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Thread: No Sound after uninstall of Zulu/Orient Mod

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    Default No Sound after uninstall of Zulu/Orient Mod

    Seen threads about this but none seem to really fix my problem. I recently uninstalled the Orient/Zulu mod from NTW and got the no sound glitch on menus and in game/battle. Upon trying to fix this I noticed there was no user.scripts or a scripts folder for that matter in the NTW folder.

    Seeing this I uninstalled the game then reinstalled, but it was missing user.scripts and verifying the cache on steam does nothing but verify that it's missing but it does not replace the missing files. (Pic related is my folder as it is currently)

    Help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: No Sound after uninstall of Zulu/Orient Mod

    I have the same problem,i have reinstalled but still no sound any help?? would be great

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