The TWC Store now has a Mods Section, and the Rise of Three Kingdoms mod is the first mod to have products available!

Right now RoTK has two t-shirts available. If you would like the RoTK mod symbol or anything else on any other products please let me know. You can also request any custom design on any product you want, including your user name, avatar, or anything really. For requests please check out the CafePress Store forum and you will find the Request subforum. If you know a mod leader please tell them about what we are doing if you would like to see their mods featured in the store.

The Rise of Three Kingdoms White Value T-shirt is a great value at $11.99, with the RoTK mod symbol on the front.

Rise of Three Kingdoms Mod T-shirt!

The Rise Of Three Kingdoms T-Shirt W/ Mod List is also available. If features the same RoTK symbol on the front but also a design listing all the Hosted Mods of TWC on the back. It reminds me of a concert t-shirt.

Rise of Three Kingdoms T-shirt W/ Mod List

Funds received from this store will be used to maintain and run TWC. This includes server maintenance, hosting, various software licenses, and prizes and competitions.