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    The Motorola Moto X
    Quick Info
    Name: Moto X
    Type of Electronic: Cell Phone
    Prices: 0 (With Contract) - 100$ (16gb)


    The smartphone industry has always been dominated by two major companies, Apple and Samsung. But in recent years Google has been offering people the stock Android experience on their phones, and the phones of Motorola (A recent purchase by google).
    Motorola has released two phones in the past couple of months, the budget cell phone called The Moto G and another phone not designed for the basement tech freak, but instead the average Joe, that phone is the Moto X

    Pros of the Moto X:
    1.) For some reason, this phone is awesome.
    With average specs, this phone will fill all of your expectations and it feels like a high end smartphone.

    2.) The phone feels very nice when you hold it and when you are talking to someone

    This is due to the curved design of the Moto X that feels so natural to hold and there is a dimple on the back of the phone that makes holding the phone to your ear feel better.

    3.) Touch Less command... essentially I can do anything on my phone without touching it.
    Even when it is locked, I simply say out loud “Ok Google now” and boom it asks me what I want. It is really useful when I am busy or on the computer... heck even playing my beloved FIFA 14
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    3.) The phone now comes with the new Google processing system, 4.4 Kit!

    4.) The call quality is fantastic and I never struggle to hear people.

    You are able to change the color, details and get an inscription on the back!

    And you can test if for free, make your own phone people!
    (If the link does not work, search for Moto maker on Google)

    Cons of the Moto X:

    I honestly only have one gripe with this phone... The Camera

    . My old Atrix II (A two year old phone) seemed like it had a better camera, not just that but the Moto X has really... strange camera software that makes it a hassle to use.


    I believe the Moto X is one of the very best smartphones on the market right now, sure it does not have the smooth metal back of the Iphone or HTC one, or the specs of the Nexus 5, but the Moto X just combines everything the average person would want in a phone, fast internet, quick touchscreen commands, touch less controls and finally, the crisp feel of the phone and how natural it feels in your hand. And don't forget the price!


    If you like the sound of the Moto X there are two things I want you to do.

    One... please for the love of god make a custom made one... I could not because my old phone died and I needed a new one ASAP but please... do your self a favor and get if personalized.

    Two... Go into a local phone shop and ask to see the Moto X, hold it in your hand a make sure you like the way it feels... I personally have not found one person who did not like the way it feels but maybe there are some people who don't.

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    Default Re: [Tech Products] The Motorola Moto X

    From reviews I've read and seen online, this is an outstanding phone. Currently using a Galaxy S2, and while overall it's very good, the memory optimization and battery life are what keep me from loving it, as it randomly starts up processes that use up 80-90% of the available RAM, which makes performance sluggish at times. My contract is set to expire in a couple months, and when it comes time to switch phones, I'll definitely be giving the Moto X serious consideration.

    Great review.

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