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Thread: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

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    Default Do you choose either 1.0 or 1.2? Or install 1.2 over 1.0?

    Do you choose either 1.0 or else 1.2? Or install 1.2 over 1.0?

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    Default Re: Do you choose either 1.0 or 1.2? Or install 1.2 over 1.0?

    Choose which ever you like. They both are their own mod version. 1.0 is simply vanilla on a new map, 1.2 has a lot of new features.

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    Default Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Hello everybody,

    I apologize for the delay, but now I'm proud to announce that the saga continues. At this very moment I am uploading the new release of our epic mod Rome Total History version 1.2.

    The file is 384 MB, so I'm afraid it will take some time, but in two hours I will post the download link (currently the upload is at 12%).

    In the meantime I'll try to entertain you with the new features. Here is a list:

    Important adjustments in RTH 1.2:

    Bug fixes:
    - Units causing CTD fixed
    - Shields of Egyptian Machimoi fixed
    - Missing UIs added
    - Broken trade connections fixed in Scythia, India, Arabia and Aethiopia

    Major improvements:
    - Mercenaries can be bribed joining most factions
    - Garrisons and Citadels enabled for direct recruitment of regional mercenaries
    - Battle Creator enabled
    - Custom battlefields added (Seven Wonders, Milet, Cyzicus, Thermopylae, Delphi, Mycene, Epidaurus, Isthmus, Sicyon, Naples, Syracuse, Agrigentum)
    - Custom battles added (Thermopylae, Ipsus, Delphi, Acrocorinth, Syracuse)
    - Battle movement modifiers diversified according to different ground
    - New design for desert towns (Capsa, Artacoana and more)
    - New design for Barbarian hillfort towns: Alesia, Gergovia, Numantia and more)
    - New detailed design for Syracuse

    - MAP improvements:
    - City of Athens and Piraeus moved, new coastline in Argolis
    - Region Sindica (capital Phanagoria) added, with road going from Phasis to Tanais
    - Capital of Gaetulia moved from Thamondocana to Capsa
    - More accurate borders in Thrace and Odrysia. Capital of Thrace is now Philippopolis, with Celtic capital Tylis reduced to fort
    - Port of Barygaza added in India
    - Port of Hellespontus moved from Sestos to Ainos (a ship in Sestos was closing the passage)
    - Better coastline and roads in Scythia (mouth of Borysthenes/Dnjepr)
    - Better roads in Arabia and Aethiopia
    - Height adjustments in Greece and other areas
    - Roughness of battle maps reduced
    - Trade benefits for ports at very close distance reduced (Athens-Argos and some others)
    - Illyrian island channel navigable in automatic (move from Rhizon/Cattaro to Iader with one click)

    - More UNITS added: Libyan Spearmen, Lucanian Warriors, Pontic Heavy Peltasts, Parthian Heavy Infantry, Scythian Heavy Infantry, Gothic Spearmen, Celtic Onagers and more
    - More officers and standard bearers added to units
    - Improved roster for Illyria/Thrace with new units Thracian Infantry, Thracian Swordsmen, Thracian Gladiators, Odrysian Peltasts, Odrysian Mercenaries, Odrysian Cavalry, Paionian Cavalry, Dardanian Warband, Dardanian Thorakitai, Triballi Falxmen, and more
    - Thracian Mercenaries now with light armour
    - Improved roster for Iberian Tribes adding Iberian Archers, Iberian Spearmen, Iberian Caetrati and more

    - Reworked BUILDINGS tree introducing:
    - Medical: Medicus, Hospital, Medical School, Aesculapium
    - Educational: Gymnasion, Rhetoric School, Mathematical School, Musaeum, Royal Library, Great Library
    - Sport grounds: Palaestra, Gymnasium, Stadium
    - Festivals: Floralia, Bacchanalia, Saturnalia
    - Oracles: Delphi, Dodona, Ammonion
    - River Port, Naval Base
    - Rostra, Comitium and Roman Theatre, Gymnasium, Aerarium (Rome)
    - Stoa (Greeks)
    - Gerusia (Sparta), City Guild and Council of Elders, Archons, Areopag, Synarchy
    - Satrapy, Tyranny (Greek), Nome (Egypt), Municipium, Colonia, Provincia (Roman)
    - Garden, Park, Paradise (Eastern, Seleucids)
    - Wells, Cisterns, Fountains, Baths
    - Pasture (Barbarian)
    - Mint, State Archive (Rome)
    - Lictors (Rome)
    - More temples and cults: Mithras, Isis and more
    - Full polytheism introduced, allowing to build an almost unlimited number of temples (except in Parthia)
    - Diversified icons for many temples added
    - New icons for many other buildings added
    - Special buildings: Seven Wonders (Pyramids, Colossus, Mausoleum, Artemision, Olympia, Hanging Gardens, Pharos, Stonehenge)
    - Special buildings: minor wonders (Acropolis, Capitol, Ortygia, Paradise of Daphne, Dam of Mariba and many more)
    - Special buildings: naval ports (Piraeus, Alexandria, Carthage, Syracuse, Ostia, Naples, Tarentum)
    - Special buildings: specific temples (Jupiter Optimus, Juno Moneta, Janus, Concordia, Solomon's temple and many more)

    Feel free to post any question you like!

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Here is the download link to RTH_1.2:

    To install the game you need a vanilla version of Rome Total War upgraded to versions 1.3 and 1.5. Unzip the file with Win RAR and move the folder RTH into your Rome Total War folder besides the original Data folder. Do the same with the “Rome Total History mod” launcher and eventually open properties to correct the destination path. Use the launcher to start the game. It's easy.


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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    I'll test it out when I have time.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    You need clearer instructions mate, like step by step, I managed to struggle through but I cant imagine anyone unfamiliar with computers doing it.

    Scratch that, giving me an error, "problem checking steam application".

    Ok to get this to work on steam you need to copy the launch options from the Rome Total History shortcut into the steam launch options. Aaand theres no indication it worked except for the factions being different, just a warning.

    Very impressive so far though! Highly recommended!
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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    First of all, hi! Im' kinda new here, and I don't plan on being very active on the site, but I just thought I'd report some bugs I've found along the way while playing your mod.

    First of all, I agree with the user above me when he says that the installation procedure is not ver specific: for someone who had never installed a RTW mod/doesn't have much experience fiddling around with computers, it can be a bit troublesome to get it going at first.

    Now, onto the bug list! These are minor bugs, and nothing major, but I thought I should point them out for you to fix in further releases.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Well, this is annoying... I was trying to post the bugs, but I keep getting this message: "Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words."

    .. which is strange, because I checked for swear words... -_-''' Anyways, I'd like to expand further, so here's the short list:

    1) Characters sometimes disappear of the map - their 3d model disappears and only appears the next turn.

    2) Pontus' faction destroyed warning appears as the one of Parthia.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    First at all thank you for the new version.
    I tried to begin to start new game for Rome faction and... UPS! When I press this buttons I always catch CTDs.

    Hope you will fix this bugs.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Here are better instructions:
    For NON Steam users:
    1.Download RTH v1.2
    2. Extract the files using winrar to your Rome-Total War directory
    3. Create a shortcut of your RTW.exe and move it to your desktop
    4. Rename the shortcut to "Rome Total History"
    5. Right Click the shortcut and go to properties. In the target line after all quotations, put -show_err -mod:RTH

    For steam users:
    1. Download RTH v1.2
    2. Extract the files using winrar to "programfiles(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/RomeTotalWarGold
    3. Go into your steam library and right click Rome Total War, then go to properties and click on "Set Launch Options"
    4. Put -show_err -mod:RTH
    5. Optional: Create a desktop shortcut

    Since you are a new user and have less than 25 posts you are restricted on what you can do. Get to 25 and you'll have full access.
    For the bugs, not sure how to fix them, as I have never experienced those yet. Philadelphos would know but he is on vacation.

    This is a very common issue when removing the senate faction from the game. Do not click the Senate tab or Offices button as it will always result in a CTD. Hopefully in the future, we can find a way to remove those from the screen. There is a way to do it but he already removed the senate and I do not know if it is still possible.

    For future bugs and issues, please report in the Support thread.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    There probably is no senate, that's why. So don't click that tab. I believe it's going to get removed.

    I'll have to download the mod to check it out.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Are the family trees smaller this time?
    Cry God for Harry, England and Saint George!

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Doesn't look like it. I think that will come out in the next version. Philadelphos recommends sending them on suicide missions etc to get rid of them.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Too much too old generals in the beginning of Rome game. In couple of turns my suicide army of elders-kamikaze eliminated all Epirrus in Italy and landed in Greece for further blitzkrieg.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Not good, this is something I believe we should fix. Generals are the most powerful unit in the game. Yes, having a large family tree has it's benefits but in regards to balance it can really make things easy for the player.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    One more suggestion. There are so much temples in your mod. For example for one town there are more than 15 of them available. I build all of them and game become too easy. I don't even destroy Greek and Barbarian temples, simple build a new 15 temples - and you'll never see revolts.
    What do you think about regional temples like in AOR-system? For Genua city - one temple, for Patavium - another one. Or something like this.

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Hey ahowl11 do you know what may be causing CTDs when I try to play any campaing?

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    @fty that is a good observation, I didn't know he added that many! That is also a good suggestion.
    What are you doing before the CTD?

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    What do you mean before?

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    Default Re: Rome Total History RTH_1.2 released

    Also the only thing that works for me are Historical battles Whenever I try to do something else it crashes.

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