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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotreksek View Post
    There could be one or two technologies that would increase the income of goldmines, because gold was as important to both sides as troop strength, battle tactics, public support, ... it backet the various currencies used during that time period :
    - "Improved Mining Equipment" (Improved equipment will help mine more gold)
    Once you research it, you get a first increase to the income of gold mines and you can therefor research :
    - "Army protection for shipments" (I couldn't find a better name, but you get the idea ^^ as there were a lot of robberies and raids on those gold shipments, adding guards to them became a necessity to insure the gold would arrive safe)
    Aye it seems like a sound idea, but didnt much of that gold come from California, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada? Since those places aren't on the map, It won't be very helpful. HOWEVER what if it applied to ALL mines.

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    All mines sounds good to me ^^ Glad you like the idea.

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    Do you know if Research/Techs can influence diplomacy ? Like if you want your allies to join the war against the south/north, you need to research a tech that could be called "Foreign liaison officer" ! As it's not really historical (because no other countries joined the war), it would be one of the researchs that can only be done lastly, so you don't get a foreign contry in the war too soon.
    It could be a great way to stop other factions from declaring war against the US and de CS (except if you declare war against them first). They would be able to join the war only if you research the "Foreign liaison officer" (during the war both sides had foreign military observers) and you would need to have them as military allies in diplomacy.
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    a other idea which i had not sure if it is allready in here.

    Blockade Runner Tech

    It would allow you to still trade even if your ports are beeing blockaded by the enemy maybe it would have a pennalty like you could only trade half the goods you could without beeing blockaded.

    This is very hard to mod i supose i don't even know if it would be possible at all for the port beeing able to trade with beeing blockaded might be hardcoded.

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    Got any more, anyone?

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    Could you do a recap of the ideas you want to keep ? It might give new ideas to see all of them together

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    Scorched earth?

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    New gunpowder that doen't smoke

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    Hi, I am late to this but so far enjoying V3.6.2 very much. Campaign Questions, (1) I cannot figure out how to recruit naval units. (2) How to you acquire technology, you cannot research it? (3) is there any point in using diplomacy to get technologies? It seems to have an effect but not 100% clear? (4) Cannot build forts in the field with an officer like you can in native empire total war, is this blocked for some reason? (5) Cannot fortify towns? The only fortifications I get are what look like mines for one unit type, is there no barricades or other barriers that your troops can build when you have been sitting in the same spot? I would be very grateful for any how to document or short guide on game features. Thanks General_ARC.

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