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Thread: MTW Gold Version and Mods

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am really excited that people still play this. I recently played a Byzantines High period campaign. Lots of Fun!

    I wanted to ask, I have MTW Gold and for some reason as I am trying to get BKB super mod to install, it does not work or register it at all. I wanted to know is there a trick to getting mods to work or am I doing something wrong? I would really like to play BKB and XL again (a decade after the fact ). Can anyone help me out?

    Thanks again!

    What a great game eh?

    Have a good one.


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    BKB is extremely buggy, I've never been able to run it. I've only ever gotten MTW XL mod to run.

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    have you installed the gold edition patch? If you haven't that might be your problem, though I must admit I have never played the BKB mod. I have played XL, and for me it works just fine with the gold edition. An Age of Aggression- my Skyrim FF

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    From BKB's own install instructions over at the org:

    "VERY IMPORTANT - Ensure that you install it directly into your 'Total War' folder. The default installation is set for your 'Medieval - Total War' folder. This is wrong - ensure that it is installed into your 'Total War' folder, the one 'Medieval - Total War' can actually be found in. "

    If I recall, there was something fiddly to be done, possibly this advice wasn't entirely accurate. I recommend you unpack the files onto your desktop and manually copy-paste the folders into their appropriate locations. That should allow you to see where things belong. It took me a few tries (this was years ago) but I finally got the mod working, and it was well worth it. Good luck!

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    How to play this game version on Windows 10???

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