The title pretty much says it all.

I am organising a convention for my forum in Cambridge, England, on the 26th July. It's going to be a small, one hall one day event, as it's the first such thing we've done. There will be boardgame demos, RTW mod showcase, an indie game dev company turning up, etc... However, I'm finding some bits of organisation difficult and as such decided to come and pick TWC's hivebrain.

Does anyone have any advice on:
- Good ways to find/advertise to local gamers?
- Fun things one can put on easily at such an event
- Ideas for competition prizes
- Whether you'd go to Q&As with standholders at this sort of thing
- Any other do's and don'ts.

Also, if you're in the East of England or London, do feel free to appear, entry is free and it would be lovely to have a bit of a TWCmoot as well.

(Links if anyone wants them, spoilered to make the shameless plug less egregious).
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