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    I've been looking at all the threads on marching tunes and I couldn't find a recent post on if it was possible to add more than 4 marching tunes or give specific tunes to factions.
    I know how to change a marching tune with pack file manager, it's quite simple (and I am no modder lol) but is there a way to add more tunes ? Has someone been able to give specific tunes to factions ?

    Thank you in adavance for your answers and sorry if my questions have already been answered elsewhere.

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    Hello again,

    I've been tweeking with my marching tunes, trying to go around the 4 tunes allowed by the game by adding longer ones (about 4 minutes each in mp3 so they're not to heavy in terms of memory).
    The problem I'm facing is that they do not work in-game. I was wondering if there was a time limit to the marching tunes ? I reenamed them exactly as the old ones but the drummers in-game won't play them (It worked okay with shorter tunes that were about 1.5 minutes long).
    Does anyone know what I could do ? Thanks !

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    There used to be a mod for this which involved the use of a regimental band unit to act as the host for the factions marching music. That mod was withdrawn by it's author after a dispute (over copyright I think) and nothing similar has been produced since. As far as I am aware the only mod available at the moment is the Hollowfaith Drum and Fife Mod but you can only change the marching music for the entire game not for each faction.

    It was one of the many desirable features that CA failed to provide despite promising a fully functional unit editor.

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    Default Re: Marching tunes

    Just a minor note, I actually just make spotify playlists and run that in the background. Here is a list I made for Britain

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    Yes, its possible to add new marching tunes by modifying the sound_events and adding more wav paths. Specific marching tunes for each faction/unit are currently impossible as far as I can tell.

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