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    Default Multicolored crests

    I was wondering myself why nobody did this already before me ...the iconic multicolored crests on the helmet of hoplites.
    So i took a few minutes and made it for yall :-)

    Note that the corinthian helmets with these crests arenīt part of the mod ...nor the shields or any other equipment (Those are made by other autors or edited by myself)

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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    nice mod

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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    Hell you got me! I was about to do this for the new helmets I'm working on, bravo!

    Do these replace vanila ones?.

    As a suggestion you could also make tricolored crests, I've seen some black-red-white crests in some films...if you make them you could save me some work

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    Yes... these are replacing the vanila ones
    Heh ...i might get some more work done ...however ... it would be nice if somebody will actualy make new models of crest ...these are not fitting for those corinthians pretty well. Something like the Greek champion agents are using ...but more thin and detailed.
    And the new models for helmets would be also nice... actual corinthian helmet have large spots in the eyes and mouth section ...not like the one from the classical age.

    Anyway ...keep up your work and release it ...the more men are working on this ..the more greatness come from this :-)
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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    What retexture is that on the shields and cloaks? i really want that... also the mod doesn't seem to work i also have Spartan Heroes Helmet and Thorax Swordsmen mod but they don't conflict. I want my spartans to look like those in the screens you posted. Awesome mod by the way keep up the good work!

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    The problem I have with changing crests is that some (rom_crest1) appear to only work as DXT1s and when saving, you either get blotches on the alpha layer, or the mip map alphas do not match the diffuse map exactly - creating a black outline around the crests at various LODs. I have yet to find a way to get round this. Presumably it is something to do with specific settings as you save the dds, using the nvidia tool. I can't find any hints anywhere either, though I see mods made that suffer from this problem, while only a few get round it.
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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    All diffuse, specular and gloss maps must be DXT1 and Normal maps DXT5 I believe.

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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    What is the equipement andshield mod called?

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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    and shield* sorry

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    The shields and helmets for the Spartan hoplites are from some previous mod i aquired about month ago ..idk the name ..cause i imported the texture to my own mod ..and deleted the old one
    The shield for the Heroes of sparta is a mixture of Artstudios work , some guy that made "Spartan champion mod" and the medusa is my own.
    The color of bronze weapons and armors are tooned to more realistic color ....not so copper now.
    Other than that ..their current setup of equipment is configurated by myselft , for my personal tastes ...
    So you can consider it as my own mod ...with flavours of others work --- which is a reason why i wonīt release it ...donīt have nerves nor time to ask for permisions
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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    can you at least send it to me? it is marvelous. i really like the way they look.

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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    I like it, but is there any chance it'll have any conflict with some other reskin/recolor mods?

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    Default Re: Multicolored crests

    Please upgrade

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