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Thread: [Download] Divide et Impera - Download link (version 0.95n, updated 12/09/14 Patch 15 Beta)

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    Icon2 [Download] Divide et Impera - Download link (version 0.95n, updated 12/09/14 Patch 15 Beta)

    New download thread can be found here:

    0.95 Patch Notes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Revision 0.95m1
    - Fixed new edicts in standalone pack.

    About battle crashes: Some users are experiencing battle crashes with patch 15 beta. I cannot seem to replicate these crashes. Make sure you have a clean install of patch 15 beta.

    Revision 13 0.95m (Only for standalone and Patch 15 Beta Pack on Steam)
    - Added new Imperium effects from patch 15 beta.
    - Added in new Edicts:
    - New Edict: Export Food. All farms and food ports now increase the effectiveness of this edict.
    - New Edict: Import Food. All markets and trade ports now increase the effectiveness of this edict.(thanks to rem123456 for the ideas behind these edicts and ABH2 for suggestions on implementation)
    - Illyrians and Daco-Thracians have access to the Mercenary Edict.
    - Rome has a new edict - Call to Arms. -6 Food, -6 Growth, -10 recruitment cost, 6 replenishment
    - Bread and Games now uses food but gives growth and public order
    - Sell slaves edict now sells slave slower and gives lower income (so its not such a drastic/immediate effect).
    - Eastern and Barbarian (other than Illyrian/Dacian) factions have a new edict - Foreign Customs. -4 culture conversion, -2 corruption, 2 growth, 2 public order
    - Fixed Roman recruitment being too high in Italy.
    - Added political influence effects for some factions, others still missing it (seems bugged currently).
    - Altered edict and dignitary caps.
    - Fixed missing weapons for Garamantine Spearmen.
    - Changed Germania Minor to have both Celtic and Germanic cultural influences.
    - Fixed Seleucid technology being misplaced in tree.
    - Reduced replenishment bonus from food surplus.
    Revision 12 (0.95L)
    - DeI is now compatible with the current patch 14 and with patch 15 beta (Emperor Edition). It does not include the new buildings in the beta patch yet. We will work on incorporating certain ones.
    - Reforms no longer require an Imperium level (turn number only). With the new civil war mechanic, this will prevent losing the ability to recruit if you lose an imperium level after a reform. This change is hopefully temporary.
    - Added in the Limited Recruitment Submod:

    • Recruitment based on region ownership in a given province (1 region owned = 1 recruitment slot). All factions other than Rome also have a bonus 1 recruitment point in their home province (Nomads get 2). Rome gets a bonus recruitment slot in all provinces. All fort variants of major cities for all factions also give 2 slots. The player gets a +2 recruitment bonus on Easy and +1 on Normal. The AI gets a +1 on Very Hard and + 2 on Legendary.

    - Added gravitas per turn to base skills and political ranks for characters in accordance with the new political system.
    - Added in axe animations.
    - Added bonus income to AI Rome and Carthage.
    Revision 11 (0.95k)
    - All starting units for all factions are now the correct size (new campaign only).
    - All starting garrisons are set as best they can be. Many will still have to regenerate some, but not nearly as much (new campaign only).
    - Added AOR units to CiG and HatG (new campaign only).
    - Removed some unit upgrades and also some commander options to hopefully fix future crash issues. Some of the AI turn crashes seem to be a result of the AI trying to upgrade commanders.
    - Fixed some missing units in custom battles.
    - Fixed some missing units on campaign rosters for various factions.

    Revision 10 (0.95j)
    - Fixed missing units for Armenia, Baktria, Seleucids, Cantabri, Arevaci, Massilia, Sparta and Tylis that should have been recruitable.
    - Made custom battle rosters match the campaign rosters for the most part. Some factions retain older units in custom battle that have been replaced by AOR units in the campaign.
    - Fixed garrison ballistas for various factions and for the fort/trade main city lines.
    - Reduced garrisons from Barbarian workshop buildings and made the units correlate more to the type of building.
    - Removed naval garrisons for now due to a bug.
    - Removed Picked Hoplites from Syracuse general unit selection.

    Revision 9 (0.95i)
    - Fixed late game crash on AI Sardes and Macedon turn
    - Fixed German bodyguard unit options in CiG

    Revision 8 (0.95h)
    - Fixed German General variants.
    - Fixed Raiding stance doubling up on public order reduction.
    - Fixed a starting Seleucid general being able to recruit post-reform bodyguard unit (new game only).
    - Removed recruitment of 2 Roman core units from auxiliary barracks.
    - Fixed German global reforms text.

    Revision 7 (0.95g1)
    - Fixed crash associated with late game Rome unit caps.
    - Updated AI Recruitment to put a lower priority on (AOR) troop types.
    - Fixed Lugii bodyguard unit options.
    - Fixed various units that weren't recruitable from our custom main city building lines (trade/garrison).
    - Added garrison units for the Garrison version of the main city building lines.
    - Fixed some double British/German units.
    - Changed starting British/German units (new game only).
    - Fixed missing textures for British spearmen of non-playable factions.
    - Fixed Dignitary caps.

    *Hopefully this will be the last update for awhile as we start to turn our attention toward our full release version (1.0).

    Revision 6 (0.95f)
    - Nerfed torch damage and incendiary level.
    - Increased AI income/upkeep bonuses for higher difficulties.
    - Removed (AOR) unit options for duplicate entries in starting regions.
    - Fortifying now uses 1 food (like default stance).
    - Changed starting composition of Rome's armies (new game only).
    - Fixed some inconsistencies in stance effects.
    - Fixed some African units that were not recruitable.
    - (AOR) Sarmatian Horse Archers now require tier 2+ main city line.
    - New Lugii selection screen map image thanks to JFC!
    - Changed Suebi 2nd Chapter Mission to require non-reform unit (new game only).
    - Fixed African trait text and image in game.
    - Fixed British (AOR) Ambusher unit name and description.
    - Small increase to starting Hellenic culture in Provincia (new game only)
    - Changed Syracuse and Massilia starting units (new game only).
    - Changed "Restricted to Prologue" text to "Higher Reform Level Required."

    Revision 5 (0.95e)
    - Fixed Seleucid battle crash.
    - Fixed Carthage AI turn crash.
    - Increased Mercenary costs. Their recruitment cost should roughly equal to their upkeep.
    - Added AOR unit access for Lugii.
    - Lowered level requirement for tier 2 dignitary skills.
    - Slightly lowered some corruption changes.
    - Added negative to corruption to 1 more dignitary skill (Expert Supervisor) and 1 more general skill (Unwavering Patriot).
    - Removed negative to agent spotting chance from Patrol Region stance.
    - Improved Carthage Mercenary Upkeep trait.
    - Changed Patrol Region icon.

    Revision 4 (0.95d)
    - Reverted new Germanic subculture (Lugii and others) to normal Germanic subculture due to a persistent battle crash.
    - Fixed crash during AI Getae turn.
    - New Army Stance - Patrol Region. This stance provides a public order bonus among other bonuses, but has serious drawbacks as well.
    - Garrisons for playable factions will now start at a higher level or maximum. Some will still take a few turns to replenish. The other factions will be done eventually (new game only).
    - Fixed Mustering Stance for Barbarians and Parthians using 1 food too much. Some subcultures will benefit more from this due to a stance bug in the base game.
    - Base 1 food bonus given to the player to help with the smaller faction starting situations.
    - Further decrease to AI public order bonus.
    - Small increase to Player Public Order bonus based on difficulty level.
    - Rome now receives +1 recruitment in their home regions.
    - Fixed Masaesyli and Lugii starting army sizes and composition (new game only).
    - Fixed Capable Bureaucrat (General Skill) Public Order Bonus.
    - Reduced various bonuses of the AI having to do with income and cost in an attempt to curb the early expansion.
    - Reduced AI recruitment bonus by 1 on Normal, Very Hard and Legendary. Also an attempt to curb the early expansion.
    - Fixed Lugii negative trait.
    - Increased corruption to add difficulty to the mid-late game for the player.
    - Added some AOR unit options to Roman auxiliary barracks in Italian regions.
    - Improved starting ports of Odryssia, Ardiaei and Tylis (new game only).
    - Fixed new Cimbri AOR unit names/descriptions.

    Revision 3 (0.95c)
    - Fixed crash during battles with a specific German unit - (AOR) Gaizoz Frije. This should fix many of the battle crash issues.
    - Disabled upgrades for (AOR) units due to AI turn crashes at various mid-late game turns. This should help with some of the AI turn crashes.
    - Removed factional mercenaries for everyone except Carthage and Egypt. (new games only)
    - Fixed Eastern temples not being buildable.

    Revision 2 (0.95b)
    - Fixed crash during AI Rome turn around turn 50.
    - Moved Dignitaries (Governors) up the technology tree for Barbarians.
    - Increase to Public Order for 4 tier 2 Dignitary (Governor) skills to help with the new Public Order system.
    - Drillmaster (General Skill) slowly increases the experience of your current troops rather than giving an experience boost to new troops. Thanks to lnrd907 for this idea and implementation!
    - Garrisoning Troops now slowly increases their experience over time. Once again thanks to lnrd907.
    - Changed the Public Order negative from armies to repression (changes bonus listing in Province panel).
    - Removed some more lingering auxiliaries from Rome.
    - Shield wall is now like the vanilla shield wall until we can find a fix for the patch 14 bug.
    - Lowered the AI's public order bonus based on difficulty level.
    - Increased upkeep for certain mercenaries that had incorrect values.
    - Added 2 missing British naval units (vanilla bug).
    - Fixed abilities for some of the new German units.

    Revision 1 (0.95a)
    - Added temples and other buildings for Masaesyli and other African/Arabian cultures that will give the proper cultural bonuses.
    - Changed Mauretania to have a higher starting Desert Nomadic cultural level.
    - Increased hitpoints for gates and towers.
    - Reduced bonus vs. cavalry for some spear units that were out of line with other units.
    - Removed vanilla abilities for new Lugii units.
    - Added Pontic Peltasts back into tier 2+ recruitment buildings for Pontus.
    - Fixed Reform techonology text being too long.

    *If you are getting an early game crash, some users have reported that a fresh install of Rome 2 fixes the issue.

    Note: The addition of Unit Upgrades in this update means many users with save games will have to research our new unit upgrade technology to continue their saves without bugged scripts. Also, save games will take awhile to load due to the amount of changes.

    Major Changes

    New Germanic Subculture and Playable Faction
    • The Lugii are now a playable faction and member of a new Eastern Germanic subculture.
    • Other factions in this subculture include the Aestii, Anartes and Gutones.
    • 21 new custom units that are unique to this new subculture. For more information go here.

    Unit Upgrades
    • Many units can now be upgraded from their previous Reform version. Huge thanks to lnrd907 for figuring this out and allowing us to use his work.
    • For many save games, you will need to research the new upgrade technology found in the first military tech line.
    • Since many Greek units are available in multiple reform tiers, their units do not have as many upgrade options.

    Garrison Overhaul
    • Garrisons have been completely redone with over 100 unique cultural units rather than existing unit types.
    • These cultural units are mainly a product of the main city building line.
    • Garrisons generally increased in terms of quality and quantity.
    • All factions now have access to equal numbers in terms of garrison population.

    Mercenary Overhaul (not save compatible - old saves will have the old mercenaries)
    • All vanilla mercenary units have been removed and replaced with 116 new custom units.
    • In general, mercenaries are higher quality than their AoR counterparts.
    • Unique colors and variants to set them apart from other units.

    Public Order System and Army Stances
    • In order to add more dynamic army placement and prevent the monotony of the "take a city, sit army in city, take a city" campaign flow, we have changed how public order and food operate with armies.
    • Armies now consume food from whatever region they are present in unless they are fortified or garrisoned. Mustering uses more food than other stances.
    • Garrisoning an army now causes a public order negative rather than a positive. This will hopefully encourage more strategic placement of forces and use of land outside of cities.
    • Increased Public Order bonuses on General's governor skills to compensate for public order penalty. Dignitaries will still be more effective governors but you will retain the option of having Generals as governors also.
    • Occupation ramifications have been changed to reflect the new public order penalty for garrisoning troops:
      • Occupy - Medium Public Order penalty first turn, small to none after.
      • Loot - Large Public Order penalty first turn and medium after. Increased loot income.
      • Raze - No Public Order penalty first turn, small after. Increased damage to main building lines.
      • Sack - Decreased Public order penalties and damage slightly.
      • Vassal/Liberate - Small payment added for these.

    Masaesyli Overhaul
    • Most of their units have been redone with custom appearances and stats.
    • 7 new unique units, information can be found here.

    Roman Auxiliary Building Overhaul
    • Removed all vanilla auxiliaries. Post-Marian, Rome still has our custom auxiliaries.
    • The auxiliary barracks now acts as an AoR unit Recruitment Center. Rather than having to own a specific region to recruit an AoR unit, an auxiliary barracks will allow for recruitment of AoR units from neighboring regions.
    • For example, building an auxiliary barracks anywhere in Greece, Macedonia or Asia will allow Cretan Archers to be recruited. For more information see our Recruitment Guide.

    Formations, Pull-Through and other Melee Changes
    • Due to a bug introduced to Shield Wall and Hoplite Phalanx formations in Patch 14 that causes looping charges, we have had to alter how these work.
    • Hoplite Phalanx no longer has a custom animation assigned to it, but otherwise operates the same as before.
    • Shield Wall is now purely defensive. It can no longer be activated during combat and the unit cannot move.
    • All units, especially cavalry, are no longer able to move through enemy formations at will.
    • It is now a bit harder for cavalry to disengage from melee and a bit easier to kill fleeing units.
    • Tweaked weapon stats, including slight increase to damage/initiative for the gladius.

    Other Changes
    - New custom artwork from Idreaus. Huge thanks to him for his contribution!
    - Incorporated a version of the Sell Slaves edict mod. Big thanks to Phalangitis for allowing us to use his work!
    - Thracians and Illyrians received new post-reform units.
    - Improved Load times.
    - Tweaked AI aggression in an attempt to slow early game expansion.
    - Many Mercenary and AoR units have been recolored to add unique looks.
    - Small AoR unit errors have been fixed.
    - AI factions can now use rams from campaign start.
    - Increased Naval movement for navies (not transports).
    - Tweaked Germanic/Iberian general variants and shields.
    - Fixed HatG Iberian rosters
    - Fixed missing Peltasts for Greek factions.
    - Fixed British Ambactoi description.
    - Small increase to edict cap per imperium level.
    - Fixed Carthage siege tower tech research time.
    - Tweaked Royal Peltast armor value.
    - Improved Egyptian army recruitment.
    - Carthage Infantry now uses the proper Infantry Officer.
    - Fixed missing cultural advisor texts.
    - Getae can now choose Noble Cavalry as a general.

    Information on our Full Release Version 1.0
    - Up until now we have been technically operating as a beta of the mod. The next release will be the actual release of DeI.
    - 1.0 will not be save compatible but will also have no new content. It will entirely be about polishing, bug fixes, removing unused parts, making the mod more efficient and general balancing.
    - Any specific combat balancing changes we make I will retroactively add to the 0.95 version, which will stay available for save games.
    - 1.0 will be released in an entirely new Steam Version for multiple reasons.
    - We have many plans for the mod after 1.0, so don't worry this won't be the final version. These plans include an Eastern factions overhaul among many other ideas.

    0.90x Patch Notes

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Revision 1
    - Fixed stamina ability for new Galatian/Dacian units.
    - Fixed weapon range on Dacian pikemen.
    - Fixed missing swords for Bronze Shield Pikes.
    - Fixed Legionary Cohort standard.
    - Fixed Centurion crests.

    Revision 2
    - Hopefully fixed some of AI turn crash issues.

    Revision 3
    - Fixed another crash issue. Removed custom nomad stances for now. Big thanks to those who helped with uploaded saves and to Litharion for all the testing to help me track it down.

    Revision 4 (0.9d)
    - Yes, 4 revisions in one day. That may be a record. Hopefully fixed the crash issues for good with this one.
    - Fixed Dacian, Thracian and Illyrian temples.

    Revision 5 (0.9e)
    - Fixed Dacian Elite Infantry.
    - Fixed missing torso on Galatian general.
    - Fixed Dacian Noble Horsemen missing secondary weapon.
    - Fixed new Roman Auxiliary stamina abilities.

    Revision 6 (0.9f)
    - Fixed Celtic reforms. They should now trigger properly. Thanks to juanplay for reporting this error.
    - Restricted 2 Italian Auxiliary units that should be post-Marian but weren't.

    Revision 7 (0.9g)
    - Fixed starting Roman general having the option to recruit Evocati Cohort as general.
    - Fixed missing textures for various shields.
    - Fixed missing unit caps for some Dacian and Galatian units.

    Revision 8 (0.9h)
    - Fixed Brundisium and Cosentia having the wrong region recruitment tags (was affecting available AoR units). Not save compatible, unfortunately.
    - Pedites Extraordinarii (Late) now have phalanx ability.
    - Fixed Galatian Katpatuka Zanteush unit tooltip.
    - Fixed javelin entry for Dacian Mezenai.
    - Fixed some Carthage units that were not recruitable.
    - AoR Spartan Hoplites now recruitable.
    - Dacian Archers are now a reform unit, Dacian Bowmen are a starting unit.
    - Fixed Auxiliary names not being greyed out pre-Marian reforms.
    - Removed recently added CA heavy horse plume model.

    *Note: To edit your own save to fix the region tags, follow these steps:
    1. Download EditSF.
    2. Backup your save, then load it in EditSF.
    3. In your save, expand the folders out to find COMPRESSED DATA / CAMPAIGN_ENV / CAMPAIGN_MODEL / WORLD / REGION_MANAGER
    4. Under that you will see many REGION ARRAY entries. Find REGION ARRAY 135 and click on REGION.
    5. On the right side you will see 24 rows (second row says rom_magna_graecia_calabria). Find row 18 that has the region tags.
    6. Replace DEI_Sicily with DEI_Brundisium.
    7. Do the same thing for REGION 166, except change Brundisium to Sicily.
    8. Save the file.

    Divide et Impera 0.9
    After much anticipation and plenty of hard work, I present to you DeI's newest update. I want to take a moment to thank all of our team, from the modders to the testers and support members. You guys really came together under some adverse conditions to get this update out. I am very proud to be a member of this modding team and of the effort we have put forth in this update.

    *Note: Currently this version has longer load times than 0.85 due to the amount of additional units. Also, when reforms hit it takes a moment to move to the next turn. These are issues we hope to address when we make the mod more efficient in 1.0.

    Update Notes

    - Area of Recruitment System:
    • Many regions now have units that are specific to that region's culture. These units can be recruited by any faction that owns the region.
    • Over 150 new culturally unique units.
    • All factions now must have a majority culture in a province to recruit their core faction units, unless that region is historically from that culture.
    • For more information see the Recruitment Guide.

    - Roman Auxiliary Overhaul:
    • Over 100 new auxiliary units for Rome available after the Marian reforms.
    • Pre-Marian, Rome can recruit already existing auxiliary and Italian allied forces from the auxiliary line.
    • For more information, see this thread.

    - New Faction Overhauls:
    • The Getae have received 16 new custom units. Some of these units will be restricted until after their reforms (same time as the Celtic reforms).
    • The Galatians have received new custom units.

    - Agents Overhaul:
    • Dignitaries have been changed to Provincial Governors. These Governors have entirely new skills and are designed to be deployed in your provinces.
    • Each agent now has a defined role. Governors govern (duh), Spies explore/infiltrate/sabotage and Champions train and combat enemy agents.
    • Spies have new tier 3 skills in their authority and zeal lines that require both tier 2 skills to unlock. Champions have the same for their subterfuge and authority lines.
    • Agent skill images have been revamped to better show the skill trees. Images can be found here.
    • These changes are save compatible. Also, Generals can still be governors if you choose to use them in that manner (but some effects have been decreased).
    • Increased amount of Governors (dignitaries) per imperium level.
    • Thanks to TheSavage and rem123456 for the ideas that led to these changes.

    - AI Recruitment System Overhaul:
    • Each AI army configuration type now has at least one additional template (more than one in many cases).
    • Rather than seeing the same army compositions from certain factions, you will see a more varied selection depending on the army.
    • More culturally-specific configurations for various factions.
    • Updated and improved the unit qualities setting for overall better AI recruitment priorities.

    General Changes:
    - Incorportaed auto-resolve changes from Aeimnestus's Realism submod in order to make auto-resolve more realistic/useful.
    - Removed second barracks for Eastern and Hellenic factions. These cultures now only have 1 infantry recruitment building. This change is save compatible but save games will have some useless buildings.

    - New Tier 4 Slave forum building. Slave Forum buildings now use food rather than reduce public order.
    - Tier 2 Slave buildings no longer require the slave resource but also do not produce it. Tier 3 and 4 require and produce the resource.
    - Added new medic buildings for Daco-thracian and Illyrian subcultures.
    - Removed Legion variants. For historical legions, see the submod section.
    - Slightly lowered some ancillary effects.
    - Basic melee ships now available from all port types.
    - Fixed raiding stance public order reduction.
    - Small increase to movement for navies.
    - Added cultural conversion to first tier Barbarian temples.
    - Added one extra temple that gives cultural conversion for each Barbarian culture.
    - Lowered amount of experience champions train in troops each turn.
    - Fixed Tylis Chapter Missions and religion type. Added units to Tylis' roster.

    Full changelog of version 0.8x:

    Old Version: 0.85e
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Divide et Impera 0.85b - Revision 1:
    - Greatly decreased killing rate of Pike units
    - Reduced hit points of Pike units (so they are weaker when attacked from the flanks)
    - Increased killing rate of Hoplite units (outside of Hoplite Phalanx)
    - Made Spartan Youths stronger and Spartan Helots much weaker (for a mistake the two were inverted)
    - Tweaked some German shields and noble units textures
    - Tweaked Spartan units army caps and AI recruitment values

    Divide et Impera 0.85b:
    - Added some more naval options for Rome for Polybian and Marian reforms
    - Fixed the shields without numbers for Legionaries and put them back
    - Fixed a mercenary Iberian unit that was not yet updated to DEI stats
    - Tweaked charge power/length of Elephants
    - Fixed Roman siege workshop technology order
    - Fixed new CA hotfix season effects
    - Fixed Bosporus Victory Conditions (requires new campaign to experience)

    Divide et Impera 0.85a:
    - Fixed CTD on starting CiG campaign
    - Fixed CTD using Roman armies with Legionaries caused by new shields without numbers (we reverted back till we find a solution to this issue)
    - Enabled reforms for Carthage in HatG campaign: they are set at Imperium 4, turn 60 for Player and turn 80 for AI
    - Lowered requirements for Carthaginian reforms in main campaign
    - Corrected some Iberian Mercenaries for HatG campaign not having the right DEI stats/sizes
    - Fixed Seleucid having wrong agents
    - Tweaked uniform colors for the HatG campaign

    Revision 1:
    - Fixed bug with archers not being able to fire when stationed above walls
    - Further improved missile unit roles dynamics:
    * Added variations in elevation and/or speed depending on type of missiles used (especially for archers)
    * Now also javelin units and horse archers will be able to fire on an arc above lines (apart with Heavy Shot) and the only unit role that needs a clear line of sight are slingers.
    * Slingers will still need a clear line of sight to fire but they are anyway the highest recharge, highest range (bar longbowen) of all the missile units so they are still the best at firing from angles/rear lines

    Divide et Impera 0.85:
    General changes:

    • Overhauled all Celtic Tribes with more than 40 completely new units and individualized faction recruitment options
    • Revamp of Macedon and Greek factions in general with 4 new units
    • Introduced new Hellenic Shields from RS2 (our great thanks to the authors of that wondeful mod to letting us use their assets)
    • Made DEI fully compatible with Hannibal at the Gates:
      • Changed Arevaci and Lusitani factions recruitment options to the ones of DEI
      • Overhauled recruitment options for the new campaign for the reform system of DEI
      • Tied cities reinforcements to the DEI units

    Gameplay changes:

    • Overhauled battle balance for less spikes in power of certain units. Especially rebalanced the power of swords vs. spears and the role of short spear vs. long spear units. Hoplites will be much easier to win if attacked from the flank/rear (as Pikemen), for example.
    • Overhauled missile balance so that all missile units have a specific role and individual sets of skills:
      • Archers are now able to fire above obstacles so they don't need a clear line of sight to fire against units. This makes them the better unit to strike from afar behind the lines and slowly deplete their strength.
      • Horse archers are more powerful than foot archers but they have much less range and cannot fire above obstacles. Their mobility is the winning point.
      • Slingers are the best unit at firing from range on a clear line of sight. Their high accuracy and AP makes them very deadly; their drawback is that they need to be positioned correctly to get the most out of them.
      • Javelin users are the strongest missile unit by far, but they have a short range and low ammunition
      • All missile units have had their ranges overhauled for more realism.
      • Overhauled weapons' initiative vs deadliness for more balance. Deadliness will be more effective against initiative and so in general sword units will be much stronger than same tier spear ones.
      • Rebalanced elite units so they are not so highly above main troops as they are now. They will be still much stronger but for different motives. Less for durability and more for strength. This means that if flanked or attacked from the rear also an elite unit will deplete in short time.

    • Cavalry is easier to disengage and is more powerful during a charge, especially on the rear. Also pike units and hoplite units cause much less damage to calvary if hit from the rear.
    • Tweaked certain units that were too powerful in comparison to others (albeit always in respect of the difference in power of certain factions in confront to others; this will always remain in DEI)
    • Tweaked cinematic camera zoom so that it doesn't end in front of units

    Campaign Changes:

    • Added resources and correct unit sizes to HatG mini-campaign.
    • Improved AI recruitment priorities in main and new mini-campaign.
    • Altered CAI budget and personalities.
    • Changed Local Traditions in Spain to be Iberian.
    • Fixed starting Armenian military tradition (requires new campaign to experience).
    • Lowered number of regions required for Military Victory for Minor Factions (requires a new campaign to experience).
    • Fixed Season movement changes. Every season has a harsh movement penalty, but land movement is doubled. This was done to help fix the transport movement problem.
    • Fixed Carthage introduction text.
    • Reduced research time of starting technologies to help early AI recruitment.
    • Changed required technology for Seleucid/Baktria tier 1 stables.
    • Altered stats of Baktria/Seleucid Eastern Satrapy Palace.
    • Fixed Seleucid Deployment Formations.
    • Lowered Agent Success chances.
    • Lowered the effect of Agent actions that harm units/buildings.
    • Lowered Character skill effects for income, diplomacy and gravitas/power skills.
    • Altered battle climate probabilities/fatigues. Snow battles more likely in north, less fog battles, higher cold/heat fatigue during certain seasons, etc.
    • Changed artillery recruitment for Romans to have Ballista from polybian reforms.
    • Customized army and navy stances based on culture:
      • Barbarian Ambush stance costs less movement, has a higher chance to succeed, and gives a morale bonus.
      • Roman Fortification stance costs less movement, gives a morale bonus and a higher defense bonus.
      • All Garrisoned armies now get a replenishment bonus. Barbarian Garrison stance gives more morale. Hellenic/Roman/Eastern Garrison stance gives a defense bonus and reduces upkeep.
      • All Sieging armies now use local food and cost more to upkeep. Barbarian sieging armies also get an attack bonus.
      • Barbarian Mustering armies get a larger replenishment bonus. Roman Mustering armies get a defense bonus. Eastern mustering armies get a morale bonus.
      • All Raiding armies now use local food, have a defense penalty and an attack bonus. Barbarian Raiding costs less movement, increases morale, has a higher defense penalty and higher attack bonus.
      • Naval Blockades now have higher upkeep. Hellenic Blockades have a morale and attack bonus.
      • All Docked Navies now have a replenishment bonus.
      • Hellenic Naval Patrol reduces piracy more, costs less movement, gives a larger defense bonus and attack bonus.
      • Hellenic Naval Raiding causes more piracy, has a smaller movement penalty, uses less movement, and has an attack bonus.

    • Added new Minor City building chain "Public Land" for all factions and campaigns:
      • The general concept is to bring a smaller version of sanitation and forum buildings to the minor cities.
      • The chain has 3 building type options: Medicus (sanitation), Trader (market), or Garrison/Watchtower.
      • Special one-per-faction tier 4 buildings: Rome - Garrison, Hellenic - Hospital, Barbarian - Hall of Heroes (sanitation/guard mix) and Eastern - Trader.

    Scripting changes:

    • Overhauled all the reforms and army caps scripts for less possible problems:
      • Removed the need of saving reforms informations as the checks will be done at every load (this means less possible problems with save failures and also in the rare case something can not work properly on next load everything will be checked again)
      • Added check for global reforms/MP reforms not more available so that reforms advance no more in those cases.
      • Major changes in the structures of the scripts so that in future is easier to add/remove features.

    • Inserted full Messages for the reforms. Now users will experience different messages depending on the type of reform and if the reform is of the player, global or of another MP player faction.


    • Removed numbers from regional Legionaries.
    • Overhauled all the reform system for what it concerns CiG and HatG. No more reliance on copied records as the reforms scripts will do the correct troops selections.
    • New UI graphics for certain building types.

    Divide et Impera 0.82h (revision 2):
    - Updated starting armies and starting campaign scripts to the new changes

    Divide et Impera 0.82h:
    - Made DeI compatible with Seasons and Wonders and Hannibal Campaign DLC

    Divide et Impera 0.82g (Revision 3):
    - Put back the different shields for the various Legions
    - Added caps for Hastati, Principes, Pedites. The caps are 10 for Hastati, 5 for Principes and 2 for Pedites. Socii have the same caps, but outside of the main units. Probably in the future the same thing will be done for the other factions, to delimit shared caps between troop types.
    - Made a small fix to the army caps script that could cause some caps to be wrong

    Divide et Impera 0.82g (Revision 2):
    - Fixed bug with Illyrian reformed units being visible
    - Fixed Roman Evocata Germanica being available from beginning
    - Fixed some duplicated units for Pontus

    Divide et Impera 0.82g (Revision 1):
    - Fixed bug on Veteran Legionaries and Evocati Cohort present on previous reforms (forgot to add the two units back to the list of reforms units)

    Divide et Impera 0.82g:

    - Removed regional Legionaries numbers, signa and emblems but kept attributes and visual differences. All Legionaries are now called "Legionarii" and/or "Cohors Legionaria".
    - Added back Veternal Legionaries and Cohors Evocata as recruitable options in every region.
    - Reworked Legionaries caps: you can now recruit 10 Legionaries or 9 + 1 First Cohort. Veteran Legionaries and Evocati Cohort have a cap of 2 but they are outside the 10 total cap.
    - Tweaked AI recruitment values for better AI fielded armies
    - Tweaked AI factions balance of troops depending on their characteristics
    - Tweaked unit balance generally (especially for Hoplites vs. Spears)
    - Fixed some missing recruitment options (as Choppers Two)

    Divide et Impera 0.82f:
    - Corrected somewhat rare but nasty bug introduced in 0.82e with not recognized proprely recognized old saves
    - Made changes in scripts in view of the new Hannibal DLC. Now a faction can start a campaign type with an already defined reform
    - Made changes in scripts for better compatibility with future recruitment changes
    - Made Massilia have Thureos reform from the start in CiG
    - Tweaked player and AI reforms requirements a little (FAQ will be adjourned accordingly)
    - Tweaked armour values of various troops for better balance
    - Increased historical culture bonus for regions.
    - Increased threshold required for population surplus.
    - Fixed AI recruitment of some Rome naval units.

    Divide et Impera 0.82e:
    - Tweaked cinematic camera and campaign map zoom
    - Fixed bug with Kleurochoi Pikemen not recruitable for Seleucid
    - Tweaked slightly strength of Roman units
    - Fixed issues with celtic shield patterns
    - Further scripts polishing

    Divide et Impera 0.82d (revision 2):
    Corrected bug introduced in revision 1 that made AI Successor States not have pikes allowed if loading a campaign prior to worldwide greek reforms

    Divide et Impera 0.82d (revision 1):
    Made change in scripting that will enable future modifies in restrictions/allowances for the reforms to not require a new start for that faction to work fully

    Divide et Impera 0.82d:

    - Fixed bug on some Rome naval units not being recruitable correctly on Marian and Imperial reforms
    - Fixed wrong reform placement of White Shield Pike and Kleruchoi Agema Pike (thorax instead than thureos or immediately for successor states)
    - Further polishing on scripts

    Divide et Impera 0.82c:
    - Tweaked Legions recruitment zones so that they cover all areas (a thread will be made to specify all the regions tied to the various Legions)
    - Added battle/campaign camera changes by General S. George Patton to DeI (a big thanks to him for letting us use his settings)
    - Tweaked Elephants strength
    - Fixed Equites Late missing recruitment
    - Fixed Public Order bonuses on Rome and Hellenic barracks
    - Reduced Earthquake chance in Ariminum
    - Fixed some minor scripting quirks and polished scripts further

    Divide et Impera 0.82b:
    - Made some tweaking to Legions regional recruitment zones
    - Tweaked fatigue consumption for units so that they generally fight more before becoming exhausted
    - Reduced fatigue regeneration of cycled line so that late Roman units still fatigue under intense combat
    - Fixed issue with Throw Javelin/Pila not throwing missiles when units were not facing the enemy (this change will also improve normal javelin missile usage on troops)
    - Made various changes to Hoplites so they are less effective against cavalry (especially when outside Phalanx and/or attacked from rear/flank); this will make normal spear units have more a specific role against cavalry in comparison
    - Fixed Triarii Late having another spear attached to belt
    - Fixed some wrong numerals texts on Legions

    Divide et Impera 0.82a:
    - Removed Veteran Legionaries and Evocati as a choice for Generals (that also caused a bug in 0.82 with having them available from beginning as "Raise Army" options) since Praetorians have this function
    - Added Praetorians as a General choice in CiG campaign
    - Postponed Polybian reforms to minimum turn 40 (and adjust successive reforms a little)
    - Fixed some wrong military permissions

    Divide et Impera 0.82:
    - Implemented historical Roman Legions in Main Campaign and CiG (many thanks to Caesar for allowing us to use his mod as base)
    - Implemented shared army caps for Legions (this means that you can mix and match Legion types as you want inside the shared cap of 9 Cohorts per stack + 1 First Cohort)
    - Tweaked strength of spear units
    - Tweaked durability of cavalry
    - Tweaked units spacing
    - Made some changes to Javelin units to hopefully resolve all bugs tied with them
    - Fixed bug some cavarly unit having wrong weapons
    - Various minor balancing tweaks

    Divide et Impera 0.81c:
    - Removed increased zone of control because making them even slightly larger still causes problem
    - Removed pathfinding transport action costs changes because they cause bugs with the AI and FOW
    - Greatly increased damage of Fixed Artillery (as Scorpions)
    - Increased effectiveness of Ballistas
    - Increased durability of Chariots
    - Increased damage on Javelin units
    - Fixed some misbehavior on Javelin units
    - Decreased damage on Celtic Naked units
    - Increased quality of Celtic Naked units for the AI (so they aren't spammed since half-elite)

    Divide et Impera 0.81b:
    - Increased movement range of fleets
    - Decreased zone of control (more for fleets) because having it too large causes problems
    - Technology research positions for Main and Auxiliary Greek and Roman barracks reversed. This should help the AI build the main/heavy barracks line earlier, rather than the Auxiliary line
    - Greek/Roman main barracks tier 2 now have 1 public order bonus. This is in line with tier 3 and tier 4 already having public order bonuses
    - Eastern levy tier 4 light and noble now use 8 food rather than 10. The light levy tier 4 no longer has a public order negative (food instead - like the rest of the line)
    - Fixed animations on heavy archers that didn't use shields in combat
    - Fixed bug with Legionaries restriction advice causing CTD
    - Fixed CiG Legatus cavalry size

    Divide et Impera 0.81a:
    - Tweaking on march range
    - Some minor definitions fixes

    Divide et Impera 0.81:
    - Removed Forced March (but to compensate tweaked movement speeds ranges; a great thanks to Anabais onto which the values are based, albeit with tweaking)
    - Revisited speeds of naval armies in campaign
    - Reduced strength of Hoplites overall
    - Fixed bug with Spartan units that had the same quality values of Periokoi units while instead they are elite troops (for AI recruitment)
    - Fixed visualization bug when disbanding an unit with the recruitment panel still open
    - Increased durability of Cavalry
    - Revamped missile units stats for better diversification between factions
    - Included Baktria to the factions that have pikes from the start of the campaign (requires a new campaign to work fully)
    - Overhauled all the visual weights of units so that they reflect the real weights of the entities
    - Some balancing tweaks
    - Minor scripting tweaks

    Divide et Impera 0.80e:
    - Came up with a solution for the list of recruited units names: since removing inactive ones altogether doesn't work (for motives that are too long to explain here) I have made the names of inactive units greyed-out so that the active ones are easily spotted. This is the best solution for the problem we can come up with atm. We will research in the future for other ways to improve on this, but it can be that much better than this we cannot go, sadly.
    - Fixed bug that caused a CTD on end turn in case a General army was completely disbanded
    - Fixed bug with Late Lybian Hoplites not being recruitable
    - Fixed Construction report listing old settlement names.
    - Thanks to JFC for contributing some image updates. These include:
    * New frontend New Campaign images for factions.
    * Some new building images (warbreed, salt, fish) and new salt resource image.
    - Tweaked Triarii Late stats
    - Tweaked and fixed Pedites Extraordinarii stats/abilities/caps
    - Fixed Triarii Early Shields

    Divide et Impera 0.80d:
    - Reduced cost and upkeep of Lybian Infantry
    - Reduced cost of Allied Roman units
    - Reduced cost of Numidian Javelinmen
    - Corrected bug with African Tribesmen unit size
    - Fixed starting Macedon pike unit size.
    - Fixed minor faction traits.
    - Fixed bug that removed capped units even when inactive (for example if having not enough money) if the card was clicked multiple times

    Divide et Impera 0.80c:
    - Put all German shield patterns back (removed them yesterday till the problems were resolved)
    - Fixed animations for Hollow Square when used by Spear units
    - Fixed various definitions bugs (Hastati, Triarii, Principes etc.)
    - Fixed wrong Hoplite Phalanx on Early Triarii
    - Small variations on scripting routines
    - Tweaked infantry charge speeds.

    Divide et Impera 0.80b:
    - Fixed CTD on Celtic and German units

    Divide et Impera 0.80a:
    - Fixed bugs on textures
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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    It sounds like V0.5f includes Dresden's bare bones mod is that correct?

    Also if I use the extended unit size but reduce the unit size with the unit scale slider will that effect any of your modifications as far as how the units will behave such as routing?
    Last edited by loukylouk; December 05, 2013 at 06:16 PM.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    Why does the mod on Steam have 2 parts of 100mb and here it have only 1 of 68mb?

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    Because Steam has limit of mb upload in single file. Here you can download single 68mb file, but it will unpack into more then 200mb.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    oh ty

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    Quote Originally Posted by loukylouk View Post
    It sounds like V0.5f includes Dresden's bare bones mod is that correct?
    I would like an answer to this as well. I've been wanting to try that mod.. Whenever I get like 3 AI factions around me that declare war randomly, I want them to be attacking me! Even when i have less units than them, they just sit there until i step onto their territory. Then they defend, as if they weren't even the ones to declare war in the first place. But that's probably just the mechanics behind the poor design of the game in general. Thanks to all modders that are making it playable.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    I think you are referring to DUBmod Barebones, that isn't my mod. However, this new version does change some similar tables. However, it is not nearly as "extreme" as the DUBmod version. If you do like DUB's values, you can have that one load first and it will be compatible.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    Quote Originally Posted by Selea View Post

    • Note that this is a beta version so some little errors on some units are to be expected (as missing mounts). Also the startpos is not updated with these increased sizes so you will get the standard ones at the starting of a campaign

    In my custom battles, and in recruiting new campaign units, l am seeing 160 instead of 240. I am subscribed to the mod via Steam and am using Ultra unit sizes. PS: the combat is great so far!

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    *Can't edit yet* Nevermind! I now see that the large unit size is only in the downloadable beta.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5f, updated 05/12/13 - added new version)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dresden View Post
    I think you are referring to DUBmod Barebones, that isn't my mod. However, this new version does change some similar tables. However, it is not nearly as "extreme" as the DUBmod version. If you do like DUB's values, you can have that one load first and it will be compatible.

    HAHA I apologize. There are so many great modders out there I sometimes get their names mixed up. In your opinion would you suggest playing with DEI without Barebone? I would actually prefer to use this mod as unaltered as possible but in the past before this new update I just needed something to make the game more challenging. If the mod's AI improvements can provide that challenge in your opinion then I will remove the Barebones.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    I tried to download the steam version, but there is no download button at all. Even after I "subscribed" part one and part two. Still nothing. How is it supposed to work?

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    When you click subscribe it works as auto download.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    Thanks KAM, but for some reason it's not working...

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    Download simply from mediafire in download section on this subforum, I prefer this way

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    Great , updates are really frequent
    Disicplined and mass charges are great thing implented (y) also , javelin accurancy for melee was much needed for balance thanks Selea !

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    Quote Originally Posted by KAM 2150 View Post
    Download simply from mediafire in download section on this subforum, I prefer this way
    Thanks KAM, it worked!

    Btw. do you know if there is any mode removing this annoying limit of armies/generals?

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    That limit is easly editable and dependant on imperium level, but must be set on something. Increasing it will mess AI as it will start spaming armies, generals without armies and in case of civil war freeze campaign as rebels will get that max number spawned at once in one place.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    A note on the update (v0.6):

    More than 100 new units are coming (in total, from completely new ones to duplicates of vanilla made differently for the factions they have to work in to mercenaries) for Hellenic factions, of which 69 will be COMPLETELY new.

    You will have fun I'm sure. After we will have done the Hellenic Factions we will go to Barbarian, Eastern and finally Rome.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    will 0.6 steam version have higher unit size?

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera - Download link (last version v0.5h, updated 06/12/13 - added new version)

    cyric1 , well currectly increased size mod will most likely be in , considering that in poll more are for it then for nomral size . but it of course depends if Selea wishes to do it .

    Also , for the new hellenic units : hip hip hooray ! x3 !!!
    I don't even doubt that they are balanced , just keep guard on this dangerous pikeman , Selea

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