The original excerpt from 5arge
"The Public Regiment is a tradition dating back to the first NA Friday Night Line Battle hosted on February 4th, 2011. In order to fill the server, because there were not many NA based regiments at that time, we allowed all public players to attend. Instead of setting them free upon the battlefield however, we subjected them to a half hour of regimental line drill training courtesy of the 1stEPI's training manual (which was based off of Hardee's manual). Ever since, we have fielded a group of public players formed up as a regiment of their own every Friday and now Tuesday night.

To qualify as a public player, you must not be in a regiment, so players wearing tags may be denied entry into the event.

Public players who have been to many battles and have shown proficiency following and giving orders have been assigned as trustworthy pubOfficers to the Public Regiment. When an admin is not available to train and lead the pubs into battle, the responsibility passes to one of the pubOfficers.

In the 3 years of their existence, the Pubs have grown into something more than just a home of misfits who train for 15 minutes before linebattles. The group has evolved from that into a amazing group of players who have become great members of the NW Community. Out of the Pubs came great leaders like 5arge and JD and various others whose leadership skills turned the tide of battles in the Hardcore Linebattles.

But with time comes change and many members have come and gone from the Pubs. The great leaders of the Pubs are gone and now only the few who remain must try and keep the Glory of the Pubs alive. Thus begins the Great Revival, the attempt to bring life back into the dying creature. We are seeking players who want to enjoy best that the NW community can provide without all the commitment that comes with regiments. All we require is that you partake in our quick (15 minutes at most)Training before the event, Not some long one hour training session every week.
[size=14pt]The Current Generation of Pubs[/size]

But Wizard, I won't know anyone there and I'm not that great at NW. No worries, the people here are some of the friendliest people our there and are willing to help give you great tips and tricks to get better. So what are you waiting for!?!?! You can't have the great feeling of killing Reddits on the battlefield if your sitting here reading this! Come, join us in the Prussian Army TeamSpeak and learn what you've been missing out on these 3 years!

Tuesday: Tuesday Hardcore Linebattle - 8pm EST
Friday: Friday Hardcore Linebattle - 9pm Eastern Time

Steam Group:

Prussian Army

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Official Pub Anthem

The Pubbers Pledge