So first of all I have a confession to make. Recently I might have been a little harsh on Turkey.
Now I am not a huge fan of some of the policies and acts of this country.
This might have caused some of our Turkish friend to believe I am anti-Turkish.
Indeed, this is not at all the case as many wonderful things come from Turkey such as ▄lker Išim Kayısi (apricot) drink and lovely women that you will never be able to seduce.
So as to make up for my polemic attitude and to clear up any misconceptions I will dedicate this review to our dear friend and fellow TWC user TheSutekh.

So let us get started then.

Arko is a brand owned by a Turkish company called Evyap. They are also knows for their Duru soaps and many other things.
Most people who year about Arko hear about their legendary shaving stick. This stick is very cheap and is said to produce great lather, just like very expensive shaving soaps.

No soaps for today though, I am going to use a cream. Arko produces about 6 different creams.
These are not the same in performance appearantly, but I have only used this one. This one is called Moist and is supposedly extra moisturizing and it contains Vitamin-E. It comes packed in a 100ml tube and I paid €3,25- for it.

The set-up for today:

But this is all just irrelevant, we wish to know if it gets the job done.

Well then, here I added it to my bowl (a souvenir from Brittany, France).

As you can see I do not use very much of the product and it has a light green colour. The light makes it look even more pale than it is in reality.

I soak my brush in hot water, and then remove most of the water from it.

This is the result without water added after giving it a few swirls:

As you can see it becomes all white and the lump dissolves, but no real lather yet.

After adding drops of water, bit by bit, I managed to produce the following lather:

As you can see I managed to get plenty of lather from that tiny dollop of cream.
The lather is nice and creamy and quite slick. If you put it on your face and whipe it off you face still feels very slick.
The cream is also more shiney than for example the Taylor of Old Bondstreet creams I own (you can see my, almost finished, tub of Sandalwood Cream in the background in the first picture).
The TOBS cream is probably a tiny bit thicker though. But this one feels a little more slick. I can fine shaves from both creams but this one does not cost like €12,50- for 150ml.

It smells fresh, not very refined and not totally unlike Dutch Vergulde Hand shaving cream/soap with a little evergreen added to it.
But once I compare the two products they smell quite different. In any case, it is a fresh soapy smell and quite nice.
It cannot be compared to the more upmarket priced shaving creams and soaps from the posh British brands for example.

It also contains a tiny bit of menthol. It is weak in the scent as it is weak in its cooling effect.
I don't mind that though, I don't really like heavy menthol infused shaving lather.


+A good, slick shaving cream
+Fresh scent


-Cheap scent
-No cool Arko guy logo

Overall: 4.5/5

After shaving I used some of the Arko Classic Cream that you can see in the first picture as aftershave, it can be used for that, so now my face smells like Turkish grandmother...