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Thread: FIX for v2.41 Released!

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    Default FIX for v2.41 Released!

    I uploaded a FIX to the release thread of v2.41.

    - The 1812 campaign no longer crashes on startup
    - Fixed AI France not getting control of the Papal state and Naples if it manages to conquer Vienna (a new feature of v2.41)

    Sorry for the long delay!


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    Default Re: FIX for v2.41 Released!

    Where exactly replace the file? \data\campaigns\eur_napoleon or \data\campaigns\mp_eur_napoleon? Thank you!

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    Default Re: FIX for v2.41 Released!

    Oos, I made in error in the insta÷÷ation description. It should be \data\campaigns\mp_eur_napoleon.

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