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Thread: fs_hc_lancer issue?

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    Default fs_hc_lancer issue?

    I was playing FCRC and wanted to see how late feudal knights perform...

    Is it normal that they don't lower their lances when charging? I made sure they were in full gallop and were some distance away.

    Also, I am curious as to why fs_hc_lancer isn't in descr_skeleton, I wanted to use that 1-handed lance animation in a personal mod.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: fs_hc_lancer issue?

    did you charge them at the correct moment?

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    Default Re: fs_hc_lancer issue?

    IIRC, they used to charge properly most of the times althogh some times (very rearly) they didnt lower they lances for some unknown reasons even though you made everythink for a proper charge. But I may be wrong since I have not played FCRC for ages.

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