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Thread: [Download & Info] Chivalry I : Main Thread

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    Icon7 [Download & Info] Chivalry I : Main Thread

    Edit: Unfortunately, many of the (old) pictures in this thread are gone into the nirvana - they were hosted on imageshack, with random enduring effect obviously /comment by DaVinci, May 2014

    Short Introduction (What is ChivTW?)

    The Original Medieval Total Conversion Modification Of Rome Total War, 2004 - 2010

    Completely modfoldered, playable on the following platforms:

    Rome Total War 1.5

    or the expansion

    Rome Total War - Barbarian Invasion 1.6

    optional with

    Rome Total War - Alexander 1.9
    via Patch 1.055

    Introduction Video - Based on ChivTW's latest version 1.07
    Added to the thread: 6th January 2011
    Creator - PSEUDO ROMANUS
    ChivTW logo content prepared for this movie by Bull3pr00f



    Full Version 1.0


    1. Full Version 1.05/1.051
    2. Patch Version 1.055 (Alexander exe support)
    3. Patch Version 1.07



    The Rise of the Knighthood


    The Crusader Epoche

    plus the overhauled Historical Battle

    Battle of Hastings

    Release picture(s), version 1.0
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Download - Release Info



    ChivTW files on ModDB
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Mod files - user submitted link

    Mirror: - ChivTW Downloads

    Credit: Many thanks to Nelduin for putting up the according dl links (see also one latest post in the sticky ChivTW Screenshots thread, Febr. 2016).

    Note also, that the ChivTW team holds no responsibility for the files provided with this link, just because they are not checked by us.
    ChivTW team official download links are the next ones.

    For instructions, see below the single download places, and/or in several sections of the thread for more details.
    If you are used to play RTW and/or BI with mods, then you probably don't need to look at them.

    ChivTW Patch 1.07 on TWC
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Patch Modfolder - official link

    Mirror: TWC Downloads - Zip Version 1.07 (Patch)

    This patch improves especially the gameplay and map graphics.

    Requirement: Installed version 1.051 (or 1.051 already patched to 1.055, if Alexander Total War is relevant).

    An extra note for updating ChivTW version 1.055 (Alx exe) with this patch:
    The patch folder includes a separate zipped Chivalry folder with a new traits file for 1.055 (Alx exe), which must be extracted after the 1.07 patch installation (means, overwrite once more).

    ChivTW Patch 1.055 (for Alx exe support) on TWC
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Patch Modfolder - official link

    For the ones who have installed: Alexander Total War.

    Mirror: TWC Downloads - Zip Version 1.055 (Patch)

    This patch provides the support to use the Alexander (Alx) exe with ChivTW.
    All ChivTW/Alx instructions are to find with the download link.

    Requirement: Installed version 1.051.

    ChivTW Full Version 1.051 (main file) on ModDB
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Full Modfolder - official links

    Mirror 1: removed Dead link/DV

    Mirror 2: removed Dead link/DV

    Mirror 3: removed Dead link/DV

    Mirror 4: - Exe Version 1.051 Re-upload, active/DV

    This very comfortable exe-installer is done by hip63, many thanks go to him.
    Includes a ChivTW Intro-Movie, which was created by popgnner12.

    Version 1.051 is at this time the base mod installation for all higher patch versions (not for higher full versions though).



    Install Order - Latest Version
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    How to install the files

    0. Basis is to have a working RTW 1.5 or BI 1.6 or Alx 1.9 installation, unmodified.

    1. Install ChivTW 1.051 (valid for all platforms RTW 1.5, BI 1.6 and Alx 1.9).

    1a. Install the ChivTW 1.055 Alx patch (only valid for the platform Alx 1.9 - if you wanna run ChivTW with AlexanderTW as base).

    2. Install the ChivTW 1.07 patch (valid for all platforms RTW 1.5, BI 1.6 and Alx 1.9).

    - Technically, some updates might be saved game compatible, however, the advice is to start a new campaign when you update the ChivTW installation.
    - When you install a full modfolder ("full version"), then it is recommended to provide a fresh installation - that means, rename or remove a former installed ChivTW modfolder.

    General Installation and Start Advice
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Exe setup file
    - When you have downloaded an exe setup installer version, then the installation is very easy.
    - Just run the setup and follow its instructions.

    Zip file
    (compressed archieves: it can be also a .rar file ; needs software installed on your system like Winzip, Winrar or 7Zip)
    - Recommend to download the zipped file onto your desktop. Store it where you like.
    - Unzipped with 7zip or winzip or winrar (better do not use the windows-onboard-unzipper), you'll get a modfolder calling: chivalry or Chivalry.
    - Copy (or cut) and paiste this modfolder into your RTW directory (the Rome Total War folder).
    - In case of a patch version, overwrite the former installation.

    Common valid
    - The base for the mod installation is an unmodified RTW 1.5 or BI 1.6 installation (for mod newbies: "unmodified" is also called "vanilla").
    - The extracted modfolder needs ca. 1000 MB hd space.
    - Do not overwrite an older chivalry modfolder installation, remove or rename a former chivalry modfolder! Means, do a fresh installation (not valid for patches or hotfixes - here you shall overwrite).
    - To run the mod you'll need to have inserted the according base game cd/dvd (RTW, BI or Alex).
    - A former used ChivTW desktop-shortcut will still work as before (in case of a former ChivTW installation), when the location of this installation has not changed.
    - Normally you've installed correctly if the according version notification "ChivTW x.xx" is viewable on the left upper corner of the splash screen in little white letters.
    - For more installation instructions (more details and tipps, if needed), look further below in the section Official Mod Info -> Installation And Game Start.

    Preferences File
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The 1.05 installation comes with an empty preferences file to avoid possible issues with a pre-set preferences file.
    So the first mod-start with 1.05 generates your own RTW (or BI) vanilla preferences-settings.
    You can adjust all settings along your liking via the Options menu and the chivalry/preferences/preferences.txt file, just as usually (after the first mod-start then).

    To get a more cinematic and realistic view on the battlefield, you should make the following 3 changed settings in chivalry/preferences/preferences.txt:

    Development Info
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ... since around version 1.0 can be found here: Dev Progress ... rather a random page, just scroll back and forth to get info and to view ingame-pictures.

    Readme Version 1.0
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Edit: Removed parts of the long readme text from this place here. Find this complete readme in the modfolder. Most points are anyway mentioned in this thread/DV

    CHIVALRY I Total War
    Version 1.0

    The game spans from 1072 to 1222 AD, and aims to represent the typical timeframe's flavor of the early and high middleage. For example Normans, Reconquista, Crusaders and Saracens, or Seljuks and Byzantines wait for you to getting a virtual life led by you. Choose from 20 playable factions within a medieval world, and experience the very unique gameplay of this modification.

    There are two campaigns available to play:

    The Rise of the Knighthood - start AD 1072 (in menu via MAIN CAMPAIGN)
    The Crusader Epoche - start AD 1099 (in menu via ADDITIONAL CAMPAIGN)
    For game details look into the support forums (links below).


    1. Hints
    2. Requirement
    3. Installation
    4. Shortcut
    5. Last Remarks
    6. Credits


    1. HINTS

    - Chivalry is in its own modfolder ( -mod:mymod function, also called 'modswitch').
    - The proper installation of Chivalry won't change your original RTW data. That means you can't damage anything of the RTW installation (or BI), and you can play still the original RTW or BI versions (vanilla!).
    - The mod can be installed and played parallel to any other mods that don't change the original RTW or BI data, means, have as well their own modfolder which doesn't change the original data (vanilla!).
    - The mod should be very stable, if installed properly.
    - The modification is exclusively distributed and supported via our online-forums.
    - Personal use is free, for any other cases, contact us via our forum at TW Center (and see the subforum 'Free ChivTW Modding for exceptions).
    - We do not keep any kind of responsibility, if a user is downloading and installing our modfiles on his computer.

    An important gameplay hint:
    ChivTW has a certain design unlike to other RTW mods. It contains different AI advantages, or in other words, human player disadvantages (examples: a start script subtracts money from your start-treasury, AI generals are usually stronger than yours, and a starting character trait-penalty is in place).
    Those are just gameplay additions to increase the challenge versus the imcapable AI compared to the human player capabilities.



    6. CREDITS

    Really a lot people worked on this real total conversion project, which was started at the end of 2004 as a medieval multiplayer battle mod on RTW, and in may 2006 a first campaign release came out (the first total conversion with a working map), which got more than 10000 downloads within 7 days - later servers broke down. Since middle of 2006, DaVinci took over as project leader and led the development to a high degree of a quality mod focusing on the campaign mode, with a lot of historical accuracy, atmosphere and a challenging gameplay - a solid and stable game. See the ingame credits animation, under menu 'Options - Menu - Credits' to view all the people who contributed, and then visit the forum and worship the mod makers.



    Main Support-Forum, TW Center:

    Backup Support-Forum, Modrealms:


    Enjoy this modification

    in the name of the
    Chivalry I TW Team

    - February 2009 -

    # End Readme

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    A) DVD-box format cover:
    The cover is incl. in the modfolder.
    It is a dvd-cover-format ready to print and as usage for a dvd-box. Eventually burn the mod-installation-file on a cd.
    Perhaps it makes a nice present for friends who have RTW 1.5/BI 1.6. Alternative you can use that to store the mod outside the harddisk.

    B) Signature-banners:

    Available: The old original signature banner (2005/2006)
    Obviously as well lost in the Gamefront (pic server) nirvana /hint added, DV 10/2016
    Copy this graphic-adress, then paiste that into your signature application, wrap [img]...[/img] around the adress.

    C) Fan provided videos:
    Thread: YouTube ChivalryTW Movies

    D) Icon graphics:
    A set of about 20 icon graphics is included in the modfolder. The changing of them is explained there.

    Info: ChivTW-FCRC
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Theme: Installing/running ChivTW "vanilla" and ChivTW-FCRC

    For all guys who wanna play ChivTW FCRC besides ChivTW vanilla, just the following quick info:

    ChivTW is now "ChivTW vanilla" = the official or standard ChivTW mod featured in this thread (Early-High Era of the middleage). FCRC is an expansion into the full High Era of the middleage, a semi-official ChivTW release, while this latter difference means in principle, that there are different mod teams and different forums used. But this point is very relevant: FCRC is featured in the ChivTW submod forums. Please use only the according FCRC threads, if you have installed ChivTW FCRC. In this vanilla ChivTW forum here is no support given for FCRC installations.

    Official Mod Info


    Release history
    Battle mode, versions pre-0.34 / Releases: End of 2004 - start of 2006.
    Full playable campaign, versions 0.34 - 0.6x / Releases: 2006.
    Full playable campaign, versions 0.9x / Releases: 2007 - 2008.
    Full playable campaign(s), version 1.0 / Release: 2009.
    Full playable campaign(s), versions 1.0x / Releases: 2009 - 2010.

    Development degree
    Version 1.0 is already a quasi final build.
    The mod is finished in the whole view with circa 98,5 %.
    Different patches on version 1.0 have been released.

    A new full release version is possible in future
    as result of all former work and the voicemod
    The latter part would render the
    project 100 % done.


    Some Features

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    # Playable with RomeTW 1.5 or the expansion Barbarian Invasion 1.6 or Alexander 1.9.

    # Complete modfoldered (parallel installation of diverse complete modfoldered RTW mods into one RTW directory).

    # A very stable mod.


    Premark: Originality! You'll find a new and unique game experience - the ancient RomeTW game is actually modified to simulate the medieval world between 1072 and 1222 AD, while this modification keeps here and there the atmosphere and gameplay of the classic MTW 1.

    # A complete new and unique medieval appearence (a real total conversion of Rome TW 1.5) for the interface, texts/descriptions, the picture-material, music/soundtrack (Justin R. "Edgen Animations" Durban) and own voice-modding, a new strategy map and new battlemaps, unique and historical accurate units (once the 1st and only RTW mod with flag-bearer units), siege battles with motte/donjon/castle 3d-settlements (once the 1st and only RTW mod with such a content), complete new tech-tree and buildings, historical events, historical characters, countless new traits/ancillaries/retinues incl. historical titles, and religion (a. christianity, b. islam, c. paganism/mixed belief-culture).

    # 20 playable historical factions within the reflection of the crusades to the Holy Land, Baltic Crusades, the Spanish Reconquista, Jihad, a pretty strong Seljuk-Turkish faction that invades Asia Minor, further religious and time-typical unrest, and even the independent factions (rebels) will challenge you.

    # A historic-realism campaign atmosphere and a challenging gameplay in the strategy and the battle mode throughout the whole campaign, underlayed with a lot of AI enhancement modding (AI supporting special codes).

    # A special combat-design.

    # Naval invasions.

    # Many custom battle maps.

    # Historical battles: 'Battle of Hastings' (there are more which need an overhaule ... edit: currently in the making, see submod forum).

    # Multiplayer capability: A thread can be found here


    Campaign Start Situations

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Campaign Start/Overview: Version 1.05/1.051

    Main Campaign "The Rise of the Knighthood" - AD 1072

    ... it's the time when knight and horse become one and seek for chivalrous adventures. The feudalism grows and many rulers fight for supremacy.
    William I Duke of Normandy just conquered England. Troubles in and around the Holy Roman Empire. The slow rising of the Spanish Reconquista.
    Normans hold southern italian realms and now going for the whole isle of Sicily and challenge the surrounding lands and even the East Roman Empire.
    After the battle of Manzikert, Seljuks stream successful into Asia Minor and the Levante and threaten the christian world ... this will challenge the 1st crusade.

    Additional Campaign "The Crusader Epoche" - AD 1099

    ... now Frankish and Norman dukes and princes just have founded the first Crusader States in the Levante. The word chivalry gets its meaning due to
    knights who apparently go to war for christendom and high virtues in the Levante and on the Iberian peninsula, while firm muslim realms hold their ground.
    The Roman Empire strikes back to keep the Seljuks in Asia Minor at bay. Furthermore the Grand Seljuk Empire struggles.


    Faction Menu

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Playable Factions

    Christian (Catholic):
    Comune di Pisa (Italians, Italian City States)
    Regnum Castiliĉ (Leon-Castile)
    Ducatus Bohemiĉ (Bohemia)
    Regnum Ungariĉ (Hungaria)
    Regnum Franciĉ (Franks)
    Sacrum Imperium Romanum (East-Franks, Germans)
    Regnum Angliĉ (Norman-England)
    Regnum Siciliĉ (Siculo-Normans)
    Magnus Ducatus Poloniĉ (Poland)
    Regnum Daniĉ (Denmark)
    Corona Aragonĉ (Aragon, Barcelona)

    Christian (Orthodox/other):
    Basileia ton Rhomaion (Roman Empire)
    Kievskaya Velikiy kniazhestvo (Rus)
    Principatus Armeniĉ de Cilicia (Armenians)

    Muslim (Shiits+Sunnits):
    al-Murabitun (Andalusia, Moors)
    al-Fatimiyyun (Fatimid Egypt)
    al-Salajiqa (Grand Seljuk Empire, Turks)
    al-Salājiqa al-Rûm (Rum Seljuks, Turks)
    al-Ziri (Berbers)

    Desht-i Qipchaq (Cumans, Kipchaqs)

    plus tons of historical independent factions (non-playable).


    Installation Requirements

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    - Rome Total War 1.5 or Barbarian Invasion 1.6 installed, unmodified (vanilla!).
    - Enough free harddisk space in this partition. Installed, Chivalry has about 1000 MB within its modfolder.
    - Knowledge, where your RTW installation is located (the Rome Total War folder) is really recommended.
    - Remove or rename an eventually former chivalry modfolder installation, provide a fresh installation. Not valid for patches, hotfixes or actual add-ons - here overwrite.

    Parallel mod installation into one Rome Total War directory:
    Is possible without problems with every RTR/BI/Alex modification, if those mods (all their mod files) are complete modfoldered - that is the case with ChivTW.
    Without sorrows, you can add ChivTW's modfolder to every RTW directory, where other complete modfoldered mods "live", and you can play these mods separate without to
    have an impact on Rome Total War, Barbarian Invasion or Alexander vanilla.
    In this case, no need to have several parallel RTW directories.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Full mod version -> exe file versions
    Run the exe, follow its instructions. It'll also provide the desktop shortcut to start the game.

    Modfolder target-location

    The default RTW target directory is:
    C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War
    (example for the english original RTW version).

    In case of other language versions, Gold or Era's Pack or customised RTW directories:
    Just make sure you are pointing the installer analog as above to your Rome Total War directory, that's all.

    Full mod or patch version -> zip file versions
    (in some cases we have also provided zipped releases, also for full mod versions)
    Unzip the zip file and put the modfolder chivalry into your Rome Total War folder, that's all as preparation.
    ("Unzipping" or "extracting" needs software installed on your system: Winzip or Winrar or 7Zip or similar programs).

    More details about zipped files
    How to handle zip modfolder files, if they are downloaded for example onto your desktop, detail options:

    Having a neutral folder elsewhere on a hd partition, call it ie. "Game+Mod-Setups" or what you like.
    Put (cut and paiste) the downloaded zip file into this folder.
    Now unzip there this zip file (result: the modfolder).
    Copy (rather cut) the modfolder.
    Go to your Rome Total War folder, open it.
    Paiste the modfolder into this Rome Total War folder (directory).
    Overwrite, if it is a patch.


    Copy (or cut) and paiste the zip file directly into your Rome Total War folder.
    Unzip the zip file there (result: the modfolder).
    Overwrite, if it is a patch.

    Tipp for unzipping/extracting zip files:
    - Use the context menu commands from the zip file (right-click on it)
    - Use 'Extract Here' or whatever that command calls in your zip-tool.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    To run the mod you'll need to have inserted the according base game cd/dvd (RTW, BI or Alex).

    Valid for the exe file version:
    The exe installation gives you a desktop-shortcut automatically. Double-click the shortcut.

    Valid for the zip file version:
    How to get the needed desktop shortcut?
    In case of a provided default installation, the player has only to copy the ChivTW shortcut, which is contained in the installed chivalry folder in a sub folder, to his desktop. Double-click the shortcut. (A former used ChivTW shortcut is still working if the path has not changed.

    For non-default path installations:
    Open the contained shortcut sub folder for the help how to provide the ChivTW shortcut (there are the shortcuts contained plus an accurate description how to change the shortcut-path).
    Alternative, create your own desktop-shortcut from the RTW exe (or BI exe if BI is the base): Right-click on the RTW exe: create the desktop shortcut per command (send to desktop), right-click on this new shortcut, open properties, insert the following command behind the existing path of the first editable line in this new desktop shortcut:
    -show_err -nm -mod:chivalry -movie_cam
    (while the part "movie_cam" is optional)

    In this case it may look like this: (example with the RTW 1.5 exe)
    "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -mod:Chivalry -nm -show_err
    The bold part is what you have to add, do not change the command between the quotations, as it is the right path to your RTW installation.

    Few recommendations:
    - In the menu, open 'Options' and make basic settings: the resolution etc..
    - Campaign mode: do not use auto-management for the settlements, do not use Arcade mode, unit size recommendation is Large, AI turn display disabled.
    - Battle mode: green arrow markers disabled, minimal ui enabled, banners disabled.
    -> Those settings can be customised via the chivalry/preferences/preferences.txt file and/or via the 'Options' menu.
    - Difficulty setting campaign mode: Medium or Hard (Easy for RTW beginners)
    - Difficulty setting battle mode: Medium or Hard (Easy for RTW beginners)
    Hint: The difficulty settings have been renamed: Easy - Levy, Medium - Mercenary, Hard - Knight, Very Hard - High Noble Knight

    Support / Team / Credits / Misc



    Edited here in 2020:
    Note, since me (DaVinci) is the only one who frequents here on the ChivTW forum section from time to time, i'm also the only contact person (and remaining mod leader) for the ChivTW hosted mod project on TWC.
    Thus the following content in spoiler is actually much outdated. Nonetheless, in case the according team members get back active they may obtain back their roles within ChivTW. Needs to be updated then as info.
    However, for all things concerning ChivTW, contact me via PM or use the forum for whatever message.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    1) SCC (subforums on - no support, the site isn't active), once the original home of the Chivalry Total War project.
    link removed

    2) TWC (main support)
    Offical Local Moderators: DaVinci, Athenogoras, Pompeius Magnus
    Moderation Help: Bull3pr00f

    3) Modrealms (backup support) ...edit: site vanished
    Local Moderator: DaVinci, Athenogoras

    The Website: On SCC (edit: the site isn't active, not accessable)
    link removed

    Mod Leader: DaVinci (DV)
    Mod Co Leader: Athenogoras (first contact person, public relations)

    Tipp: The one who enjoys ChivTW will also enjoy Chivalry II SV, the successor project on the M2/Kingdoms platform.


    Official Team Members
    (in alphabetical order)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Active Devs/Members
    This list concerns contributors to ChivTW vanilla - note, the expansion ChivTW-FCRC is done by a separate dev group, find them in the subforum for ChivTW submods.

    Athenogoras - conceptions, coding, descriptions, graphics, unit model/texture-changes; forum moderator (all ChivTW forums); currently semi-retired.
    Bull3pr00f - creator of FCRC and more ChivTW based mods, forum moderation
    DaVinci - conceptions, coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager v0.4x to v1.051; forum moderator (all ChivTW forums); currently semi-retired.
    Pompeius Magnus - graphics (ancs, buildings), anc coding, descriptions, historical researchment, testing; management assistence (for 0.98); forum moderator (all ChivTW forums); currently works on a byzantine unit revision.

    Extended - Devs + Contributors & Honory Members: parttime (differs between in-/active since 2007/2008)
    Alavaria - testing (official beta tester)
    Atterdag - graphics (events, ancs), anc coding
    Basileios - skinning/modeling units, coding, historical researchment
    BNS - graphics (frontend, interface ui, ancs), anc coding, skinning units (flag bearers)
    Cathar 1209 - creating additional historical event-messages (post v1.051)
    Uranos - graphics (unit cards+icons, map enhancements)
    Voicemod team:
    dragondale, Gen.jamesWolfe (manager), Pseudo Romanus
    Honory members:
    SicilianVespers - out of service since post-0.60/0.65
    drak10687 - out of service since post-0.96.


    (in alphabetical order)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Credits extract, the complete credit-list is ingame under Options-Credits menu.
    Listed per release version, in sum though of course all former developers and contributors for each version.

    For the patch 1.07 version:
    Athenogoras - coding and graphics
    DaVinci - coding and graphics

    For the patch 1.055 version (Alx exe support):
    DaVinci - coding

    Guest contributions 1.051 full version:
    hip63 - creator of the newest full installer application (included the Chivalry intro-video)
    popgnner12 - creator of the Chivalry intro-video included in hip63's application.

    For the minipatch 1.051 version:
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager

    For the 1.05 version:
    Athenogoras - city view fix
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager
    Uranos - unit cards+icons, map texture updates
    Thanks to Aradan for a few building-icons debugging, the exe-installer production,
    and for the permission to use a few of in VI2 implemented M1TW building icons

    For the 1.0 version:
    Athenogoras - combat model changes, customised ai formations (Sinuhet's)
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager
    Features once again more implemented CrusaderTW units
    Thanks to Aradan for some building-icons debugging, and the exe-installer production
    As well thanks to Amroth for the recent mod hosting jobs since 0.99.x releases

    For the 0.99.x versions:
    Athenogoras - combat model changes, customised ai formations (Sinuhet's), descriptions (buildings)
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager
    Pompeius Magnus - graphics (buildings)
    Uranos - unit cards+icons
    Features again more implemented CrusaderTW units
    Guest contribution by Aradan (the load-bar graphic fix)
    Thanks to MasterofNone, who converted implemented M1TW music files to mp3 format (for VI2),
    respectively credits to Jeff van Dyck, the composer of the M1TW/VI music.

    For the 0.98.x versions:
    This version was a major overhaule of all former versions, since the 0.6x - 0.9x versions.
    Basileios - skinning/modeling units, coding, historical researchment
    BNS - graphics (frontend, ancs), coding
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager
    Pompeius Magnus - graphics (ancs, buildings), anc coding, descriptions, historical researchment, testing; management assistence
    Uranos - unit cards+icons
    Testers: Pseudo Romanus, William the Silent, Zombiemode
    Features more implemented CrusaderTW units
    Freelanced with a contribution: Jingle_Bombs (awesome edited screenshots which went into the mod)
    Thanks also to Garnier for a few gloss-files

    For the 0.90 - 0.96 versions:
    Atterdag - diverse ancs
    Brian2818 aka BNS - graphics (interface overhaule, frontend, ancs), flag bearer unit skins, coding
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager
    drak10687 - flag bearer unit skins+models, coding
    Uranos - unit cards+icons, map enhancements
    Count Flip - custom battle banners

    For the pre-0.9x since post-0.34 versions:
    Includes the very major release of version 0.50.
    DaVinci - chief coding, descriptions, graphics; designmanager since 0.44
    Dirty Peasant - main unit models+skins before and with 0.50
    Dragases1453 - unit re-skinner+modeller and some codes for 0.50, generously offered the use of the Crusader TW units
    drak10687 - 3d buildings modeling+skinning / 3d settlement coding for 0.50 and its fixes to 0.9x
    GenghisKhan - besides DaVinci the modder of the significant 0.44 patch, especially created the basic Chivalry traits+ancs and more
    SicilianVespers - characters+family tree's and some graphics for 0.50; provided the new factions Pisa-Italians and Zirid-Berbers for 0.6x, plus units re-skinning+modeling for 0.6x
    Uranos - unit cards+icons, map overwork for 0.50
    Additional modding contributions for versions between 0.50-0.90:
    Ahmose - different artwork contributions
    AsPaladin - event codes and texts
    Atterdag - event/message graphics
    Count Flip - different codes and graphics
    Palatinae - different text file descriptions
    Teutonic Knight - different text file descriptions and some unit balancing
    Zombimode - different text file descriptions

    Especially thanks to Darth Vader for making the customised AI formations file for 0.50.

    Big thanks to the whole CrusaderTW Team, for the permission to use their units.

    Testing: (via the former main ChivTW-forum, at StratCommandCenter SCC, until the end of 2006)
    The official beta-testers, for the major release 0.50 : aduellist, Atterdag, Baron von Manteuffel, bobdole, flip2121 aka Count Flip, Isostran, joshino, Gaius Baltar, KtotheC, Lord_Crichton, marktehman, matte, palatinae, Steel, Székely, Teutonic Knight, Zombimode.
    Before and during the development of the major release 0.50 managed by Teutonic Knight aka Grandmaster of the Order.
    Key beta test management by DaVinci since 0.44.

    Honor and glory belongs to the basic stuff makers until version 0.34, especially:
    Adherbal - mod leader, main programmer / creator for all the pre-0.34 mod content (all the core 2d/3d unit- and building-stuff, this first extended/overhauled with 0.44/0.50)
    alpaca - mod leader for v0.34 (coding / scripting, stuff first extended/overhauled with 0.44/0.50)
    militiaman - mod co leader for v0.34 (campaign map creator / coding, stuff first extended/overhauled with 0.44/0.50)
    ... and many other more. The pre-0.34 and the 0.34 stuff is the basement for everything that came after,
    credits for all post-0.34 versions belong always also to the pre-0.34 and to the 0.34 team members/contributors.

    Also mentioned shall be here some of the first hour people:
    Sleaker and Viking Horde (probable origin founders and first makers/managers of starting stuff) together with many others.
    Go here to the original dev home of Chivalry: SCC -link removed- (the site isn't active atm.) .

    Once more, thanks a lot to the many other not here listed contributors, helpers, supporters and just to the whole community.
    And see the complete list of Chivalry's developers and contributors in the ingame-credits-animation.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Chivalry: Total War is a fan based and non-commercial modification project of the commercial pc-game Rome: Total War (copyright by CA & Sega).

    All Chivalry mod files are in the ownership of the active Chivalry team, see also the readme of v0.34 to this point. Contact us for any questions via our forums (links above), respectively the public relations person, alternative ask the mod leader.
    In addition to this statement, Chivalry files will be free for submodding and their public release, when the Chivalry I TW version 1.0 is released - this organised via the sticky subforum "Free Mod Projects / Submods": Check out the conditions if you intend to modify/publish the chivalry modfiles without to ask for permission.

    Modding History


    The Story

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The project was started around October 2004 right after the RTW release with the idea just to add a medieval battle mode to RTW with the MTW flavor and multiplayer capability - that was done very successfully between 2004 and 2006. The home of development and main publishment has been the site Stratcommandcenter -SCC- (the site isn't active anymore), first since 2007 we changed completely to TWC. However, ChivTW developed its first campaign mode in the 1st quarter of 2006, and released it short after as a real RTW 1.5 total conversion modification (v0.34) - the year 2006 was the most active within the ChivTW project, at certain times the team was really huge, and we released patches and a resulting major relaunch (v0.50) in this year 2006 with the first working modification of 3d settlements for the battle mode in the TW modding history. So after this major release, many of the team-members considered the mod done, and went on their own ways, a small group remained.
    Originally it was planned to have the same era campaigns as MTW: Early, High and Late era (some material has been provided, known from ie. Dirty Peasant's famous High and Late era unit previews in 2005 and 2006). This idea of a multi-era mod on RTW was erased since about the post-0.50 releases, as the team realised what it means to create a full working, historical accurate and balanced total conversion (= in my thinking an era changing campaign modification), with 20 playable factions and a "world" map - besides that Dirty Peasant lost all his done High and Late era units, which was then the major factor. In conclusion the Chivalry Total War project focused its work on the Early-High middleage period (campaign timeframe 1072 - 1222 AD), but this since 2006 with a big passion with a changing team (despite that DaVinci continuely led the project since ca. June 2006) to improve the with version 0.34 released campaign. The result of all these modding efforts is nowadays a very unique and stable game-experience on the RTW engine - just a new medieval game, entertainment and even with educational content.

    Another short note to ChivTW's name: "Chivalry Total War" has been renamed to "Chivalry I Total War", because SicilianVespers and DaVinci developed the successor-mod on M2TW, calling "Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers", or short ChivII:SV, a multi-era campaign mod for M2TW-Kingdoms (find it in the hosted mod forums for M2-Kingdoms).

    Major ChivTW Releases:

    0.34 (may 2006), 0.44 (july 2006), 0.50 (october 2006), 0.60/0.65 (december 2006);
    0.90 (february 2007), 0.95 (may 2007), 0.96 (december 2007);
    0.98 (july 2008), 0.99 (december 2008);
    1.0 (february 2009);
    1.05 (june 2009); 1.051 (september 2009).


    The Spirit

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ... from the maker of Chivalry's modding design and style, its developed concept since mid-year of 2006.

    In the result, Chivalry is done mainly to reflect my personal preferences and imaginations for a historical-realism shaped medieval game, which shall offer a greater chance of an historical gameplay - this is a goal since v0.44/0.50, released 2006 for ChivTW - and i had the luck to meet mod members who shared this view. The design contains as well AI support codes, what is pretty limited within the RTW engine, especially if no show-me/background scripts are used. But something is done that the AI behaves here and there special.

    Such a special mod design is fully independent if average TW players like that or not and play in this direction or not. ChivTW offers as well fun for players who look for pure entertainment.
    However, mainly because the historical players are in the minority as well as that players quite often mentioned that ChivTW is too hard in some parts, some codes were changed during the years to a mere average TW mod style, but still special. The campaign difficulty/challenge is partly decreased to offer a more lighter fun play in comparison, for example cashflow, religious conversion and such things were far harder in earlier versions, but i also like this realised lighter approach - after all it is done by me, and i wouldn't do things which i dislike.

    My personal suggestion for ChivTW players is to learn about the timeframe of ChivTW (the High Middleage), and try a historical play to get into a real immersive game experience ... to feel the spirit.



    Release Pictures/Features

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    From release v0.50 (Oct 2006)
    Special Feature: Vast overhaule of former versions, plus especially siege battles with medieval 3d settlements


    From release 0.60/0.65 (Dec 2006)
    Special Feature: New factions Pisa and Zirid Berbers added


    From release v0.90 (Feb 2007)
    Special Feature: Overhauled interface. And at this time planned mod content nearly completed


    From Release 0.95 (Oct 2007)
    Special Feature: Flag bearer units


    Release 0.96 (Dec 2007)
    Special Feature: The bugfixed 0.95 version


    Release 0.98 (July 2008)
    Special Feature: Vastly extended, enriched and overhauled version


    Release 0.99 (Dec 2008)
    Special Feature: The bugfixed 0.98 version plus tons of new contents and changes


    Release 1.0 (Febr 2009)
    Special Feature: Nearly finished product. All unit model slots filled up


    ChivTW Museum

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    TWC Eagle Standard Interview of November 2006 about Chivalry with DaVinci: Interview

    TW-Org Awards 2006 (Link), Chivalry is mentioned in category ...
    Best RTW non-Classical/fictional period mod
    Winner: Napoleonic Total War 2
    Runners up: Blue Lotus, Chivalry Total War, Fourth Age Total War - Corsair Invasion

    TWC Modding Awards in 2007, votes valid for the former year 2006, Chivalry won in one category 'Post Roman Era', and DaVinci besides MasterOfNone 'Best RTW Coder'; find the complete award list here TWC Modding Awards - Archieves

    Some new Opifex awards were voted at TWC in April 2007, and Chivalry was considered with a kind of team nomination besides other teams. Note, only active/current core members plus past core members could have been recognised with the usual TWC requirements of that rank, which means especially exceptional contributions within the TW community. See here the new Opifexes at TWC with this vote

    Interview - November 2007 - with DaVinci, by Pompeius Magnus aka schwarzeHH of Gamestar PC Magazine (in german language): gamestar-forums interview

    Old mod historical threads:

    The FAQ for 0.50 release of 2006 (at last updated December 2008):

    The 0.50 release feedback thread:

    The 0.44 release thread:

    A link to the first ChivTW interview (after 0.34) at TW-Org:

    The 0.34 release thread:

    The old SCREENSHOT thread:

    The old FAQ:

    DP's High and Late era unit developments (screenshots at SCC): (SCC isn't online anymore)

    A very early Late era unit preview (Dec 2005):


    Older DL-Links

    Still available v1.0 DL-sources
    Edit: No, not available. Modrealms, the hosting gameforum site isn't active anymore (links will be kept for a while, maybe the original server gets active again and files still exist).
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Full Modfolder| Setup-Installer / Exe file | compressed to 356 MB - hosts:
    # ModRealms Mirror: Exe Version 1.0
    (credits for the exe-installer production go to Aradan)

    or as

    Full Modfolder| Zip file | compressed to 480 MB - hosts:
    # ModRealms Mirror: Zip Version 1.0

    Other v1.0 dl-links have been removed.

    End Thread
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    Default Re: RELEASE / DOWNLOAD & Official Mod Info Topic

    Not sure where to put this, so if you have a better place, please move it DV

    MasterOfNone and Makanyane have completed and release the first public version (v1.0) of their Multi-Mod Sampler (MMS) project which allows you to sample via a small DL which does not overwrite any vanilla files 2 selected units from several great and popular mods. Chivalry TW was one of the mods invited to submit 2 units, and so we did. So if you're still not sure about DL'ing CTW, or just want to sample some other great mods, you can find the thread and DL link here:
    Chivalry - Total War I Settlement Plans and Buildings Dev...
    and Public Relations person, pm me with any specific questions concerning the mod...

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    Default Re: [Download & Info] Chivalry I : Main Thread

    Main thread is slightly updated.

    Reason has been the addition of a download link to, which makes accessable the main mod file 1.051 and patch 1.07, plus an environment modfile - all from one place.
    Thanks go to Nelduin. See section 'Download Links'.
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