian Army! Off I go!

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    Chapter 1 Section 8

    “Begin advancing, instruct the artillery to concentrate on that cavalry force!”

    “But sir, wouldn’t it be better to take out more men per shot by targeting their infantry?”

    “… The leader is the key. Kill him, and we shall win this within an hour. Look at those troops over there, they are exhausted and their ammo will run out soon. They are forced to launch an attack simply due to the lack of ammunition. Instruct the artillery to prepare to fire canister- and a lot of it- once the enemy begins to advance.”


    “Colonel! Lookout!” *Whizzing of a cannonball*

    “Got it! Thanks! C’mon men!”

    “Colonel, our forces have only 10 rounds of ammunition left for each unit! We HAVE to retreat!”

    “No commander we don’t! All regiments advance! And fix bayonets!”

    “What are you doing?! You’ll get us slaughtered!”

    “Your not even the commander of a militia regiment! And you never studied at the academy! Now get back to your men and lead them forward! The only way to win this is to concentrate on a full assault!”

    “I don’t… alright, yes sir. Alright men! Move out!”

    “Colonel, I don’t know about you, but are we really gonna ch-“ *THUNK*

    “Ahhhh! Help me! I cant- feel- my---- horse?”

    “Gary! Gary!”

    “Sir, he’s gone. And we need to move! NOW!”

    “Incoming Prussian miss-!” *EAHHHH*

    “C’mon men! Lets get outta here! Get behind these buildings!”


    “Whew sir, glad we managed to get out of their line of fire!”

    “Casualties, now!”

    “Sir, we are down to… well, us. We are it. Everyone else is… gone.”

    “Great. From 21 to… well 21 I guess, and now to 7. This isn’t good.”

    “Good news is that the Prussians have reverted to targeting our infantry sir. That said…”

    “… Whoa! The Prussians switched over pretty fast to canister!”

    “They must have figured out my plan of attack. I… am sorry.”

    “Don’t worry sir, there is still some hope you can pull this off. I have a plan!”

    “I see. Well lets hear it.”

    “It involves getting you out of here sir, to our distant relatives and staunch anti-Prussian support-“

    “You have got to be kidding me! You want me to FLEE?! I WILL NOT-“

    “Like hell you wont sir. You are our last chance for survival as a people. The Prussians will hunt you down if they realize you’re the colonel. Therefore, lets switch uniforms. I have enough grime on mine it looks like the poorest beggar’s scraps after today. You can disappear into the civilian population until you get to the French border, then onto Hessen. I can do a decent enough job to make sure our forces give you enough time to escape. Now lets get moving!”


    “No buts!”

    “Yeah I agree with ya mate. You gotta live sir.”

    “Aye I think you do too.”

    “And the rest of you?”

    “We agree with them. You need to live. You were actually gonna become the colonel anyway, you had more talent than the old guy- even the general said so. Now hurry before the Prussians finish off our lines!”

    “Alright I will go. Hand me your… scraps.”

    “Good luck Colonel. I wish you great future success against the Prussians! And thanks for the promotion!”

    “Thank you. Now wait, what are you going to…”




    “Hey! It’s the colonel! Charge men! For Oldenburg!”


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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 9

    I cant believe we lost. I lost. Diary, I… I don’t know what to do. None of my squadron, let alone anyone in what was for a short time- my army- managed to escape the city. Except that is, for me. I cant believe it, but I managed to reach Hessen. The French gave me no trouble, though I noticed they did send a couple men to watch me until I crossed into Hessen. I noticed the guards were very tense, its no wonder as they now have to deal with Prussia on no less than 3 sides. Luckily enough for them Prussia has not assaulted Hanover, but I am sure those schemers have plans for it as well.

    On a better note, the Hessen general has decided to put me into his personal staff as his personal ‘anti-Prussian’ advisor. I just hope that Hessen can succeed where Oldenburg didn’t. The Hessian Army is quite confident of victory if it comes to war, but I am not so certain about the surety of a Hessian victory. Hessen has far fewer troops than Oldenburg had, though most of their infantry is line infantry and they have accrued no less than 4 batteries of artillery, they have only 3 cavalry squadrons in their entire army- and did I mention diary that they have no less than 400 men of their 2,300 man army far enough away from the capitol that those troops will be unable to help if the Prussians follow their usual habit of immediate assault? It doesn’t look good, and that worries me. The Hessians believe they are safeguarding against a French or Prussian assault on their south-western border, but I believe that that is a weakness.

    At least my position as advisor has allowed me to help the Hessian army prepare for the Prussian tactics. That in itself will not be enough though. I hope that Hessen will be able to resist the inevitable Prussian attack- but I just don’t know. And no one knows about Prussia’s plans for the future, which is even worse. I can only suspect, not prove. Prussia is a dangerous nation, with powerful allies in the Austrians and the Russians- by extent that means the British are their allies as well, though apparently no one has been able to come to an agreement between the two countries. Prussia trades, however, with both sides in this major European war… It should be interesting to see how this turns out- provided I live that long. I have already seen firsthand how the Prussian artillery like to target the enemy general first… and everyone knows that a general’s staff goes where he goes.

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 10

    “HA! My son is a genius! To land one day and take a whole city the next is amazing! I would like to see anyone try to do better than that! Wow! Look at the enemy casualty report! Over 3,000 dead or captured! How many did you lose again, son?”

    “I only lost about 250 men father. It is sad to have lost so many in a single day, but technically it was two separate battles so I suppose its more acceptable.”

    “You only lost 250 men though you only had about 1,450 men to begin with? That took some skill let me tell you!”

    “Thank you General H for your kind words.”

    “Only losing 250 men while the enemy lost over 3,000 men! You are just as brilliant as Blucher and I thought you to be. You are indeed growing up. Congratulations!”

    “Yes, I thought you did well my Prince. Again though I am still waiting for an army of my own so we can have that competition I mentioned awhile ago. By the way, what is my army’s recruitment status?”

    “General, our treasury does not have an infinite supply of gold for all this warmongering! I have discussed this topic at length with the King. We have agreed that you will not receive your new army until we have a stable economic and trading base- our research facilities are working as quickly as possible but they cant invent new technology in a single week!”

    “Very well. Perhaps by the winter of this year I can have my army?”

    “Yes Blucher, I believe that would be a good time to carry out Stage 4. My son, are you ready to carry out stage 3 of our plan? Oh and Treasurer, you may go now thank you. I would advise you to keep this in the highest confidentiality. What is discussed in this room does not leave this room.”

    “Yes your majesty, I will be going. Guards, please open the doors.”

    “Eh? What? Your Majesty, do we have the all clear?”

    “Operator Agent X do you copy?” *Tap Tap tap-tap Tap*

    “Ah hello Treasurer. I was certainly surprised you were invited into the party.”

    “As was I Captain, but it worked out for the best.”

    “Alright your majesty, sealing the door again sir.”

    “Very good Captain, carry on. Now, what’s your status for stage 3 again?”

    “My army needs to replenish and refit. The earliest we could move would probably be not for a month or two- I prefer to fight with all units at peak strength. And that’s if the populace of Oldenburg can be under control by then.”

    “Ah well, very good. Keep in touch, and replenish your army. Once your ready get into position and let us know- Stage 3 must not go awry.”

    “Sir yes sir!”

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 11

    Dammit! For crying out loud those Prussian… those darned brilliant Prussian bastards! Diary, this SUCKS! I was right, the Hessians were so dead wrong it was ridiculous! The Hessians had the best terrain and they STILL got butchered!

    I must congratulate the Prussians on their diplomacy skills though- they do not break their word. They broke the trade agreement peaceably just 5 minutes before they declared war. Right after the Prussians had declared war the Hessian army mustered for battle- not a half hour later battle was joined. It was some of the fiercest fighting I have witnessed; the Hessians did not give up easily. They too tried a melee assault after their guns, cavalry, and most of the general’s staff had been taken out. I managed to convince them luckily to stick with their original plan to destroy the Prussian army under the man we now know to be the Prince of Prussia.

    After rallying the remaining 4 members of the staff I ordered a full assault. It wasn’t my idea, but its what the general wanted and the remaining 4 staff members insisted on it. The Hessian troops also tried to assault the Prussian center. Instead of victory or an instant counter-charge by the Prussians, they formed a salient around the Hessian troops trying to attack their center. Then… then they opened fire. The Prussian artillery was busy elsewhere on the flanks finishing off the protective bodies of troops to make sure the center didn’t get surrounded. My flanks held out only long enough for the Prussians to bring up reinforcements just as they had at Oldenburg- then the Prussians launched a melee counterattack by a mix of cavalry and infantry. The only good thing about the whole affair is that I managed to rout one of their infantry units- the downside is that they didn’t even begin to flee until the entire Hessian army was on the run. I managed to not get hit yet again by cannon fire and escape the city by dressing as a beggar again. The rest of the staff and army fell to the Prussians, as did the city.

    I have fled into Saxony, where I hope to find refuge and if not peace, then revenge on the Prince of Prussia and his army!

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 12

    “Well done my Prince, you have done exceedingly well.”

    “Only due to your and father’s teaching General Blucher.”

    “That may be the case, but you have caused a new chapter to be added in the Art of War. Your defense of your lines was spectacular!”

    “Yes, my son is indeed a young military genius! Congratulations my boy! Another territory to strengthen Prussia, and to further strengthen a united Germany!”

    “I hate to be the pessimist in this time of celebration, but what was that issue about an entire regiment of infantry routing?”

    “Now wait just a minute General H-“

    “No, father, its okay. Yes I did unfortunately get one of my regiments routed. But the good news is that they reported fit for duty just after I received the surrender of Hessen- they have been badly mauled but further good news is that they are now one of my most experienced units!”

    “Humph. I don’t think that should affect how you are punished.”

    “Hey, H- lay off on the Prince. We all make mistakes at one time or another! What was that training fiasco I heard about the other day? Something along the lines of the rookies not knowing which way to point their bayonets? You were responsible for teaching them the bayonet!”

    “Well now, I am perfectly sure it was all just a mistake on their part…”

    “General, I would suggest you keep your mouth shut until you fix the plank in your own eye before you call on the speck of sawdust in my son’s eye. You know just as well as the rest of us that Prussia only lost to France before due to inexperienced troops being rushed to the front lines.”

    “Yes and that reminds me your majesty, when am I going to get my new army? It has been some time and winter has already set in. We could call for reinforcements from our eastern border.”

    “No! I will not weaken our border with Russia! It is weak enough as it is! And you should be able to march before the new year, general.”

    *Knock Knock*

    ”Your majesty? I have the most urgent news! May I hand you the new reports?”

    “Yes of course Charles. … Thank you very much.”

    “Oh its no problem sir. Good luck!”

    “Well? What do they say?”

    “Be patient my son. Agent X, will you decode these?”

    “Of coursssse your majesssssty. Right away.”

    “Here you go sssssir.”

    “Thank you Agent X. Now gentlemen lets see what we have here…”

    “Uh oh, Stage 4 is in serious jeopardy.”

    “That’s terrible, we should maybe call the transports…?”

    “And leave our newly gained territories defenseless? I think not!”

    “Perhaps there is a way your majesty. I believe I have enough skill that even with a new army I should be able to succeed in this new stage.”

    “Yes I suppose you may be right… Nevertheless, this still is an uncomfortable burden on all of us. Blucher, if you fail the capitol will be open to invasion. Are you sure your willing to risk this?”

    “I am confident in my abilities sir. Also aren’t we going to complete our first drill school soon? After it is finished would be a prime time to attack due to the major experience boost. And I am sure that should I fall the Prince would be able to save the capitol in time. I am not a Prussian for nothing!”

    “Very well, but we shall take every precaution! My son, after your army has finished resupplying move here. That way you can move in quickly if Blucher cannot finish Stage 4. The capitol must not fall into enemy hands!”

    “Yes father. We shall not fail!”

    “Good. Carry on! Meeting dismissed!

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 13

    *Knock Knock*

    “Come in! Who is it? Ah! Hello my Prince. What did you want to discuss?”

    “I am… uncertain. About your part in this plan. I am not trying to doubt you, but…”

    “Relax my boy. Everything will be alright.”

    “But I haven’t even ever faced an army so large AND well-trained!”

    “Indeed you are right.”

    “AND I have the most experienced army!”

    “Yes. Your point is?”

    “Shouldn’t I be the one launching the attack?”

    “Relax my Prince. All is fair in love and war. And my men need to gain a lot of experience fast. This is the best way.”

    “I am not so sure.”

    “Remember, I am the one who taught you. And I still plan on having that competition you know. This is the best way to do it. This way we will be pretty much even- and what if I managed to lose even fewer troops than you did? Now wouldn’t THAT be something?”

    “I am not impressed. *Sigh* I just like you. At least promise me this: You will NOT take unnecessary risks and you will NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES die.”

    “Well I think I can promise you that much. I am not incompetent remember. And I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for dealing with those tricky soldiers across the border.”

    “Well good. Just take care of yourself. I don’t want to be visiting your graveside or a hospital bed.”

    “Oh you won’t! Just put a lid on it and go return to your army! I am sure they are all just dying to know what’s going to happen next!”

    “Very funny. Alright I will go. Good luck!”

    “And to you as well.”

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    Chapter 1 Section 14

    Oh boy! Diary a whole bunch of good news! I managed to get into a position on the general’s staff AND I get to guard the road from Hessen to Saxony with a whole squadron of light cavalry of my very own! Our position is close enough that the city can easily call us for aid and vice versa- and we are camping right behind the only bridge for miles! At last I am in a cavalry unit again! This is so cool!

    No Prussians have been even remotely active on our borders. And we have the best army of ANY of the German city-states! The most numerous, the best trained, and by golly the best equipped! And they have no less than 3 artillery batteries in the city! With another in a small force nearby, the Prussian army will not be able to do much more than cower and run if they attack! And Saxony has an additional advantage: they are allied with a very powerful nation, even if it is the same nation that has also allied with Prussia it is still a good thing. Austria loves the Saxons! They are an excellent buffer state AND Saxony claims a lot of territory that Prussia obviously must want. That said, they don’t seem eager to attack Saxony in the dead of winter. Peace at last…

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    Default Re: The Prussian Campaign: Victory or Death!

    I have progressed further in the game than this, but this should hold until I get some more chances to write. Please enjoy!

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