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    Default The thread for dumb questions

    Do people in Turkey like to eat turkey?

    Have I been tying my shoes with the correct kind of knot after all these years?

    Do I really have to exercise?

    Is it liquor before beer, or beer before liquor? Why can't I ever remember the right order?

    Do chicks dig my Star Trek t-shirt?

    If a "liger" is a cross between a tiger and a lion, can I cross breed a liger with a house cat?

    Why, yes it is! If it wasn't painfully obvious by the sign. Welcome, both ladies and gentlemen, to the thread for dumb questions.

    It's a place where you no longer have to feel embarrassed about seeking the answers to those questions you know are dumb, but have been nagging you for so long.

    It may also be a place for you to pose fake questions just for the sake of comedic value and hilarity. I'll leave that decision to you.

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