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Thread: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    Many thanks for your support, guys!!

    About Maedhros, his bodyguard is done (cavalry unit, of course), but he must be reworked...i must cut his right hand and improve a new animation to a correct use of the sword with the left hand...he'll be in another preview .

    The roster of the faction is larger, but many units will be in the regional units' can see here its native units.

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    Stunning work.Those units are breathtaking.

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    Lovely previews... I do hope that this isn't one of those mods that gets a huge build-up for years and then ends up never seeing the light of day. There's a huge list of those already...

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    Quote Originally Posted by Nelduin View Post

    My suggestions about colour patterns of those units:

    1st row 5th unit Horsemen archer - should have blue shirt like 2nd row 4th swordsmen (for uniformity)
    3rd row 2nd horsemen archer should have red shirt like 3rd row 4th/5th spearmen to be more visual different from 2nd unit of horsemen archers
    4th row 5th archer should have red tunic, not light blue (for uniformity)
    5th row 1st archer should have standard blue tunic (like 4th row 1st spearmen unit)

    Anyway, those units are as good as usual
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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    We don't want necessarily too much uniformity, RTW has no skin variation inside a unit, so there is widely enough uniformity.

    Basically, these units won't be modified until the first version comes out. We still have a lot of work to do.

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    We still have a lot of work to do.

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    Informative and interesting preview! Came quickly to modification!

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    Default Re: [Preview #3] House of FŽanor

    By the way, will the House of FŽanor have significant cavalry forces? It seems that they better horses (or more horses) than the other Noldor.

    For example, Maedhros gives Fingolfin warhorses as tribute, and it seems logical that they would have more than the other Noldor due to the other Houses most likely losing the majority of their horses crossing the HelcaraxŽ.
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    Well, most of Feanor's sons are cavalry units, plus they have an unique cavalry unit, the Feanorian Knights:

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