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Thread: Time for me to move on

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    Default Time for me to move on

    I am glad to announce that I've joined Darth Vader, in his effort to develop the innovative battle simulator game, ULTIMATE GENERAL: GETTYSBURG. Fundamental ethical issues do not allow me to support any more mods for other games, so I have to move on in this new chapter of my life.

    I feel deeply the need to thank the community and TWC for this exceptional experience I had all these years. I was very happy meeting and working with all of you. From time to time I'll have a quick look on the forum but without the shiny armour of the modder.

    I am looking forward to meet you again in my new camp at UGG forum and share with you the excitement of UGG developing.

    Farewell and take care,


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    Default Re: Time for me to move on

    Good luck with that. Don't forget to tell us when you've finished so we can all have a go at Ultimate General.

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    Default Re: Time for me to move on

    Bye! Care to leave me one of those badges as a farewell gift?

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    Default Re: Time for me to move on

    Cool I wish you and the Ultimate General team the best of luck, I look forward to playing this new line of games!

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