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Thread: cannot use 40 unit army?!

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    Default cannot use 40 unit army?!

    hey all. I have problem getting the 40 unit army option to work in Single player campaign does anyone have a clue? also the larger army option where you can have for example up to 360 in a line infantry unit does not work for me except for AI and I don't know why? when I load a a game is there specific method or is it something else? please can anyone help me

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    Same here. I have experienced two situations.

    1. When 2 individual armies engage a target, both add over 20 units (e.g. one stack of 16 and another of 11), only 23 units are present.
    2. When I merge those two armies all the units will be there on the battle map except the units cards. I am seeing only 20 unit cards when I have deployed on the battle map 27 units. By the way, I am able to play with all the units. Cards appear and disappear as I select units from the battle map.

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    I believe the 40 units army stack is broken can someone please fix it.

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