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Thread: The Campaigns Addon (for LotRTW v3.0+)

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    Default The Campaigns Addon (for LotRTW v3.0+)

    LotR-TW is an amazing mod! From small skirmishes earlier on to epic battles in the later game. The particular focus of the initial dev crew on producing a dynamic and open-ended campaign which was closely based on the lotr film trilogy makes for one of the best games I've ever played - even still today.

    There is a tremendous amount of content piled into this mod. Each faction is very distinct and fully fleshed-out with custom sounds, characters, models, units, settlements, playstyles, and more.

    The mod also manages to seamlessly integrate a whole pile of new featues which massively expand the RPG potential of the game. Both player and AI characters can suffer (and be healed from) battle fatigue, wounds, and weakened morale - all with distinctive effects. Characters can also pick up gear over the course of a campaign, including many famous or unique items from lotr lore. And all this was done with a particular focus on keeping the game challenging and engaging at both strategic and tactical levels from the first turns until the very last, even in a full drawn-out campaign. All of this is only built on further in the Campaigns Addons.

    General Philosophy for the Addon

    The initial focus for V1.0 was balancing out the long-term campaign macro (ie. getting AI factions to behave more or less like you'd expect them to, according to the lore, for 200+ turns). This was done with minimal scripting to help ensure that every campaign will still be different depending on player actions, AI choices, and others. By V1.0 this was mostly accomplished.

    Over time the Campaigns Addon grew to include a slew of upgrades, polishing, and numerous bug fixes to the point where it is now a full-blown expansion pack and version upgrade to LotR-TW.

    Major Important Changes in V2.2 Onward

    New Provincial Campaigns! (note - these are all fully-fledged campaign maps with all factions viable but significantly different from one another)

    Return of Numenor - Provincial Campaign
    A new Provincial Campaign set in an alternate version of the closing days of the War of the Ring. This campaign is a little bit different (and has a bunch of little easter eggs strewn throughout) and should be properly challenging, especially if you're playing the good factions (the AI has a very real chance of legitimately crushing Gondor or Rohan players for example - see campaign descriptions for details). Mainly recommended for players who've already beaten the main campaign(s) and want something a little different.

    Age of Men - Provincial Campaign:
    Whole new campaign set shortly after the War or the Ring. The campaign map is roughly the same overall but much has changed since the War of the Ring. With new victory conditions, modified faction positions and strat map, it is very nearly a whole new game.

    FreeForAll - Provincial Campaign:
    Basically exactly what it sounds like; it's the standard "War of the Ring" campaign from LotR-TW but now a free for all (kind of like a base RTW campaign). I'd initially created this mainly just to test if I had broken anything in stripping out the multitudes of scripts enabling better story and AI fidelity in the main campaigns (a necessary step when building the provincial campaigns). The random nature of a complete free for all game actually turned out to be pretty interesting so I left it in.
    -Most of the story/guiding scripts have been disabled or removed (scripted alliances, reinforcements, diplomacy, etc.) while keeping in the core game scripting (auto garrisons, population controls, some AI boosts, etc.)
    -Victory conditions and recruitment are all balanced out to make every faction viable in campaign (Free Peoples in particular took a bit of work)
    -And a variety of special units, hidden easter-eggs - even a secret playable faction if you can find it!.

    Other Major Changes from base LotR-TW mod v3.0+ :
    Army of the Dead Re-jigged

    Army of the Dead no longer disappears all on their own whenever they feel like it's time to leave, they are now properly under the control of the player. However, if you do not release them after they have sufficiently fulfilled their oaths (keep an eye on the descriptive trait for their mood), bad things will happen.

    Anduril and Aragorn are key to controlling this army, if Aragorn is killed or if he no longer carries Anduril, the Army of the Dead will disband (coincidentally, handing Anduril over to another character for a turn is how you can release the Deadmen from their burden).

    Invincible Sauron script changes
    In the main 'War of the Ring' campaign Sauron is invulnerable in battle unless certain specific conditions are met. The old system required a player to conquer nearly every Mordor-held region to defeat the faction (Sauron was only vulnerable to physical attacks when Morder controlled 5 regions or less). In the Campaigns Addon Sauron's battle invincibility is linked instead to controlling Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur which is both more lore friendly and also makes a late-game surgical strike against Mordor a viable strategy, which is particularly relevant for slow-developping or far-away factions.
    -Sauron's battle invulnerability now depends on Mordor holding Dol-Guldur and Minas Morgul. If both of these are taken away from Mordor, Sauron's physical form can be attacked and possibly destroyed.
    -Sauron given +2 HP to help balance slightly reduced rates of battle invulnerability
    -Added an in-game scripted reminder of Sauron's (in)vulnerability (Dark clouds over Minas Morgul)
    -Eliminating the Mordor faction now requires either destroying Sauron's physical form AND destruction of the tower of Barad Dur OR the destruction of the One Ring at Mt. Doom.

    Additional Notable Changes
    -Comprehensive review of unit recruitment: The general philosophy here was to try and make every level of barracks/forge useful while keeping true to the complex balance/lore of the LotR-TW mod. This included making the better units from most factions recruitable only in the regions with the correct resources (ie. Gondor Swordsmen can only be recruited in Gondor, elven main army units in elven regions, etc.).
    -This change has the happy side-effect of making proper field armies a limited resource and making serious losses to these armies something you will actually miss as they cannot simply be retrained and brought back up to full strength at the nearest town/village/settlement. This also means that mercenaries and local militia units become more useful/necessary, even into the late game.

    -The complex dynamic traits system for LotR-TW has been thoroughly reviewed and now works as intended!!
    -This is just a bugfix mostly - the main LotR-TW readme and guides will explain about dynamic traits, wounds, and the like.

    -Reviewed and fixed building descriptions and effects where needed.

    -And lots, lots more - detailed changelogs are available in the Readme file.

    V2.8.4 Download Link
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Don't be fooled by the small file size, there is a LOT in there, it's just mostly based in text and code edits that (re)use the larger files already built into the main mod. If you don't believe me check the extended readme files.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Make sure you have a clean and fully patched (to v3.02) version of the main LotR-TW Mod.

    Either use JSGME.exe which is included in the most recent release of the LotR-TW base mod.


    Extract the 'lotrtw' folder in the Addon zip file over the game folder of the same name, choosing to replace the existing files (if you're not asked to replace several hundred files then the file is extracted to the wrong folder), aand that should be all it takes, run LotR-TW as normal.

    If you encounter a random CTD with no error message after installing, a computer restart may be necessary (along with deleting ...\lotrtw\preferences\advice and map.rwm files for each of the campaigns - all 4) to purge the game's temporary memory.

    WARNING: This addon includes MANY changes at this point, so it's not savegame or multiplayer compatible with vanilla LotR-TW.

    Either use JSGME.exe and just remove it form the active mods list.


    It can be removed by re-installing lotrtw and deleting advice and map.rwm files.

    All credits to Wlesmana, Bardo, and Seth Krn3ll for the just freaking amazing mod (and CA of course for the base game ) and more recently The Trivium and SPQR Total War ( -- -- -- ) for the super-duper secret hidden Roman faction.

    A Few Screens showing the typical progress of AI factions by turns 20, 40, and 50 in the Main Campaign.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AI Turn 20.jpg 
Views:	302 
Size:	228.8 KB 
ID:	308382 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AI Turn 40.jpg 
Views:	246 
Size:	226.2 KB 
ID:	308383 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AI Turn 50.jpg 
Views:	241 
Size:	242.8 KB 
ID:	308384
    And are are two of the new advisor messages.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Isengard message.jpg 
Views:	213 
Size:	245.5 KB 
ID:	308385 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mordor Message.jpg 
Views:	230 
Size:	228.2 KB 
ID:	308386

    Detailed Change Log (up to V2.2 inclusive)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    -Removed reinforcements script at Minas Tirith and modified reinforcements for Helm's Deep, these scripted reinforcements where being generated but almost never actually engaged in battles to protect those cities

    -Rohirrim Archers axe attack increased to A:3 and range bows increased (in line with similar units)

    -Eowyn always with a unit of cavalry Helmingas (instead of a foot guard) in campaign

    -Fixed animation for Rohand peasant archers (drawing from non-existant quiver on the back) slight boost to range to compensate for being slower moving


    -Small changes to Saruman in battles, increased range and power of fireball attack and adjusted his hidden riders so it looks more he's attacking with this staff rather than from somewhere several feet above his head

    -Modified scripted reinforcements for Isengard (Saruman's armies) and added an advisor message

    -increased by 1 the starting forge level at Isengard city to better accommodate re-sorted recruitment levels

    -Increased Isengard Vanguards charge bonus just a bit to make them more worth training (as opposed to just training Uruk Swords)

    -Added Rohirrim Turncoat cavalry and Rohirrim Knight Turncoats as potential units for Isengard if Rohan settlement are captured with the correct building types

    -fixed isengard captain model turning into banner bearer at med draw distance

    -Enabled Isengard Seige bow able to attack walls and gates (low attack though)

    <<<<<<<< DUNLENDINGS >>>>>>>>
    -added new unit: Dunleding Horsemen

    -Corrected Dunlending Warband text description (it incorrectly stated they had a missile weapon)

    -Isengard campaign AI set to not attack Dunledings unless provoked. This seems to work relatively well in regular campaigns but Isengard AI apparently can't resist attacking a player-controlled Dunleding faction so, a diplomat was also added to Dunleding campaign start in case a player wants to force an alliance/tributary with Isengard (Dunledings can't build diplomats otherwise)

    -Dunlendings starting money increased from 2500 to 3500

    -Dol Amroth archers +1 to missile attack
    -Denethor campaign unit changed to modified tower guard (infantry)
    -Guards of the steward (cavalry) made a separate unit from Denethor with slightly boosted stats but cannot be retrained
    -slightly reduced the scripted reinforcements for AI Gondor
    -Mordor attacking force around turn 15 for the Gondor campaign is increased by a full stack, this makes it more likely that the player will actually need to desperately defend Minas Tirith, be warned!
    -re-sorted Gondor units recruitment to make more in line with other factions (ie. better Gondor units can only be recruited in Gondor regions)
    -Gondor cannot build Armour +3 upgrades without the help of dwarven or elven high level forges
    -added scripted armies for AI Gondor designed to help Southrons focus on fighting Gondor
    -Made 'Gondor Master Rangers' (general unit) buildable at highest level of Ithilien region barracks

    -Modified/boosted scripted reinforcements for AI Mordor and added an advisor message
    -Black Guards no longer always 'launching' on attack
    -Gave Mordor a pair of 0 recruitment time lower level units in regions with 'orc' resource
    -very slightly increased frequency of Mordor 2nd wave scripted reinforcements in main campaign
    -Boosted base farm levels for Mordor area so all factions can grow a little bit (albeit very, very slowly) if conquering those regions

    -slightly decreased odds of Nazgul (Witchking excepted) re-spawning on a fellbeast

    -Added some Gondor Ithilien region gurellia forces (spawn more or less randomly until sometime after turn 30) if playing as Mordor

    <<<<<<<<<<FREE PEOPLES>>>>>>>>>
    -militia_leader character model added back in as model for Free Peoples generic named characters
    -Grimbeorn general model for Grimbeorn added back into game

    -Made "bodyguards" default unit for free peoples generals, Rangers of the North made a buildable general unit at Fornost only

    -Decreased # soldiers for Town Marshalls, but increased armour and stamina

    -Weakened townguards to be more in line with typical mannish militia units

    -Made Beornings recruitable at Beorn for free peoples only

    -Added men+horses resource to Erebor (so hirelings can be recruited there, the assumption is that they are men being recruited from nearby Dale)

    -Boosted armour for Juggernauts +1 and shield +1 (more useful in campaign and more like unit description)
    -dwarf axemen unit size reduced by 1/3, unit was previously a bit too strong relative to cost and when it can be produced

    -Minor changes to which buildings build what dwarf units
    -Juggernauts and Dragonslayers to Forge of Auwle, Enforcers to Large Barracks
    -added hireling Spearmen to first level forge, archers and cavalry to 2nd level and above
    -Dwarven Axemen can be recruited at 3rd level trade structures and above (to police/protect the trade routes)

    -Changed Gimli starting general unit if playing as dwarves to modified Dwarven Enforcers (they match up with his style and battle model much better

    -Slight decrease to Dwarf Halberd defence, slight increase to costs for both Vanguard and Halberd

    -Added "CALL OF DURIN script" to help boost AI dwarves a tiny bit in early game around Erebor

    -re-sorted elven recruitment - only basic elven units can be recruited outside of elven regions except in large cities where a slighly expanded unit roster is available

    -3rd level market structures and above can now recruit a mid-level unit type (to police/protect the trade routes)

    -Changed standard Noldor bodyguard from kingsguard to upgraded Imladhirim Sentinels and changed Noldor general model to match
    -Kingsguard made a recruitable general unit after the return of the Noldor

    -updated kingsguard text short description

    -Boosted Galadhrim campaign start position slightly (money + a couple of units)

    -Removed the banner carrier from the Galadhrim Sentinels unit

    -+1 to base farm levels (pop growth) for Core Mirkwood areas in main campaign

    -Greenwood Sentinels made buildable for Slivian (at highest level barracks) and made a regular unit (no longer general unit) but with slightly reduced stats

    -re-jigged Greenwood elves recruitment a bit in general too

    -Slight increase to upkeep of the lower tier Noldor units

    -Increased default # of soldiers and added +1 defence skill to High Noldor Archers to make them worth building in campaign

    -Also small increase to cost of Imladhrim Sentinels and -1 to missile attack

    -Noldor Swordguards: slightly reduced # of soldiers but gave Attack +1, and armour +1 (in line with noldor lancers which use the same battle model), increased costs slightly and updated text description

    -Decreased recruitment times for standard High Noldor units to 3 turns

    -Boosted Elnaith (Noldor elite cavalry) to 3HP, this way they are at least as useful as the regular noldor lancers

    -High Noldor Spears: Increased # of soldiers to be in line with similar units

    -Noldor Foundry of Manwe build time reduced to 8 turns

    -Galadhrim Vanguards - Decreased shield value (as they have no shield)

    -Woodland Wardens - #Soldiers reduced slightly, charge value reduced, attack increased

    -Silvan Spears - Increased attack, reduced defence slightly, but boosted armour

    -Thranduil battle animation changed to 2h sword (looks right when fighting)

    -Thranduil campaign starting bodyguard changed to Emerald Guards

    -3rd Silvan starting general given Greenwood Sentinels as bodyguard (basically just swapped bodyguards with Thranduil)

    -Lowered requirement for Elven Armour +3 from 'Large City' to 'City' (highest level forges still a requirement though), elves can now build Armour +3 at more than just capital cities, it seemed wrong that they couldn't

    -Elven ships can now be built/repaired at any settlement with the correct level ports

    -Updated 'Return of the Noldor' script to run at the start of a turn rather than after 'end turn' button had been clicked so that players actually see the scripted message.

    <<<<<<<< Easterlings >>>>>>>>
    -increased chances for scripted Mattaram reinforcements if the city is beseiged.
    Also: increased unrest in Mattaram if it is controlled by Southron AI, reduced Southron AI money bonus unless player faction is Gondor and added a new "Defender of Mattaram" Ancilliary for Easterlings all to help protect the Easterling AI from being crushed by the Southron AI (because the Southrons lack other nearby enemies to fight and Mumaks are basically an automatic win in AI battles)
    Also: boosted Khand settlement starting rebel units and added additional unrest to Khand if Southrons capture Mattaram
    ---Most of the above is invisible to a player faction---

    -Changed x,y locations for "call of Rhun" (Easterling reinforcements scripts), old spawned armies were not actually being used by the AI, possibly due to being too far away from the main part of the map

    -Updated Easterling Archers unit card so that it is easier to tell apart from the Easterling Swordsmen card

    -Slightly boosted stats (+1 attack or defence here and there) for a few Easterling units and the small change seems to have them perform much better in the campaign as well as making them a more serious threat to any nearby player faction (also increased unit costs accordingly, again the change was very slight)

    -added +1 to umbar axemen attack
    -Some Umbar pirate units now buildable at Southron ports, even outside of Umbar region
    -Build time for Umbar Archers reduced to 2 turns
    -Edited strategic AI so Southrons should stop attacking Mordor unless provoked (it was a bit of a problem as Mordor was getting trounced by the mumakil's that kill the autoresolve)
    -Reduced dead_radius for all Mumakil to 2 which seems to help reduce chances of units being trapped in/under/by dead mumaks
    -Fixed Haradrim Umbar recruitment so there's no longer an overlap (two different buildings that recruit identical units)

    -Increased slightly the costs of building and maintenance for Umbar type units to be in line with increased capabilities and regions that can build them after V1 of the addon

    -removed buildable greater mumak (general unit)

    -Added a couple of Gondor scripted armies to help keep AI Southrons engaged in the Western part of the map (rather than always just chasing after war with Mordor and/or Easterlings - should be invisible to player though)

    **********Other Changes V2.2*************

    -Reduced rates at which Rohirrim Turncoats are available to Isengard

    -Image changed for provincial campaigns background - uncredited as I can't seem to find the original artist it's been reposted absolutely everywhere (creative commons wikis included) probably because it's an awesome pic if anyone knows original artist please do let me know.

    -Did a review of traits and ancilliaries and related triggers, variety of small changes made some of the most notable included: "Scarred/been in the wars" series now give positive hp at first but negative if they get very advanced, reduced mp penalties for ring corruption slightly so characters don't end up more or less immobile (annoying), increased the likelihood of characters gaining positive health traits while hanging around a settlement with high level healing facilities (this should sort out the issue of many characters gaining ever-worstening negative health traits over time)

    -Trigger re-instated "healed0ai" (was previously commented out) so that healing wounds for player characters can be slightly more work (must have Athelas (or healing knowledge if eventually implemented) or be in a settlement with a healing building)

    -Reduced # and frequency of Diplomat recruitment (I hope)

    -Did a final review and fix of slavery structure descriptions and fixed up actual effects to match those descriptions, also updated the text descriptions

    -finally reviewed and addressed the issue of some farm structures displaying "WARNING... Placeholder text should not appear on screen"

    -Slilght increase to standard merc recruitment and upkeep costs

    -Reduced javelin ranges slightly according to race and skill (to either 50 or 55 from 60)

    **********NEW TO ADDON V2*************

    <<<<<<<< General >>>>>>>>
    -disabled 'launching' effect for all units without a specific reason to justify the effect (trolls, mumaks and the like)

    -Fixed win conditions and campaign descriptions so they match better

    <<<<<<<< Other >>>>>>>>
    -Narya (Gandalf's Ring) edited, now decreases corruption points slightly

    -Removed code that limits characters to holding a single palantir (ie. you can stack them all with a single character now if you so desire)

    -Very slightly reduced severity of corruption caused by holding the one ring and changed Saruman's staff to reduce corruption (in case Saruman actually manages to capture the ring)

    -Created a "Mercenary General Guard" unit (edited Umbar Spearmen) for use by former family members of defeated factions

    -Slightly increased costs for archer goblins (to prevent AI from exclusively producing these in the late game) and slightly reduced costs for hunter goblins

    -Gave a range advantage to Bowmen of Dale over other peasant bowmen (in line with lore and the unit description)

    -Made basic Free Peoples and Dalian militia buildings buildable in most regions

    **********INCLUDED CHANGES FROM ADDON V1***********
    -edited AI attitudes and starting positions for a few factions to balance out the campaign macro

    -Southrons start weakened and easterlings boosted - both only slightly
    -added small force of scripted reinforcements to easterlings to prevent their being regularly annihilated by turn 50
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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Here's a couple pics with the new standard Noldor general unit and Denethor's new bodyguard in the main campaign.

    [edit] Also attached pics for Rohirrim and Kinghts Turncoat units included in V2.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Elven General Unit.jpg   Denethor.jpg   Regular Turncoats.jpg   Knight Turncoats.jpg  
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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Thank you CapnDan.
    Added to submods thread.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Quote Originally Posted by CapnDan View Post
    -dwarf axemen unit size reduced by 1/3, unit was previously a bit too strong relative to cost and when it can be produced
    This seems useful. I've been trouncing everything that ever dared come too north, or too close to any mountains.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Yup, that's the idea! The re-sorted unit recruitment should also make hireling units much more important in the early campaign especially.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon


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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    At first i didn't understand why would i need this submod but after playing for few i can see it now,it's just shame that there isn't more submods like this one or anykind of submods (it's just saddens me to see this slowly dying doing to lack of interest from community).

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Thanks Senteliks! I'm much encouraged that someone is actually using the addon.

    I've continued mucking about with the mod doing more fine-tuning and campaign play-throughs (which can take a really long time..) and so far I've been very happy with the results. For example I've most recently been playing through a Gondor campaign on M/M and was pleasantly surprised to find that the late campaign (after defeating Mordor) kept up a steady challenge due to a combination of slightly boosted Easterlings (in newest version), changes to gondor unit recruitment (strong Gondor army units made only be recruited in Gondor) making for much more epic battles, and Bardo's economy edits in the latest patch making money always something to be concerned about.

    I'd been thinking about packaging and releasing a V2 of the campaign tweaks but haven't really been in a hurry since I figured nobody was using it anyway.

    All I've really got left is a proper test of Dunlending and Mordor campaigns (just to check that I've not somehow broken them recently) and I'll probably be ready to call the mini-mod final and complete aside from my unit additions wishlist and maybe later creating a 'free for all' conquest campaign mode (similar victory conditions for all factions and scripted alliances disabled). I haven't asked the unit makers about borrowing some of their work yet as it's really just something I've been passively thinking about, but what do you think about the wishlist?

    --------Units Wishlist--------
    -Saruman alternative: Change from elephant skeleton to a regular general unit with bodyguard and crows (Crebain) that behave basically like attack dogs
    -Milner's Silvan Elf High Elf Cavalry (maybe exclusive unit for Thranduli?) and Mirdain armoured axe unit for Greenwood elves
    -Smasher's Rohirrim two handed axemen, Mordor Orc skullcrushers (greater orc war hammers with a shield - I'm thinking give them a lower attack than the greater axemen but with AP bonus) and Orc wargrinders (stealth, high attack, low defence unit) for orc rabbles

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Jeez i really ate some letters ... i must had been hungry when i post comment earlier .I don't think that nobody is using it,it's just one of those things were people keep downloading but don't want or don't know how to express their opinion and encourage mod team or in this case modder to keep improving mod,i can't blame team from dropping project since there is so little feedback about balance and gameplay.
    About whishlist i like all of it,i always though that Thranduli should have cavalry escort instead of Greenwood Elves and that Greenwood elves are not that much unique.
    I also though that its silly for Saruman to be elephant skeleton unit,this change you are planning is better in my opinion.Also i thing that Orc wargrinders would be much more useful with those changes.And i am also happy with the rest,so i can't wait now to see it released.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Hey, I have your submod install, but haven't really tried any of the more heavilly modded factions, I may give feedback when I have, but they sound great!

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    I'd been thinking about packaging and releasing a V2 of the campaign tweaks but haven't really been in a hurry since I figured nobody was using it anyway
    I'm sure that many people is using this submod, perhaps there's not too much replies or reports here...but there¡s a lot of visits to this thread .

    --------Units Wishlist--------
    -Saruman alternative: Change from elephant skeleton to a regular general unit with bodyguard and crows (Crebain) that behave basically like attack dogs
    -Milner's Silvan Elf High Elf Cavalry (maybe exclusive unit for Thranduli?) and Mirdain armoured axe unit for Greenwood elves
    -Smasher's Rohirrim two handed axemen, Mordor Orc skullcrushers (greater orc war hammers with a shield - I'm thinking give them a lower attack than the greater axemen but with AP bonus) and Orc wargrinders (stealth, high attack, low defence unit) for orc rabbles
    If you need some help with these units (Saruman alternative is in my list to do, sorry the long delay) or others, tell me...


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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Well thanks Milner. If you do get a chance to play around with the Saruman mod I'd love to see it. But it seems like you have more than enough to keep you busy already with your own mod projects so I can completely understand if the complicated problem of Saruman's birds is not something you can get around to.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    I'll try to improve it, as soon as i had a few more of free time are right, actually i'm very busy, but only untill a first beta release.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    downloaded and instaled ill be giving u feedback soon

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    only problem so far is cant use sub mod units addon it crashs game say mount database error

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeye4444 View Post
    only problem so far is cant use sub mod units addon it crashs game say mount database error
    Yep, I wouldn't be surprised if the two sub-mods don't work together since they both edit some of the same sets of files in different ways.

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    Default Re: Mini-mod - CapnDan LotRTW 3.2 addon

    alrighty i didnt realize that till afterwords great improvements i liked them alot

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    Default Re: CapnDan Campaign Edits V2.0

    Updated with new, likely final, version!

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    Default Re: CapnDan Campaign Edits V2.0

    Have you tested it and it works with no problems? It seems to me you have made many changes, i like almost all of them.

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    Default Re: CapnDan Campaign Edits V2.0

    Yep, tested extensively including full (if quick) playthroughs for most factions.

    The vanilla bugs remain of course, as do some of the problems with the custom settlements as I don't have the software or know-how to sort those out. Other than that, I'd say the campaign probably runs even better than before!

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