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Thread: ___DarthMod 8.1 Patch Final___

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    Default ___DarthMod 8.1 Patch Final___

    You must first download and install DarthMod 8.0!

    Then go down here to download and install DarthMod 8.1 Patch:
    ____Download Filefront.com____

    ____Download AusGamers.com____

    After successful installation of DarthMod 8.0+DarthMod 8.1 Patch you should check the following link:
    Link to the latest formations you should be using by NOW!

    DarthMod 8.1 Patch(Final)

    This is an enhancement for my mod “DarthMod_8.0 Dark Edition”. (DM_8.0).

    It mainly includes:

    -A fix to a random CTD issue caused by Spartan new skeleton and texture
    (This was the only issue of DM_8.0 and now it is hopefully completely bug less)
    -New Darth_Formations 16.1 (slightly altered the carthage formation for DarthMod and different than this uploaded)
    -New gameplay techniques to provide the best AI usage so far. Mostly depended by this new system described here:
    -Some minor adjustments reported by community such as intro screens.
    -New naval balance for better AI campaign usage.
    -Darth Vader (Me!) as an advisor thanks to Marvius & Angel
    -New Balance of maps
    -Some enhancements in building queues
    -Many more to witness yourself!

    DarthMod’s purpose is to provide the best challenge to skilled and experienced players. First time players will have sudden surprises when they first lose a battle or even a campaign!

    Again Thanks to all people mentioned in DM_8.0 Documentation and after this new mod enhancement I declare my long rest in modding until Medieval Total War 2. (Hopefully it will be not needed to better this mod more).
    I will be here, in my TWcenter forum, for support and technical matters.

    My forum is here:

    My e-mail is:

    With best wishes for losing your first campaign,
    Darth Vader

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