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    Icon4 [Release] SSHIP v0.9.6 downloadable - 6th of December 2019

    SSHIP v0.9.6 (6th of December 2019)

    2016 Modding Awards
    3rd position

    2018 Modding Awards

    2019 Modding Awards

    DOWNLOAD LINKS SSHIP v0.9.6 (Patch from February 22, 2020 included).
    Download Link #1 - on Mega
    Download Link #2 - on Moddb

    Patch from Lurker from Codex:
    fixes ctd's due to some broken traits. It can be found here (save game compatible).
    Patch from NaczelnyS: fixes number of recruitment slots. It can be found here.

    SoundFix: Brings back missing voices. For non-english disk version of the game, mostly the French and German one (these being the only one reported so far). It can be found here (Mega).
    Once downloaded, copy the file in your data folder to replace the existing one. Go to the sounds folder and delete the .dat and .idx files. Launch the mod
    Do not use it on Steam version.

    IMPORTANT: Stainless Steel v6.4 required - not save game compatible

    Click below for...
    Installation Instructions
    Important note: For Windows10 users, install the game and mods outside the Program Files folder (especially for Steam users) as administrator and on Windows7 compatibility mod.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gigantus View Post
    Installing M2TW outside the program files folder avoids virtual store issues. In Steam you should be able to move your installation outside it after installing.
    Once installation is completed set the executable(s) to win7 compatibility and admin rights.
    For Steam users, check the following links for additional information (thanks to Gigantus for providing them):
    - Creating a World - Starting Steam Mods the easy Way
    - Creating a World – Steam Install for SS 6.3 and 6.4
    The ToolBox - The Universal Mod Launcher v1.204

    zachman1201 has made a video explaining how to install SSHIP:

    Install a clean version of SS6.4. Run SS_Setup.exe (into the /SS6.3 folder). Run the SS6.4 setup and choose Early Era campaign with Savage AI, RR/RC enabled and optionally, permanent arrows.


    Download SSHIP v0.9.6.
    You should get a 2.61 Go zipped file. I've used 7zip to compress it.
    Just unzip it in a temporary folder and you will get a data folder (total size about 9.1 Go and 25145 elements). You just need to merge it with the one located in your Stainless Steel mod folder (usually named SS6.3).

    Download the patches. Unzip and merge them directly with the data folder to replace the exisitng one.

    You're ready to play


    General Presentation
    The Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project is an ambitious, large-scale submod for the great Stainless Steel 6.4, with the ultimate goal of delivering the historically accurate early era campaign this game can offer. In order to achieve this, significant improvements have been made to many aspects of the gameplay, with new features including but not limited to:

    • New factions
    • Overhauled campaign map
    • Historically accurate settlement sizes and population numbers
    • Historically accurate faction relations
    • Improved AI an diplomacy
    • Improved campaign script
    • Improved economic system
    • New units
    • Countless bugfixes

    Campaign Map

    Map of Regions with Settlements

    Factions & Leader/Heir Titles
    To be updated

    Factions Relations

    • 1.0: Perfect
    • 0.8: Outstanding
    • 0.6: Very Good
    • 0.4: Good
    • 0.2: Amiable
    • 0.0: Reasonable
    • -0.2: So-so
    • -0.4: Poor
    • -0.6: Very Poor
    • -0.8: Terrible
    • -1.0: Abyssimal

    Click below for...
    New Features
    SSHIP v0.9.6

    • Zengid Emirate has its entries named "zengid" instead "kwarezm"
    • Abbassid Caliphate has its entries named "abbasid" instead "milan"
    • Kingdom of Georgia has its entries named "georgia" instead "timurid"
    • Grand duchy of Serbia has its entries named "serbia" instead "teutonic_order"

    This is more for us and for modding purposes.

    • All capitals should be correct now. Krakow set as Capital for Poland
      Ani, Trebizond, Bradenburg and Zara are back as independant settlements.
      Some regions' names corrected as follow:
      - Bremen province: Westfalen
      - Hamburg province: Sachsen
      - Liubice province: Meklemburg
      - Coellen province: Niederlothringen
      - Trier province: Oberlothringen
      - Frankfurt province: Nordfranken
      - Speyer province:Südfranken
      - Basel province: Helvetia
      - Ulm province: Schwaben
      - Pamphylia (Konya): Lycaonia,
      - Lycia (Attaleia): Pamphylia
      - Lycaonia (Kayseri): Southern Cappadocia
      - Southern Cappadocia (Malatya): Armenia Minor
      As such, the faction selection screen has been updated accordingly.
      Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

      Note that being an animated gif lower down the resolution and quality. This is just for illustration and the final result should be much better in game
    • Some map adjustments:
      - Bulgaria: there was an important road between Triadica and Adrianoupolis. With the v0.9.5 map configuration in that area, it was impossible to set such road. So, Bulgaria has been reworked as follow:
      Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
      Bulgaria in v0.9.6:

      Without the colours:

      These 2 regions has been renammed respectively Northern Bulgaria and Southern Bulgaria

      - Anatolia: there was an issue reported about the army deployment beside rivers. That was due to the map heights. We also took the opportunity to correct some heights. Note that it might requier further adjustment depending on players' feedback
      Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
      -> North West - in v0.9.5:

      -> North West - in v0.9.6

      The river near Nicaea was climbing the hill (red circle). Not anymore

      -> Central Anatolia - in v0.9.5:

      -> Central Anatolia - in v0.9.6

      The heights near the bridge and in North of the lake have been corrected (red circles).

      -> East Anatolia - in v0.9.5:

      -> East Anatolia - in v0.9.6

    • strat.txt:

    - Changed "Attack faction" to "Promise to attack faction"

    • descr_win_conditions:

    - Fixed short georgian campaign having more requirements than the long georgian campaign

    • historic_events text & descr_events.txt:

    - In-game information (through historic events mechanism) on a few topics that were in the SSHIP but were not understood and that have been recently introduced. The goal is to make easier for the new players to play the SSHIP, but also to understand the differences with the other mods for the seasoned players. The information concerns in particular: officess, settlement management, crowns, character traits, agents, fog of war.
    - Corrected for style, grammar, english
    - Changed the world is round entry because everyone knew the world was round, it was even in the bible for goodness' sake
    - Gave all countries unique flavour text for their civil war events
    - Made the "leader is dead"/regency events a little less generic for each faction

    • EDCT text:

    - Standardised the way effects are written
    - The royal blood traits for the republics now refer to blood membership in a powerful family
    - Fixed entries broken by switch from Milan->Abbasid
    - Changed grasslands description
    - Significant changes to explanations of officeholding, usurpers, rightful heirs, nearcapital traits
    - Removed a number of typos, also cleaned up the english (no judgement, not like I am fluent in a second language)
    - Changed entries for traits with new or different effects (see EDCT section)

    • EDA text:

    - Generally removed editorialising, in an effort to bring the style of writing in line with vanilla
    - Added entry for manuel anemas ancillary
    - Added entry for ecumenical patriarch
    - Changed entries for Luther and Wycliffe to correspond to new effects
    - Removed a number of typos, also cleaned up the english

    • expanded.txt:

    - Corrected certain entries to remove anachronisms
    - Added level 5 priest entry for certain factions to give ecumenical patriarch strat name
    - Added unique names for various factions to add flavour

    • descr_character:

    - Added additional entries to orthodox countries' priests to permit additional levels for the purposes of identifying the ecumenical patriarch on the campaign map

    • campaign_script:

    - Fixed broken jerusalem reemergence script (settlement being checked was Marrakesh and not jerusalem)
    - Game now knows if a faction is currently engaged in a war they started (aggressor = 1)
    - Added princess spawning script for after turn 60
    - Isaakios komnenos gets sent off map at the beginning of the game
    - Ioannis komnenos gets sent off map at the beginning of the game
    - Ali ibn nizar gets sent off map at the beginning of the game
    - Game now knows when there is a general with Trusted1 in proximity to the capital (trusted_ally = 1)
    - Game now knows when there is a general with Trusted1 (right_hand = 1)
    - Prepared a script that allows us to guarantee that there will always be an heir for the republic factions (it is not active)
    - Orthodox factions get extra patriarchs if they control alexandria, rome, jerusalem or antioch
    - Game now knows when the faction that owns constantinople is having its turn (for ecumenical patriarch)
    - Commented out the heir selection script.. I don't think any of us will miss it
    - Game tracks when military assistance is rendered for the purposes of fixing the broken mil assistance trigger in the factionstanding file
    - Troubadours event now requires jousting lists or better in faction instead of town hall, requires catholic religion, requires turn number greater than 150

    • export_desc_characters_traits & export_vnvs:

    - Education of Generals fix – this is the (first) JoC minimod, with some later fixes included. It fixes the triggers and the effects for the education system that exists in the SSHIP (and also the base SS). See the details here and here
    - Generals’ Traits Common Sense fix – this is a JoC minimod, with some later fixes included. It fixes the triggers and effects for many traits that exist in the SSHIP (and also the base SS). See the details here. It also includes the Fog of War adjustments to the traits (Line Of Sight restrictions for not experienced generals).
    - Usurper and Loyalty fix - parts o the mechanism in the EDCT have been fixed on the VineFynn's proposa.: see details in this thread. It also includes the Loyalty adjustments as partially described here.
    - Priests’ fix: antitrait bug removed (by doubling the number of triggers), definitions and triggers modified to provide balance, the pagan priests fixed (they didn't work before), some information messages fixed.
    - Spies’ fix: antitrait bug removed: the triggers were in fact doubled, the definitions and triggers modified. The Line of Sight shortened for base level, LoSfor other traits added.
    - Other agents’reviewed for bugs (Antitrait etc.) and for logic/completenes in triggers: Witch, Heretic, Inquisitor, Diplomat (no change of LoS).
    - Princess fix - traits were partially fixed for the Anti-trait and NoComingBack bug.
    - Added traits and trait triggers for tracking aggressors
    - Added triggers for giving royal blood to AI's spawned princesses
    - Increased authority gain from Rightful Heir
    - Increased authority gain from Plotter
    - Speaker and BadSpeaker now affect popularity instead of law
    - Nerfed Just trait slightly
    - Last levels of HarshRuler and KindRuler impose small penalty on unrest and taxcollection respectively
    - Physically Flawless now increases troopmorale instead of decreasing command for some reason
    - Ugly levels do not increase command, instead increase troopmorale
    - Lewd no longer decreases bribe resistance but instead reduces piety
    - Changed the flnearcapital system to make it more interesting/interactive:
    - Added Courtier trait
    - Added NearCapitalTrait
    - Modified FLNearCapital trait and triggers
    - Modified NearLoyalty triggers
    - Generals now only gain loyalty from being near the capital when the faction leader or a Trusted1 general is
    - Generals who hang around the capital for prolonged periods of time may gain increased chance of being selected as next heir
    - Once there is a general with trusted1, other generals cannot gain near_loyalty
    - Republics no longer transmit Factionleader 1 by blood, instead those with royal blood gain it by having good traits and lose it by having bad ones (simulate acceptability to the electors)
    - Adoptees in republics gain the republic's corresponding bloodline
    - Nerfed royal_blood and royal_relations for pisa and venice
    - Admirals no longer get randomly wounded
    - Fixed broken triggers for just trait, which meant being chivalrous would reduce it
    - Fixed entries broken by switch from Milan->Abbasid
    - Fixed apparently broken trigger for antipopes
    - Commented out parts of triggers that use the stupid heroandrogue syste
    - Fixed a bunch of broken priest triggers
    - Fixed some broken admiral wounded triggers
    - Fixed broken agent health recovery triggers
    - Fixed broken agent visiting building/guild triggers
    - Fixed some broken spy mission success triggers
    - Made Maritime Interests trait hidden, it had no description written for any of its levels
    - Decreased absolutely insane -5 (1 = 10%) malus to bribe resistance from diplomat education traits (londonedu bolognaedu etc, each level of BribeResistance is 10% increase/decrease)
    - Claims inherited matrilineally are now weaker than normal claims, but are treated as normal claims in the event of becoming faction heir or leader provided the character isn't usurping, in which case it is easier for them to be a stronger usurper
    - Princesses can inherit normal claims from their mothers, and weak claims from their fathers, but not weak claims from their mothers (originally they could not inherit normal claims from their mothers)

    • descr_regions:

    - Changed rebel type in trebizond province to Greek_Rebels

    • export_descr_ancillaries & descr_ancillaries:

    - Provincial titles fix: 32 titles (from Central and Eastern Europe) have been updated: names, pics, effects, descriptions; in some cases also triggers or the very existence - this is JoC submod, details are provided in this thread.
    - Ministerial Offices fix: 8 titles have been fixed: triggers, also existence of a few muslim and greek versions (this is a JoC fix, details are here). The descriptions in the EA provide the player with full picture how to use them.- Harsh judge now affects law 1
    - Tacitius replaced with Manuel Anemas, Effect Command 1 Authority 1
    - Greeks cannot acquire the privyseal anc
    - Ecumenical patriarch worldwide anc will be given to a patriarch of an orthodox owner of constantinople (provided there is no other such ancillary out there)
    - This anc makes the patriarch equivalent to an antipope in terms of stats, and improves relations with other orthodox factions, but it could do with a better graphic
    - Commented out scepter of the high officer anc, this is completely pointless as it is ahistorical, non transferable and guaranteed to appear on any byzantine general with Military_Career_In_Byzantium > 6, also the career trait doesnt need more buffs than it already gives
    - Martin Luther is now only accessible to catholics and decreases piety (so he increases chance of being burnt by inquisitors) but increases a bunch of other stuff to compensate
    - John Wycliffe was changed similarly

    • descr_faction_standing:

    - Replaced entry for reducing standing when at war to one which reduces standing for aggressors as being tracked by new script
    - Ecumenical Patriarch ancillary improves relations with orthodox factions
    - Reputation no longer takes longer to normalise on higher difficulty levels- instead it normalises to a lower level (technically making things harder)
    - Hard and Very Hard difficulties reduce your relations less than before (trying to balance above change)
    - Actions which are obviously only supposed to normalise your reputation in one particular direction now work as intended
    - Player factions now normalise relations with all the same factions as the AI to the same level as the AI but not always as quickly
    - Added the sphere of influence system, wherein taking certain settlements as certain factions hurts reputation and relations less
    - Military assistance now works as intended wrt reputation

    • Descr_Strat:

    - Byzantium:
    -- Fixes:
    Isaakios Komnenos- added FactionHeir 1
    Roger Dalassinos- added WifeIsFactionHeir 2
    Konstantinos Angelos- added WifeIsFactionHeir 2 to Nikiphoros Vryennios, Konstantinos Angelos, Roger Dalassinos
    Nikiphoros Vryennios- added WifeIsGreek 1, WifeIsFactionHeir 2
    Nikiphoros Vryennios- removed FactionHeir 1
    -- Existing Characters:
    Ioannis Komnenos- replaced tacitius anc with manuel anemas (tacitius is super dead at this point)
    Ioannis Komnenos- added victorvirtue 1, wifehasconverted 1, wifeishungarian 1
    Ioannis Axouchos- increased loyal to 2, strategychivalry to 2 (correction for later start date)
    Ioannis Axouchos- added near_loyalty 2, BattleScarred 1, Military_Career_In_Byzantium 5, megas_domestikos (correction for later start date)
    Nikiphoros Vryennios- added Greek_Edu 2, Handsome 1, WiseIsWise 3
    Nikiphoros Vryennios- is now 70
    Alexios- added WifeIsKievan 1, Royal_Relation_Hungarian 1
    Rogerios Dalassinos- added Usurper 1, WifeIsSickly 1 (maria dies 10 years into the game historically)
    Rogerios Dalassinos- reduced Disloyal to 1 (compensates for additional loyalty loss from Usurper 1)
    Andronikos Komnenos- is now 24
    Andronikos Komnenos- added Greek_Edu 1, Royal_Relation_Hungarian 1
    -- Family Tree:
    added Ireni Kievskii as dead wife of Alexios (so we can have his daughter in game)
    added Maria Komnenos as daughter of Alexios
    added Ireni Lastname as wife of Andronikos Komnenos
    added Maria as daughter of Andronikos Komnenos
    added Ioannis Lastname as son of Andronikos Komnenos
    added Alexios Vryennios as son of Nikiphoros Vryennios
    added Ioannis Vryennios as son of Nikiphoros Vryennios
    added Ireni Vryennios as daughter of Nikiphoros Vryennios
    added Maria Vryennios as dead daughter of Nikiphoros Vryennios
    added Ioannis Isaakios as son of Isaakios Komnenos
    added Ireni Zvenigorodskii as wife is Isaakios Komnenos
    added Maria Isaakios as daughter of Isaakios Komnenos
    added Anna Isaakios as daughter of Isaakios Komnenos
    added Andronikos Isaakios as son of Isaakios Komnenos
    added Andronikos Dalassinos as son of Rogerios Dalassinos
    added Maria Angelos as daughter of Konstantinos Angelos
    added Alexios Angelos as son of Konstantinos Angelos
    -- Misc:
    removed Eumathios (disappeared from historical record 15 years before start date)
    replaced generic priests with historical figures Leon Styppeiotes and Ioannis Agapitos
    Trebizond given to byzantium rebels under Konstantinos Gavras
    Konstantinos Angelos- moved to Tarnovo (so axouchos can replace him)
    Ioannis Axouchos- moved to Nicaea (so andronikos isaakios can replace him)
    - Poland:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Boleslaw Piast- is now 7
    Wladyslaw- added WifeIsHRE 1, Royal_Relation_HRE 1, Offensive_To_Nobles 1 to Wladyslaw
    Gromislaw Piast- changed name oto Gromislaw z_Wrocimowic (if we have more real piasts in the game, we don't need fake ones)
    Gromislaw Piast- removed Royal_Blood_Polish 1
    -- Family Tree:
    added Agnieszka as wife of Wladyslaw
    added Boleslaw as son of Wladyslaw
    added Mieszko as son of Wladyslaw
    -- Misc:
    Stettin begins under the control of Polish rebels
    - Sicily:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Tancredi- is now 14
    Guglielmo- is now 1
    Ruggero- is now 15
    Ruggero- is now the heir
    Ruggero- swapped all traits, units, ancillaries and location with Tancredi
    -- Family Tree:
    Added Ali as son of al-Mustarshid
    -- Existing Characters:
    Al-Hafiz- is now son of son of al-Mustansir
    -- Family Tree:
    added all the caliphs back to al-Mustansir
    added wives for all of the caliphs (ahistorical but necessary)
    added Abul-Tayyib as son of Al-Amir
    added Ali as offmap son of dead Nazir
    - Scotland:
    -- Fixes:
    Uilleam- added Factionleader 1
    -- Existing Characters:
    Uilleam- is now son of Donnchad
    -- Family Tree:
    added Donnchad as dead son of Mael Coluim
    - Venice:
    -- Fixes:
    Domenico Morosini- removed FactionRegent 1
    Domenico Morosini- added Factionleader 2
    - HRE:
    -- Fixes:
    Konrad von_Staufen- made heir, since I think that was what was intended by giving him Usurper 2
    -- Misc:
    Brandenburg begins under the control of Prussian rebels
    - England:
    -- Fixes:
    Geoffrey Plantagenet- added WifeIsFactionHeir 2
    Robert Curthose- added Factionleader 1
    -- Existing Characters:
    Stephen- removed Factionleader 2
    Stephen- added Usurper 2
    Stephen- added WeakClaimant 1
    -- Family Tree:
    added William Clinton as dead son of Robert Curthose
    added Sybil as dead wife of Robert Curthose
    - Novgorod:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Sviatoslav Olgovich- added WifeIsCumans 1, Factionleader 2
    Sviatoslav Olgovich- made heir
    Sviatoslav Olgovich- removed Intelligent 1, Factionleader 3, HaveChilds 1
    Sviatoslav Olgovich- moved to Pskov
    Vsevolod Mstislavich- is now 44 (oldest age he could possibly have been at start date)
    Vsevolod Mstislavich- is now leader
    Vsevolod Mstislavich- added HaveChilds 1, Factionleader 3, Intelligent 1
    Vsevolod Mstislavich- moved to Novgorod
    Oleg Olgovich- removed Factionleader 2
    -- Family Tree:
    added Svyatoslava Chernigovskii as wife of Vsevolod Mstislavich
    added Ivan as dead son of Vsevolod Mstislavich
    added Vysheslava Mstislavich as daughter of Vsevolod Mstislavich
    - Portugal:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Henriques- changed name to Henriques de Borgone
    Sancha de Portugal- changed name to Urraca de Borgone
    Sancha de Portugal- swapped location and traits and agenttype with Teresa de Portugal
    Teresa de Portugal- changed name to Sancha de Borgone
    Teresa de Portugal- is now 35
    Teresa de Portugal- is now wife of the other male general at start date
    Other male general at start date- changed name to Fernando de Breganca
    - Castille:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Sancha- added PrincessWeakFactionHeir 1
    - Hungary:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Borisz Herceg: added BastardHeir 1
    -- Misc:
    Zara begins under the control of Venetian rebels
    - Rus:
    -- Existing Characters:
    Yurii Monomakh- added Factionleader 1
    Yurii Monomakh- added WifeIsCumans 1
    Andrei Dolgorukii- added Factionleader 1
    Andrei Dolgorukii- added Royal_Relation_Cumans 1
    - Misc:
    New vc graphics/pic
    Naples- now has paved roads
    Constantinople- now has highways
    Thessalonica- now has paved_roads, removed theatre
    Durrazo- now has roads
    Tbilisi- now is city
    Adrianople- now has paved_roads
    Constantinople- now has racing_track, removed theatre
    Venice- removed theatre
    Rome- removed theatre
    Milan- removed theatre
    Kiev- removed theatre
    Alamut- buffed starting garrison, leader
    Initial Watchtowers removed. It's for the player to develop the infrastructure in the provinces.

    • desc_cultures:

    Watchtower cost increased to 1000.

    • Reported issues fixed:

    Dismounted Vlastela: unit size doubled to match other dismounted units size (48 instead of 24 in EDU).
    Georgian units have quality and type descriptions now
    Only ERE is able to build highways now.
    Muttatawi unit have have quality and type descriptions now
    Text descriptions related to Leon Castille refer to Castilians instead of Leonese now
    Missing texture for Chivalric Footknights for Aragon fixed
    Sea trade routes missing: Distance port to port reduce in the descr_campaign_db file
    All missing voices and sounds should be fixed now, no matter if you use an English version of the game or not

    You can follow us on Moddb as well

    Last edited by Jurand of Cracow; June 20, 2020 at 05:37 PM. Reason: SSHIP v0.9.6 released + patches all in one + SoundFix

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