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Thread: The Notitia Dignitatum Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sertorio View Post
    By twin dragon do you mean like the Aglevari , Defensores or Cornuti ? Can you give me an idea of cult of mithra based shields ?
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Heres a link to a cult of Mithras shield design:

    If I'm correct, the cult actually did exist but not the shield, it's a fictional design.

    Here's a pic of the twin dragon shield, the red one in the middle:

    Hopefully their both viewable.
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    Default Re: The Notitia Dignitatum Project

    Hey, could I use them in my IB mod: TEMPVS EDAX PERVM, if so could you upload them somewhere else or on google drive? I have problems with depositfiles
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