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Thread: Army Deployment: A Guide

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    Icon1 Army Deployment: A Guide

    This right here is a short little bit of advice for players who wonder where they should put their armies in M2TW.

    First off, this guide assumes you have the cash to buy what you need. If you're good at managing an economy, you'll do fine.
    Secondly, this guide does not cover how to use certain unit types, nor does it tell you how to set up an army. That is a matter of personal preference.
    Personally, I prefer to make it so that I can hit my opponent one castle or city at a time. Now, this means that my troops end up taking casualties, and I want to move on quickly to the next target. So I set up two full armies, usually identical. One does the hard work of besieging, taking the enemy settlement. Then the second army moves in, swaps out the conquering army's depleted units with fresh ones, and takes over occupying the castle while the veterans in the first army move on.
    This way, I have a continuous assault on the enemy, while keeping my men refreshed. Note: THIS IS EXPENSIVE AS HELL. If you're not currently at war, it is best not to do this, because you won't be able to support your economy by sacking castles and cities.

    Defense and Peacekeeping:
    First off, Rebels. These little <expletive>s will spawn quite often, more so as unrest in a particular region grows. Left alone, they'll block trade, damage resources, and generally cause havoc. That's why you need to kill them quickly. Usually I have a 3/4 stack of mixed cavalry to deal with this. You should too.
    First, build a fort, and garrison it with a peasant. It doesn't particularly matter where, so long as it is near roads. Then load it up with cavalry. A good amount of light with some heavies mixed in. Now make sure to build one of these mounted outposts in the right places so that no matter where rebels spawn, they will be killed the same turn.

    Now, you will definitely come under attack in any campaign. Best thing to do is to be prepared for it. First, look at your borders. Are there any natural obstacles such as rivers or dense forest? If there are, place forts garrisoned with a peasant at the choke points in the frontiers. These are sacrifices, meant to be lost within a few turns, but they will buy you enough time to either raise an army or get an existing one into place. For example, during my campaign as the Holy Roman Empire, my western border is very easily secured. With Staufen blocking one bridge, a fort from Frankfurt blocking the other, and my allies on Antwerp, I was basically immune to attack from the French.
    If you lack natural choke points, you'll need to either avoid war on those fronts altogether, or build a large army for defensive purposes. These should be well-trained and upgraded, as they'll be subjected to lots of attacks. Place a family member in them so you can build forts and towers.
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    good tip with the fort/choke-point, will definitely try it out. i also use the two armies tactic, but its more of a defensive/re-enforcement move for me. Instead of two identical armies, my secondary army is smaller (15 stack at most) and contain a mix of militia units and some professional units. The militias (around 8 units) are meant for immediate public order boost and defence. The pro units usually consist of 1 or 2 each of cav and missile, 4 heavy infantry and they will act as reinforcements for the main army. If necessary i also use some of the militias as reinforcements.

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    Whatever floats your boat, mate. Personally, one of my favorite tactics is calling a crusade when the enemy gets (inevitably) excommunicated. Then I can grab a ton of cheap, well-trained units for little cost, and boost my army. Gotta love them mercs.
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    yep mercs are great. my personal fav is the ubiquitous merc spearman

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    Personally I love the crossbowmen. Sure they're rather overpriced but they're AWESOME against those rebel groups of Swiss pikemen I keep getting for no reason. Routed two with one unit of crossbows, no casualties.
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    I use most of these, but good summary.

    As for me:

    1. I try to play to my strenght. This means that I do not force the usual spearmen+heavy cavalry tactic on my faction.
    2. I prefer using mounted skirmishers over infantry archers
    3. I prefer mixed armies
    4. I like to have "occupation" units in my campaign force (spear militia), who I simply leave in my newly conquered settlement
    5. I prefer having 2 armies of 10 units over 1 stack of 20 units
    6. I like using faction unique units, like Almughavars, billmen or croat axemen.

    I usually end up with something like this:
    2X heavy cavalry
    2X light cavalry (horse archers or something like border horse, hobilar)
    4X spear militia
    2X heavy infantry (from armored sergeant to dismounted huscarl)
    2X missile (horse archer, mounted javelin preferred, otherwise simple bowmen)

    After I conquer a city, I just leave the spear militia (and sometimes the foot archers) there, and combine the remnants (5-6 units) with an other army nearby.

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    As English in Darthmod:
    Full stack:
    4 heavy cav, 2 hobilars
    4 longbowmen
    4 heavy infantry, usually swordsmen+ 2 dismounted english knights if possible
    4 spearmen armoured sergeants or mercs
    2 generals
    2 good militia units

    I leave militia behind with one of the generals to garrison.
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