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Thread: Help, messed up the traits file

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    Default Help, messed up the traits file

    Really enjoying this mod, however one thing is really bothering me and it's the player penalty/ AI advantage traits. The AI characters especially just get uber strong points traits. While I appreciate that this is an attempt to increase the challenge to the player I just really don't like it. To me it feels like it makes the game lose some of it's atmosphere as it generalises all enemy characters into great commanders, administrators and all high influence while all my characters are penalised and it just doesn't look nice. IMO it just gives an arcade feeling to an otherwise great mod.

    I made an attempt at cutting out all these traits entirely in the "export_descr_character_traits", but now I get a CTD every time I click end turn. I had played about 40 turns beforehand as the Danes before modding the files without any trouble. Now playing as England I get a CTD when I press end turn (the first end turn of that campaign), 3 times in a row. The sections I deleted were the 'penalty player' section and I believe the other was called 'AI default advantage'. I thought I had all the spacing between the text right however, not being very cautious I didn't create a back up file so I can't compare what I did wrong with the right format nor can I even play the game. Not being very good with modding or playing with files, I probably won't get it right a second time either. I'm playing with ALX and have all the up to date patches.

    If anybody could be willing to check my file and tell me what I did wrong, or even change it so the effects of these penalties and advantages do not occur , I would be very grateful. I have attatched the file below. Cheers for your help.


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    Default Re: Help, messed up the traits file

    I guess there is no hope for you to getting somebody do a correction for the file above based on your custom-modding.

    Hint: Iirc. the ALX patch file has the traits file on board, so you can at least reinstall the right one.

    As for your critic, i can only say, that ChivTW was done in the philosophy to reduce the usual player advantages in TW games vs. the dump vanilla AI, vice versa i see the vanilla balancing as arcade approach. In result, the RTW AI needs help where it is possible. This said, well, ChivTW is merely for RTW veteran players, who have enough of typical vanilla-balancing and seek a challenge vs. the by mod influenced vanilla-idiot-AI.

    And especially as for traits and ancillaries, as everybody knows, the Rome vanilla traits and ancs provide a lot negative items for the player characters (most if not all Rome-typical traits and ancs are disabled in ChivTW, replaced with something that makes some sense), this is far changed in ChivTW with great medieval-atmosphere increasing character properties, and it is possible to get good character properties, when you play it right
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