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Thread: Empire Mac Mod Guide

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    Default Re: Empire Mac Mod Guide

    Why do you want a link without the exe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Himster View Post
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    Default Re: Empire Mac Mod Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Aexodus View Post
    Why do you want a link without the exe?
    I think he mean a link for a mod and in this case it's the Imperial Splendour mod.

    Quote Originally Posted by uranis View Post
    I have installed etw thanks to the appstore and i have tried imperial destroyer (it worked), but then i wanted to play with the rights of men and it was impossible to find the files, so i desided to play with imperial splendour, but i couldn't find a download link (without the exe file)
    can someone help me?

    @uranis: Here can you download Imperial Splendour.
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